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 Clairabella Shinoku

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PostSubject: Clairabella Shinoku   Fri 25 Dec 2009, 4:14 am

Name: Clairabella Shinoku

Nick Name: No nickname, but she goes mostly by Claire.

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Rank: Traveler

Village: She can't remember where she is from exactly.

Elements: Water/lightning

Clairabella is very quiet when you first meet her. She is very insecure about her different colored eyes-the way how the top is a darker shade than the bottom-and tries to hide them by always looking down. She finds it hard to trust someone because of her past, and therefore prefers to work alone. If you were to piss her off and annoy her, she'd be glad to make your life hell. She may seem sullen all the time, but she has a huge heart; willing to protect anyone in battle, even if it means sacrificing her own life for a stranger she doesn't even know. In battle, she will not give up until she wins. She has a fear of losing, and always finishes what she started. She's not afraid to speak her mind at all, and tends to insult and make fun of her opponents before fighting, only to piss them off. She thinks that if they're pissed off, it's more of a challenge. A way of showing how she doesn't like someone is she'll be very stubborn to them and won't listen to them. But when she does like them, as in feelings wise, she is a huge cluts when around them, and blushes a lot.


Clairabella is the daughter of Lynn and Haru Shinoku.She had an older brother who didn't live with them anymre. Her mother was a medical ninja, so her mother was always teaching her the basics of healing. Her father was never around due to being a Jounin, and so Clairabella was much closer to her mother. Though she was always made fun of for her eyes, she thought she had a wonderful life, wonderful parents. Until the day she turned eight. Her Shinaka eyes run through the Shinoku clan, and has for many centuries. But only men had them. Clairabella was the first born child that was a girl who had Shinaka eyes. It was very strict in the Shinoku clan when it came to the eyes. There was not to be one girl to wield Shinaka eyes, and if there ever was, she were to be sentenced to death She was only eight years old, and once the head master of the Shinoku clan (known as the Ryuugo,) heard about her, they came all the way to her village, to obliterate her from the clan. Clairabella's parents had hid her the day they came, but she was found. Since her parents had lied about where she was, the Ryuugo made her watch her parents be slaughtered. She was then frozen with fear, and was beaten, almost a breath away from death. But an assistant suggested to let her suffer her death, and thought that the beating and the sight of her parent's slaughtering was enough. That she who wielded the eyes may die in misery and darkness. And with that, they disappeared into the nightly streets. Clairabella got up with all of the strength she had left, not caring about how badly it hurt her to move. She crawled over to her parents and promised them that she would stay strong, and one day bring down the whole Ryuugo alone. As she walked in the streets, she was surrounded by dead clan members. Blood was everywhere, and houses were set on fire, burning to black ash. She screamed for help, but the heavy rain drowned out her weak pleas. Before she could scream again, she saw a Ryuugo member with his mask off, hurt. It was her brother that was ordered to kill them. She couldn't believe her eyes, her own brother! She knew she had to run away from this nightmare, so she traveled to different villages, a wanderer. A lost soul. She's always been alone. No friends, no guardian, no one to love her. She doesn't remember the feeling of love, because she tried so hard to forget about her childhood that her memory erased that feeling, instead of her horrid childhood. Ever since she the day of her parents' death, she's trained everyday non-stop. When she was ten years old, she went back to her old village. When she arrived at her used to be home, she found a sword that her father had made for her by hand. Since, she's used it in every battle and part of training. Clairabella felt as if she needed to be stronger, so she signed up to learn more from the best to become a medical ninja. Now, she's a third-degree medical ninja and superbly intelligent when it comes to using her chakra with healing. By building up chakra in her fists and releasing it on contact with a target, Clairabella can reduce most obstacles to rubble with great ease, and greatly heal any injury. She now goes by Claire instead of Clairabella, no longer wanting to hurt every time her whole name is heard. Now 16, Claire still remains quiet, but her beauty speaks it all. The only reason why she doesn't speak or trust anyone is very simple. Because when she was a little girl, everyone who said, "I'll be there,'' left.

Was it ok?

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PostSubject: Re: Clairabella Shinoku   Fri 25 Dec 2009, 11:23 am

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Clairabella Shinoku
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