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 Sai's Jutsus (Ready for Approval)

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PostSubject: Sai's Jutsus (Ready for Approval)   Mon 28 Dec 2009, 7:07 pm

Sai's Jutsus:

Body Replacement Technique: This jutsu lets the user quickly switch places with another nearby object, such as a plant (normally a section of a log), an animal, or even another person within reach using the Body Flicker Technique, the moment an attack hits.

Henge no Jutsu:This jutsu allows the user to assume the appearance of another person, animal, or object. This is one of the basic jutsu taught at the Konoha Ninja Academy. Fundamentally, all ninja know this jutsu. The transformation jutsu is considered to be among the more difficult E-ranked techniques, since it requires constant emission of chakra while mentally maintaining the form. On top of that, the user would be, most likely, interacting with the environment. This puts much mental strain on the inexperienced ninja.

Nawanuke no Jutsu:A basic jutsu taught at the Konoha Ninja Academy, this jutsu allows a ninja to free themselves if they have been tied up.

Genjutsu Kai: Kai is a Ninjutsu technique which allows the ninja to avoid the effects of a Genjutsu illusion. After forming the needed handseals, the Genjutsu technique will not affect the ninja. The ninja can also use the technique on another individual who was unable to avoid the attack. After forming the needed hand seals, the ninja touches the one affected to end the affect of the spell.

Suimen Hokou no Waza - Act of Water: A variation on the Kinobori no Waza (Act of Tree Climbing), the art of water surface walking allows a ninja to walk on water as if it was a solid surface. Focusing an even amount of chakra out of the soles of their feet, they can balance themselves on the very surface of the water

Bunshin no Jutsu: his technique creates intangible copies of the user. The clones are simply illusions and will dissipate when they come into contact with something. The illusions can be seen through by the Byakugan and the Sharingan. A person with normal eyes can also distinguish the clones from the original, since the clones will not disrupt the area around themselves with their movement (won't kick up dust, crush grass, etc.).

Super Beast Imitation Lion: Sai uses his ink and scroll to draw lion/s who will appear and attack the opponent.

Super Beast Imitation Eagle: Sai uses his ink and scroll to draw a eagle for which he can ride and transport himself to another place.

Super Beast Imitation Snakes: Sai uses his ink and scroll to draw snakes which will go and apprehend the opponent, unabling him to move.

Super Beast Imitation Bull: Sai uses his ink and scroll to draw a bull which will come alive to charge at the opponent.

Super Beast Imitation Picture Dragon: Sai enlarges and unrolls a painting scroll with an image of a dragon that he summons to carry the enemy into the air and slam them into the scroll that the dragon submerges in.

Super Beasts Imitation Picture Shower: Sai uses his Super Beasts Imitation Picture to create dozens of lions which shower down on the opponent and then a giant dragon finishes them off.

Ink Hawk Lion Combo: Sai uses his Super Beasts Imitation Picture to create three lions and a hawk. The lions hit the opponent rapidly and send them upward, where the hawk waits and shoots some razor sharp ink feathers at the opponent.

Ink Flush Technique: By pouring some of his special ink into the ground, Sai can summon several ink snakes to strike from underground and restrain his opponents. Should the opponent prove strong enough to break the binds, the snakes can reform around the target, making struggling pointless.

Ink mist Technique: The user wraps their body in chakra-infused ink to hide themselves and leave the area by choice.

Ink Transport Technique: Sai takes out a small piece of paper (that is extremely sticky on the back, like a post-it) and writes "transport" on it. Sai then places it on his opponent. By concentrating a small amount of chakra, Sai can transport to his opponent's location to either silently attack them or to reveal to his comrades the enemy's location

Ink clone Technique: This clone, made from a small amount of ink, carrying chakra, is different from the ordinary Clone Technique in that it has actual substance and mass, making it difficult to see through. As a member of the Foundation, Sai is able to make use of the clone for missions involving surprise attacks, infiltration, and assassinations.

Ink Saliva: Sai is able to form ink in his mouth. The ink can be used for a variety of things, such as using his ink covered finger as a makeshift pencil or using the ink to blind an opponent.

Tanto: Simply a small Katana which Sai carries on his back.
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PostSubject: Re: Sai's Jutsus (Ready for Approval)   Wed 30 Dec 2009, 5:21 pm

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Sai's Jutsus (Ready for Approval)
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