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 Tsuna Youshi

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Tsuna Youshi


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PostSubject: Tsuna Youshi   Mon 21 Dec 2009, 2:43 pm

Name: Tsuna Midori Youshi
Gender: male
Rank: stone genin
Village: stone
personality:Tsuna is very odd some say he is very carefree and often likes to eat sweets of any kind really but this is merely a mask he erects to stop others from realizing how he truly feels if pushed Tsuna can snap and suddenly his mask will crumble away revealing all the anger and sadness he has kept deep inside of him all these years

in battle Tsuna manages to keep his aloof and odd style of fighting going without people suspecting he isn’t really trying his hardest by doing so Tsuna manages to keep out of the way of others. And it helps make sure they do not bother him in anyway very few have seen through Tsuna's act as he is very adept at it.

Appearance: avi (with some details)

Tsuna is often considered a dark looking person even though he wears white kimono's often to match his snow white hair which marks him as part of the youshi clan and holder of the bloodline (if its approved) his eyes are a deep blue almost purple color. they seem out of place with his snow white hair his skin is pale like his hair but not nearly as white it is smooth to the touch, only one blemish marks it four claw marks fall from his right eyebrow down to the bottom of his right eye.

On his neck Tsuna wears a simple knotted black string given to him by his father on the black string is a solid silver ring given to him by his mother. On his wrists he wears one beaded bracelet the beads on the bracelets are jade along with a jade ring on each hand, unlike most shinobi Tsuna wears wooden geta on his feet on the bottom of his geta Tsuna has installed metal plating capable of blocking kunai shuriken and even swords. (assuming the user is of normal strength and doesn’t hold a super cutting blade lol)

Bio: Tsuna was not originally a shinobi child he was the son of a samurai and the son of a normal woman upon this time the Youshi clan was not none to any of them as Tsuna was truly his father's child he was the result of a Youshi male having an affair with his mother. This was not known to Tsuna until he was much older thirteen to be exact as such Tsuna considered the nameless samurai to be his father he worshipped him as many sons did with their fathers. He was a kind and cowardly child though he wasn’t suited for the life of a samurai or shinobi his father and mother would always tell him one day Tsuna's samurai father left to a great battle as he was ordered to Tsuna didn’t want him to go but his samurai father had to Tsuna cried for many hours that day he had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. he told his father that and his father knelt down and put the knotted black string necklace he always wore to battle as it was his lucky charm as he said often and promised Tsuna he would come back.

he left and Tsuna was calmed but his mother was not little was it known but Tsuna's mother had heard from other shinobi in the teashop that the mission was a near suicide mission no one was going to make it back alive that’s why they were sending the samurai in so the shinobi could retreat when the time came the battle took place three days after Tsuna's father left he went into battle proud and strong but at the end of the battle which lasted only a few minutes he was crushed and battered he walked all the way back to the village with only one arm his other had been severed his left eye had been pierced by a shuriken he should have bled out in hours but he lasted four days to get back to Tsuna and then smiled as he fell dead in front of him Tsuna overcome with grief and rage activated his latent Youshi bloodline his eyes went completely black and everything seemed to slow down to him Tsuna was content to discover this new power lone but it was not meant to be.

As Tsuna walked along on his own the rumors began to spread people had noticed his back eyes and white hair only one type of shinobi had these kind of eyes and hair together before when his eyes were a dark blue almost purple people thought it was just luck that he had been born with white hair now it made sense they thought. the Youshi clan hearing of the boy's power went to go check upon the boy in the woods where he looked at nothing Tsuna was unaware that he was being watched. by the other children who thought him to be weird and scary they had banded together and thought with their numbers they could make the demon child go away they rushed at Tsuna wildly with sticks and rocks. But Tsuna saw them easily and moved behind them suddenly he smiled cruelly and went to go attack the children. But before he could take a step he was slammed in the stomach by a black hilted katana and sent backwards to the ground as he looked up he saw a woman with snow white hair like his own and dark green eyes staring down at him with contempt he gasped when her eyes went black like his own.

From that day Tsuna was taken from his mother who he learned had an affair with a Youshi clan male whom they did not know yet. none came forward to claim Tsuna as their own as such Tsuna was shunned by everyone within the clan he was trained harshly and punished severely when he could not complete the training. He learned to control his powers quickly and smoothed through the easy classes at the academy he made no friends there as his only thought was to pass to get away from the Youshi clan who called themselves his family.

Last edited by Tsuna Youshi on Mon 21 Dec 2009, 4:04 pm; edited 3 times in total
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Kuroya Hisu


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PostSubject: Re: Tsuna Youshi   Mon 21 Dec 2009, 3:31 pm

Um. Approved.

But. You really need to spellcheck and grammar check it.

Use capitals. Use periods. Use commas.

Or else I'm not reading your jutsu list.

So. Chop chop. -claps hands-
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Tsuna Youshi
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