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 Gale Uchiha

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PostSubject: Gale Uchiha   Mon 21 Dec 2009, 4:11 pm

Name: Gale Uchiha
Nickname: Lotus
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Rank: Gennin or Jounin
Village: Rain

Gale around the kage of any village is very quiet.He would not speak unless spoken too.He knows that not all kages have the same personality,and as a Ninja of the cloud village.When in the presents of the Raikage he shows the ut most respect.He is Loyal to his kage and stands firm when around him.Even though he looks very cold-blooded and looks like he could attack his kage at any moment.He is more Loyal to his Kage then Kabuto is to Oroichmaru.The Kage body guards sometimes stare at him due to them thinking that he can protect the kage better then they can.Gale when around his Raikage shows respect,loyalty,and honor.

Gale around Crimminals,it depends.If he is traveling and finds Rouge ninjas or Crimminals that don't have a rank but just know ninjutsu,then he will try and ignore them or tone them out.If they choose to attack and makes a attempt,Gale will move out the way trying to ignore a tempting battle.And if they choose not to stop,he will quickly disarm his opponent before the battle will heat up.If they are high Ranking ninjas and they just plan on attacking him.He will fight but not at full power.If the fight won't stop then he will go all out and finish the battle.If on a mission that invovles Crimminals he doesn't hold back.He kills, steal and anything that the mission requires and gets it done quickly.If a Undercover mission and has to get along with the crimminals to gather information he just acts like himself and he is normally accepted.

Everybody Else:
Gale is to everybody else.weird,quiet,strange and anything else that falls into the catagory.He is not the type to teach anything,If SOMEHOW you gain a friendship with this young Uchiha,then he will lose up alot and when you get to know him he is actually a joker.When on missions alone he does what he has to do quickly and get back to the village as fast as he can.If doing a mission with others most likely he is the team leader and he leads well even if he does bearly talk.If not a team leader he does what is commanded and if the team leader can't do it right and Gale see Failure in the mission Gale will automaticly take over.When around chunnin he just give them pointers and expects them to do good in the world of ninjas.Around everybody Else he is a super mute.

what does Gale think about hisself.that is one good question.when around his kage he thinks of himself as a ninja that will serve his village untill his grave.He finds himself interesting in many ways,and is proud of the fact that he is from the Uchiha clan.He doesn't hate himself for anything,he does his best to live his life with out worrys or fears.He lives his life to the fullest.He can tell when people think he is weird and does not show it at all.He loves everything about himself but he shows no emotion on the outside due to if showing emotion it shows sometimes weakness and that is something that Gale knows he is not so he shows no emotion and use large words like Itachi Uchiha.

Gale is what alot of loud peoples would call him is a scary frecky dude,or most likely a mute.He doesn't say anything almost all the times.Around fan girls he acts the same.Around his sensei he will do what ever they say and even though he will have different thoughts he will go by what his sensei would say.When it comes to his Kage or a S-Ranked ninja he shows the most respect.But mostly when talked to he woule either nod or shake his head.Around missing ninjas he acts the same.He has manners.Both normal and table,he is neither good or bad.He has the Uchiha blood running through him so he does have a one track mind.

Appearance: Gale is tall for his age.And is expected to be a good ninja from alot of adults.He stands tall about 6'0.And he is not a fat child in anyways,he balanced his weight and turned all of his extra fat into muscle for his arms and legs to increase and raise his phycial ablitys,he is about 116 Ib.He is very mucler even for his age.He would normally wear the usual wear for Rain ninjas.Black Light pants,has a large scrap over his left shoulder which had things in them,and it had the Rain village sign on it.He had a Light blue shirt with a Uchiha top on it.His eye color is haze.his hair is blue.And it is pushed to the side.and he has no bangs.


Academy arc:
Gale was born into the Uchiha clan.Gale is the Younger brother of Kasei Uchiha. He at a very young age his mother and father would brag on how he would be a better ninja then the others.He was a lively boy back then and nothing bothered him in any way.When he was 6 he was joinned the ninja academy.He always did his work,he did not at the age understand why girls were always staring at him,and smiling and stuff.But after getting use to it he learned to tone it out unless they would actually walk up to him and have the since to talk to him.But at 10 the family began teaching him and showing him fire style Ninjutsu.He learned them,but he was not interested in them.Even being a Academy student he often watchs the Uchiha clan members preform ninjutsu and genjutsu.And he was scared to death when he accidently looked into a members sharingan eyes.After watching and quickly progressing about 2 Years later he gratuated.

Gennin arc:
Gale as a gennin was placed into a ninja squad.He when realizing that his he had to work as a team with the other members of his squad,it began to kind of piss him off, due to the fact that he might end up developing emotions with the members.So after that he began to talk less and less.He worked with them,but not at full effort.He began to develop anger problems.Which sometimes messed up his training.Him being in leaf and having a passion for Ration jutsu he didn't know what to do.He trained hard in taijutsu and when a Cloud jonnin came to leaf village.Gale desided to leave the village insearch of something.And when the jonnin left Gale followed and soon enough the jonnin caught him following him.And they ingaged in combat,and after alot of Gales attacks being thrown off like childs play he would not accept losing in the event his eyes transformed sharingan.And they fought again.About 7 days later he became a Gennin of the Cloud village.

