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 miku Kiyata

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PostSubject: miku Kiyata   Fri 25 Dec 2009, 4:54 am

General Information:

Name: Kiyata Miku

Nickname/Alias: (Only If you have any)

Height: 5'8

Weight: 175 naked but with armor/sword 320pounds.

Age: 25 (twin of Jade Kiyata came out 10 mins after.)

Gender: Female

General Appearance:

Soft very light tan skin that is kept very healthy with herbs an mineral baths. Her breasts are large yet for being large do not sag and are rather firm from training muscles. She has a fat content in her body that gos over her muscle making her look like shes never really trained but not making her look heavy. Her eyes are red but are rather soft when looking upon some one with the look of innocence. Mikus hair is think and strong though it looks like she lack in the proteins for her hair because it is white. Her hair is cut short expect the back where it is long, almost like a braid it reaches almost past her thighs. She would never cut it off.

On her neck guard is a small diamond shaped gem that is light green in color. The arm armor is made of tiny metal wires strong enough to block a sword slashing cut. Though very revealing armor her chest piece holds her breast still while fighting so they do not become a burden. The red scarf like decor is more for to hide her cleavage her breasts make while being squished by the chest piece. Under the flap by her groin she wears a soft cloth cover chastity belt her sister told her to wear it at all times. The pieces of armor that cover some of her face do so to protect her eyes when she needs it with out having to dismantle some of the main armor.

Miku tends to let her twin sister tell her what to do an how to protect her self. Shes shy and tends to be quite an not say much she a very innocent child her sister not letting her know about parts of the body lets alone how they work. So she hardly know any thing about love let alone a relation ship as her sister tends to chase any man who looks at her with a lustering smile or look. Though her younger brother make many passes at her witch in turn he gets his ass whooped by Jade.
Miku is an uber girly girl she sequels when she sees a kitten and crys when shes has a paper cut. She tends to act more like a child then a grown women which makes her a target for perverted men who like to treat women like little girls. When this happens Kazuma is the one to protect her this is more for himself then he gets his ass whooped by jade. Miku may seem weak but she has a very strong will power when she gets in to a fight its almost like Miku has two personality's.

Clan Information

Kekkei Genkai: Erz Psychokinesis

Description: Psychokinesis with metals. Metal control/manipulation to the point they can make it move like water with both their mind and a little bit of chakra. They are very skilled in offensive along with defensive type abilities. They use hand gestures to make the attacks much more effective, but it isn't needed for all of their abilities.

Special Effect: First Branch:

Sensing the metals in every body, they can manipulate their flow and density. Adding or taking away metals to cure a patient or defeat an enemy. Meaning needing close contact.

Second Branch:

This branch of the Kiyata can control all metal outside of the body. Whether it involves levitation, reshaping, forming it out of the ground into weapons, or forming it around their bodies as armor, anything seems possible. It also like using a strong taijutsu since it is mostly a strong force of will that can make their powers work and a limited amount of chakra is needed.

- Visual Appearance: (If Doujutsu, describe or give image of it)

Link: (Link to Approval)

Skill and Rank Information

Village: Cloud Village

Rank: genin

- Main: Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics: she has a very strong will power for when she is in a Genjutsu she not really effected by the after effects. She has a split personality.

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element lighting
Secondary Element earth
Combination metal

Jutsu (If they All don't fit, put in another post)

Name: (Name of your jutsu, or technique)
Rank: (Rank of your jutsu, or technique - E, D, C, B, A, S, X)
Element: (Elements needed by your jutsu, [includes sub-elements] or technique)
Requirements: (Requirements your character must have to perform said jutsu, or technique)
Description: (Description of your jutsu or technique)

RP Sample/History

Rp Sample:
A 13 year old Miku sat with her twin sister Jade, pondering. "Onee-san, why do boys get to pee standing up?" Jade, having sheltered Miku a little bit... ok Quite a bit... throughout her life, was beyond shocked to hear such a question. Stuttering and turning red Jade says "Miku! That's not something you need to know, where to you hear such an thing?!?"

Miku knew her elder twin was protective over her and sheltering her from anything bad, so she generally didn't mind her sister's protective nature, but she didn't understand why this would be a bad thing; she was curious, was there something wrong with that? "Kazuma was peeing with the door open again. I know you always yell at him and hit him, but how can he do that? Wouldn't it run down his legs?" As Miku spoke, her younger brother Kazuma, the perpetrator of Jade's most recent dilema, walked into the room completely full of his 8 year old self.

"KA-ZU-MA!!! How many times do i have to tell you to close the door!" Jade screams at him, still at a loss as to what to say to Miku, who was so innocent she didn't deserve to have her purity tarnished. Miku was like an angel to Jade, and she didn't want to see her angel tainted unnecesarily. Meanwhile, Kazuma stood there smirking and eyeing his sisters, "What do you mean?" he asked full of fake innocence. It was obvious he'd been eavesdropping and knew the situation Jade was in. Ooh how he was loving it; Jade was his favorite target to tease.

