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 Kaiyo Yumi - One of A thousand Masks

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PostSubject: Kaiyo Yumi - One of A thousand Masks   Mon 21 Dec 2009, 3:42 am

Name: Kaiyo, Yumi {though not true last name}
Nickname: One of A thousand Masks , Kai
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Rank: {maybe; S} Chuunin
Village: Leaf
Personality: Kaiyo, is not quite the best person to become 'friendly' with. She isn't want she looks on the outside. She comes off quite harsh and sarcastic if someone was to know the true person. Being abused by her family made her become this 'monster' she is today. As her voice, cold and emotionless, so is her out look on life. Telling everyone what could happen to them. Making them more scared then they would be already. As if no one is to see; Kaiyo has a blood lust feeling inside of her. Seeing blood makes her not holding back on those that she is to be fighting. Though those that are close friends, or such with her, they see that Kaiyo awakens to harsh, and sweating nightmares. Scaring her for that she in unable to fall back into a comatose like state unless she is to be knocked out or something. The dreams are thought to be nightmares from her dark past of abuse from her family. As though, no one tries to calm her or not either help her. Yet toward her fellow shinobi members, she is more harsh and cold .Only to be hiding the feels she holds for all of them....

'Acting': As of now; Kaiyo is to be acting out all kinds of feelings. She is all smiles, keeping a happy like aura around her body at all times. During the times she is to be meeting with 'friends' or team mates. She becomes quite different in a strange way. Becoming relaxed and such; unlike other times tense and always on guard. When around a different person she doesn't seem to know that well. Izumi would become quite harsh on them, as if she went back to her normal personality

As though, being taken back to the place where she was born Kaiyo can start to act a bit better then her normal persona. She tries her best to act nice and kind to people that are a round her. Though it is tough on the girl. Her once cold look starts to have a warm kind feeling. Though her aura tells other wise. Maybe all Kaiyo needs is someone that can understand her, and her awful past.

Appearance: Kaiyo has long silky black hair with dark green eyes, that might seem to be onyx colored at first glance. On her right arms are tattoos of some fish, and maybe a dragon. This is known to be a sign of loyalty toward her family members that reside in many other villages. Her skin is almost pure pale white. Though if someone looks close; they'd be able to see that it was stained by blood of other's. She also wears two ruby ear rings in both of her ears. Kaiyo's clothes are a simple sleeveless black shirt that seems almost tight; but yet loose at the same time. She wears black ninja pants and sandles.

Other times she might wear her hair high up in a bun. She'd wear a green shirt with red pants and normal blue sandles. These are known to be when she is taking the day off or that of just trying to relax. In both of her clothes wear; she is seen having a sword strapped on either her left waist, or on her back.

Bio: The day; it was freezing. People were that of a stand still. The only sound that was heard had been the ocean waves that crashed on the rocks out in the ocean. Three seconds went by, soon turned into six, then nine. Out of the blue; a cry that of a new born baby was ringing threw a hospital that was in the village. People; then as if time was again in motion started to work for the baby to live. But then yet, the medic's were then suddenly stopped by strange clan members. Taking the new born baby into a different room. The Shinobi of that village tired to stop them. Yet, it was too late; the child was taken away.

The unknown shinobi had taken the child; fast as they could back to their hidden village across the ocean to a large island. Quickly taken to the village hospital. Strangely the baby survived the travel. The child was given the name of Kaiyo Yumi.

It was years that the child was taken from her home. She grew into a young seven year old female child. Having short black hair, and deep green eyes. Her body was to look frail; her skin pale that of moon light. People think that she's like this due to being taken at first birth. Yet they knew, but she didn't know. She strayed from those of children at her own age. Finding herself in the misty beaches, looking out in the ocean. To that is if to wait for someone to come back to her. Kaiyo would sometimes say she hears the male voice of a boy. Having a happy tone threw the words he was saying. "My Friends Are My Power." Those that she told became shocked to hear that saying. They'd try to keep her away from the ocean edge. But, Kaiyo would find her way to the shore line.

Those that had been taking care of the girl sent her to the Hidden Mist Academy to become a ninja. She hated it, being trained to become a ninja. Hatred grew for those people that sent her there. The sensei's of the Academy found that anger to what makes her want to go; to gain power for her hatred to become nothing but just raw, nothing but power. But then, she disappeared out of no where. Her training continued but that with other people like her; ages from young - to old. They didn't care but trained. Kaiyo had reappeared a month before all of the children would become true ninjas that of the village. Everyone didn't know that Kaiyo disapeared. And so se became a genin ninja. Yet, no one saw that of blood lust, hatred that was in her eyes. Planning something that would send the village into a war with itself.

It was that of two months before Kaiy was given a team to have. Because that of her 'parents' being killed for an reason no one knows that of. Kaiyo was left alone for those months. Having no where that go for shelter from the cold nights, and falling freezing rain. She would find herself under a tree, or that of under the hanger of the Academy. Strangely, around that time, Kaiyo would try to remember her mother's face. Or even her father's. But nothing would ever come to mind. She would be there; alone crying with no one to be her friend, her family. She was alone that of a child. But getting a squad was like a gift. Maybe a family of her own. But sadly; it wasn't. They treated her like drit. Because she was replacing a comrad that had died in a mission that they had.

Kaiyo found herself yet again being alone, even with people around her. As that taking of a mission; she showed that her strength was better then their owns. Making them think more then just dirt. But, because of what they did to her before. She shunned them from her world. Wanting to be alone for that no one understood the pain in her heart. Izumi kept going to the ocean more then normal; even going into the ice cold water; feeling the cold; numbing water on her own skin.

It was a few months since then of being placed on a team. The other two kids of her age wanted to be there for her; but yet she didn't. She would isolate herself from them, giving a good quick reason why she'd disappear. But, then the chuunin exams came around. Meaning that Kaiyo would need to work along with the other two of her squad. And of course; she needed to have a good bond with each other. So that the exams would be more easy then normal.

Yet in the end, she did have a strange bond with them. They were like....a family she had never had in her life time. As they too agreed with the family like bond. After the chuunin exams. Kaiyo was kidnapped; but this time for a good reason. She had been taken back to the place where she was born. Back to the land of Fire; to be A Leaf Shinobi.
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Kuroya Hisu


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PostSubject: Re: Kaiyo Yumi - One of A thousand Masks   Mon 21 Dec 2009, 10:43 am


However, everyone starts at gennin. So you're a Gennin. Not a Chuunin~! :D
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PostSubject: Re: Kaiyo Yumi - One of A thousand Masks   Mon 21 Dec 2009, 11:27 am

Alright ^_^ I had a feeling I'd be a genin; I had to try though XD
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PostSubject: Re: Kaiyo Yumi - One of A thousand Masks   

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Kaiyo Yumi - One of A thousand Masks
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