Chuunin arc:
Him being a gennin in the hidden cloud village was alright,him being a Uchiha in the hidden cloud village was different.He was almost always watched by high ranking ninjas of the village.Some told him in his face that they didn't like him in the village.Some keep it to themself.He had to deal with it and done exacly that.He was put in a squad with all girls,he didn't really care but it was about his time to be able to go through puberty and at the time had his little thoughts about his team.But for some strange reason they all began to work together as a team and Gale was happy.And the chunnin exams were coming up and they had to travel to the hidden leaf to do the exams.He was happy on the outside,on the inside he did not want to go for nothing.When he got there and took a look at all the gennin,some knew him and he keep quiet.They were suprised to see he was a cloud ninja.He passed the written exams.But they had a cuple hours to check everything out and he disided what the heck I'll go and see what the clan is up to.But when he got there.He found everything empty.And he looked in every room and found nothing.It tore him inside.So hard his eyes transformed sharingan tome 2.

He went back and the forest of death was finally beganing and when they launched off Gale finding the mist team he quickly attacked them and later his team finally caught up and was able to take the scroll but it was the wrong one.Later on he pass everything but had in the final round fought a aburame.his opponent was very strong to be a gennin.He keep trying to attack and his attacks being brushed off like childs play,yet again his anger got the best of him.He was not going to lose his sharingan tome 3 activated and in the end the battle took to long and they had to declare it a tie.And with the tie both of them became Chunnin.

Gale had found a partner,named Tenshu a chunnin they both injoyed missions that have Gale and tenshu to go to different places of the world and find out new things about the world that the leaf village doesnt know about.They trained while on missions and learned other village jutsu and made them there own and they always made peace with the village they go too,in order to make sure that when the Leaf village is under attack that they had other villages to support them.soon enough they were premoted to jonnin.(short I know)

Rp sample:(Uneeded but still there)

As the day was bright and people were worried about there village being attacked again. The attack was of 2 men that looked very much young. One was charging a large ball and the other was covering, but it was stopped by a mysterious man.And the attackers retreated from the village after the hero and the attacker said a few words. The ninjas of this village were increasing and being on guard and alert to protect the village hidden under the sand. You could see the ninjas walking around the gates and you can't see them but its hidden anbu black op members around in the shadows waiting for a move.

But other then that a small disk appeared at the west gate on top of it. many ninjas moved in. The disk was on the floor of the gate. It was yellow but the ninjas were on guard waiting for something to happen. It was a loud wind as they waited, some were scared and some were ready to die for there village. Which was loyalty of the village from a ninja which was something that was not bad for a ninja. Normaly Sairento would appear, but the question is who were they expecting. The Kazekage was very worried for his village, some of the ninjas and anbus were able to get a good discription of who the attackers were.

As noted before normaly it was a person coming out the disk, but this time it was something completly different. Some of the ninjas closed in on the disk with there swords and weapons ready to defend there village as well as there life.Instead of a person a Kunai flew out of it.But it was no ordinary kunai,it was a kunai with a explosive tag on it. There it happened,a explosion which killed and injured quite a large amount of ninjas in the village. The villagers ran from the explsion to get to a safe place. What got them worried even more was after the explosion was a large amount of smoke which the ninjas of the village desided to charge in.

But either do they know it was someone there. The man was wearing all white but black hair and was standing there tall. The ninjas and villagers saw the man and knew he was one of the two men who attacked the village the last time. As the smoke was still lingering in the air the ANBU members took there chances and using speed alone ran in the smoke expecting to get a kill. The man was Sairento E. Kouseitan'i. In fact he was one of the man who attacked this village, he has done alot of things which made him famous. But Sairento use to live here, why would he attack it.When the ANBU black ops attacked they were quickly knocked into buildings and the gates were large image being knocked from the gate to a buliding.

The smoke completly cleared up and it was clear who the man was. The ANBU and Jounin knew who he was and stood there in silence. There was only one word you could hear through the whole village, and this word was spoken in great fear. His face had a frown on it as usual that one word was"Beserker". He was ready to destroy the village but instead of doing that he using Body flicker dissappeared through sight, and shortly after appearing in the middle of the village and doing handseals for some strange reason, no one knew what kind of jutsu he was going to do but he did it and when he was done it was a large seal on the ground. He had completed his mission and flickered to the tallest building in the village and using chakra projected his voice so it would be more then loud enough that the whole village could hear him."Alright,As you know I was the one who defended as well as attacked this village.This village is under the Shadow Knights.If a villagers have any objection all will be answered later.If a ninja wants to attack me to protect there village do it now...."He said as he pulled up a flag that had the Shadow Knight symbol on it and placed it on the gate and the whole gate transformed completly black.

Sairento's mission had been done and finished.He had training to do and he could not waste his time with the past.But he had to stand there for a moment, and looked down and remember "what use to be" He looked up to see 2 jounin in the air in attack stance to kill the young Kouseitan'i. Sairento did not expect it, he then remembered that there could be new ANBU members who never heared of him.Sairento sighed a moment before spinning around with his Kaguya bloodline activated and by the time they got close they were cut in many places and sent back all the way to the ground, from the largest buliding in the village to the ground.

Sairento thought that, it should show the sand village a tiny bit of a sample his power, the Shadow Knight power. And the power of redemption. He turned his body to the village as they look at his back.Sairento then vanished from the village with what he needed to do done.
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PostSubject: Re: Gale Uchiha   Mon 21 Dec 2009, 4:25 pm

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Gale Uchiha
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