"Kazuma, Jade wont tell me, can you?" Miku asked, totally oblivious of the widening grin on Kazuma's face. "Sure I can, but you have to obey the law," he states seriously, hiding any secret motives. "What law?" Miku asks, just as he'd hoped. "If a boy shows you this, you have to touch it and-" the kunai levitating around Kazuma's neck were the only thing stopping him from saying more, they'd already made a small cut across his adam's apple. Jade's eyes were a brilliant blue color now, as she was rightiously furious. "Don't. You. Dare..." Jade snarles at Kazuma, maybe he'd pushed her too far this time.

Kazuma starts to sweat, "Miku... I was kidding, there's no law saying anything about this... Can you make Jade calm down... Please?" Miku always enjoyed herself when Jade and Kazuma fought like this, it made life interesting and enjoyable. She was tempted to let them continue since Jade was always her most passionate when fighing with Kazuma about her, it was fun to watch. But seeing as Jade had already drawn a little blood, maybe it'd be best to backpedal a little bit here. "Jade, i'm sorry, i wont ask anymore about this. You know you don't want to kill Kazuma, calm down..." Miku stated, trying to calm Jade down.

Miku loved everything about he sister, including her temper, but somethings had to be said sometimes. "Jade, you know i'll find out sometime on my own somehow. It's not fair to keep me closed in like this so much. I love that you worry about me, but it hurts me more if I don't know anything. The other kids will tease me if they knew how little I knew of life. If I know, I can protect myself from bad things." Hopefully that would turn the tides and they can start a new chapter in their lives, without Jade being quite so Overly protective.

Jade's eyes start to turn green again as Miku says this, knowing it's the truth but still not wanting her to get hurt by anything... The Kunai slowly lower, but with a little vindictive pleasure, she makes them linger around Kazuma's privates. Slowly getting closer and closer, making him shake and start to sweat all over again. "Fine, you're off the hook this time Kazuma, but I wont forget this!"

Jade finally releases her kunai, placing them softly back on the table. Unfortunately an 8 year old pervert can't stop himself completely from teasing his sister all the time, even if he was just saved from a near death by that sister. Kazuma smiles widely and says, "It's ok Onee-sama, I know you were just jealous that Miku-chan might touch me. Don't worry, You can do it anytime you..." Chaos erupted from his serious yet mocking statement. Jade pounced on him, knocking him to the ground. He didn't even have time to enjoy the fact that he was on his back on the floor with her on top of him before his face felt the volley of punches she delt him.

A 25 year old Miku wakes up from her dream to the sounds of breaking glass, running feet, and Jade's royally pissed off voice. "Looks like Kazuma attacked Jade while she was sleeping again, wonder how far he went this time. Why was that his favorite morning ritual? Ohh well, lively as allways." Miku thinks to herself laughing. She remembers her dream and smiles fondly, dreams that come from something that really happened are always best. The loud crash of a metal suit they were working on hitting the floor makes Miku sigh. "Time to get to work cleaning up their mess again"

History: Genin arc: During her few years of a genin miku tended to fiddle an be more of the burden on the team though she was good at ninjutsu an taijutsu she tended not wanting to do mission she would rather make dolls with her ability's. On her days off she would go to her grandpas weapon shop. She would drag her sister along with her if she had nothing to do. There was this armor he had in his shop he said that her great grandmother made. She told her self one day she would be able to wear that armor. When it came time for the chunin exam her grandfather took the sword down an handed it two her saying it was the first piece. She under stood she had to pass her exams in order to get the armor of her grand mother so she trained as much as she could with out breaking his little girl spirit. She passed her chunin test the first time.

Chunin arc: as a chunin she was often hit on by other chunins her age she sister chased them off. She never understood why. She was often questioning her self why guy always looked at her neck then her eyes. She often asked her sister while they where training but her sister just looked at her an told her wait tell she grown up. Miku trained with the sword for a while as well an worked on her ninjutsu. Her grandfather gave her the armor when she was the age of 21, 3 days before she became a special jounin.
During the test while she had the armor and the sword on her personality changed well that what her teacher said as miku took down three other cloud special jounins with out thinking. After miku stood there in the armor with a cute innocent questioning look. “what happened why you three on the ground??” she looking upon them. She then looks a her right arm an its was a spiraling spike with lighting around it and the right arm shoulder pad was open like it was a mouth of a monster. it sounded like it was breathing as it closed. The spike un-spiraled in to cable that receded in to the right wrist of the armor. Her arm was then recovered with metal fabric.

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PostSubject: Re: miku Kiyata   Fri 25 Dec 2009, 5:39 am

Still starting out as a Genin though. O:

Approved other wise~

*pause* I CAN USE THIS NAO! >D

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PostSubject: Re: miku Kiyata   Fri 25 Dec 2009, 5:41 am

woot a 25 year old genin perfect means she even more innocent X3
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PostSubject: Re: miku Kiyata   Sat 26 Dec 2009, 3:56 pm

I wanted to use the pic >D
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PostSubject: Re: miku Kiyata   

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miku Kiyata
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