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 Namihazichi Itonami - The Chosen One -

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PostSubject: Namihazichi Itonami - The Chosen One -   Sun 20 Dec 2009, 10:47 pm

Name: Namihazichi Itonami
Nickname: Chosen One
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1
Weight: 130 lbs
Rank: Former Rank: Knight (Equivalent of a Jounin/High A-Ranked Ninja)
Personality: Though he was brutally and continually punished by his master, Sullen, Nami submitted willingly to the teaching method of the sword master, essentially because he knew nothing else. He was also of the belief that whatever did not kill him would make him stronger, more adept in wielding the sword. Such was Nami’s state of mind towards the end of his training with Sullen that a part of him almost wished for death. In addition, due to his life-long isolation from all but a few individuals, Nami was rather reclusive to anyone but Ori, and only began to open up to Lynn after a great deal of time.

When his friends were hunted down and dispatched by the Orochimaru and the Sound Village, Nami was full with sorrow. When his village was burned to the ground, that was the day he vowed revenge against the Sound Village or anything tying to it. He was disturbed by the fact that he might have to cut down innocents during his mission to kill Orochimaru, but he was careful to conceal his feelings from his master. At the same time, for much of his life he had craved a confrontation with Orochimaru, and was excited by the prospect.

Nami was raised by Sullen, who was not a very kindly father figure, creating turmoil, anger, and apathy in his mind. He was trained to be loyal, but also a ruthless assassin and an unstoppable force. While powerful and confident, he demonstrated many different sides to his personality. He was wary of his purpose in life and what he was meant to be doing; he began with a sure focus on the destiny trained into him by Sullen. However, his remembrance of both the love of Lynn and also to the friendship of Ori caused his focus to waver. Ultimately, his innate sense of loyalty proved incompatible with his master’s philosophy, and he gradually made his choices in life accordingly.

Appearance:Standing at six feet and one inch, he stands as a very frightening figure. He has light brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. On his right eye, he has a deep scar running from upon his eyebrow to his eyelid. He has light peach colored skin, and is very built, most likely from years of training. He has abandoned his traditional training uniform, and now dons a white and black robe, the hood casting a shadow over his face to hide his appearance.

Abilities: Namihazichi was highly skilled in physical applications of Telekinesis , often relying on Telekinesis-enhanced acrobatics to back up his swordsman skills. His abilities with the Lightning element were highly impressive, as he demonstrated enough power to kill a Behemonth with high-intensity barrages. His proficiency with telekinesis was incredible, as he frequently utilized it in combat, tearing up the battlefield with kinetic blasts and kinetic-throws. His abilities with telekinesis were such that he could, albeit with great effort, rip an Sky Ninja out of the sky and force it to the ground. However, he was also able to apply it in a more precise manner, dismantling and reassembling his Chakrasaber during his meditations.

Fighting Style: Hidden Warrior Style - Nami is a perfect mix speed and aggression, sometimes rare in fighters.. Using the sword fighting style of his master,, the young apprentice uses telekinesis in many of his very damaging combos. His Lightning is one of the worst attacks and he is also capable of using Levitation to decimate his opponents in mid-air.

Last edited by Namihazichi on Sun 27 Dec 2009, 2:11 am; edited 3 times in total
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Male Posts : 21
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PostSubject: Re: Namihazichi Itonami - The Chosen One -   Sun 20 Dec 2009, 10:47 pm

Upon being born into his family, the people of his village knew that he was a special child, for he showed a very high chakra level. Dubbing him the chosen one from the legendary tale, they say he might be the one to either save the world or corrupt it.

-Early Life (Age 10 -13)
Namihazichi Itonami was born in a village located in the Eastern part of the Water Country. From a young age, he exhibiting a high proficiency in Telekinesis, a trait that all his villages possessed, and even surpassed a majority of kids his age. If that wasn't enough, he showed to be even more adept in swordsmanship. Although his mother, Karin, was very proud of him, she denied the many trainers that wanted to teach her son. Her reason: No one shall exploit her son's extraordinary abilities. Nami's father, Hiashi, showed no interest in Nami's progress and refrained from being around him. Nami, knowing his father did not care for him, assumed that life couldn't get worse than your father hating you. Boy, was the poor boy wrong.

His two best friends, Lynn and Ori were the only two people, besides his mother, able to keep him happy. He slowly become more happy, but happiness couldn't last forever.
-Invasion (Age 13)
A couple of months after graduating from the village academy, he began to further his swordsman and telekinesis skills. Finally an apprentice (genin equivalent), he decided to attempt to go farther in his training. One day, while in his usually meditation spot, a large explosion could be heard, and screams soon followed. He sprung up and charged back into the village, only to see it in flames. He looked up, seeing several shinobi, believe or not, flying through the sky via a device attached to their backs. Using his telekinesis, he immediately brought on into the ground, causing the other's to flee.

He then ran through the village, trying to get any innocent people out of the way during the attack. He came upon his father, who laid on the ground, on the verge of death. Kneeling down to his father, tears strolling down his cheeks, he began to plea to his father, begging him not to die. His father could only mutter a couple words; I never liked you.. before going on into the after life. Nami stared awestruck as rage and sorrow consumed him. He stood up, and kicked his father's dead body, before trudging off into the battle field.

"Hey little kid!"
Nami turned around, his eyes meeting that of a ninja. A sound ninja to be exact. Without hesitation, he held his hand out the ninja, tearing the man apart with a powerful telekinesis blast. He soon then walked into a small field located on the outskirts of the village, littered with several dead bodies of the enemy shinobi. He noticed two bodies in particular, they weren't enemy shinobi, they were his two best friends. Grief began to fill his heart as he looked up, seeing a man cloaked in black, wielding a type of laser sword, fending off the sound ninja.
"Quick child!" The man shouted and tossed a metallic cylinder at the boy, who caught it once it came into reach. "Pump your chakra into it and help me!"
Nami followed the man's order and a beam of chakra erupted from the top of the cylinder, stretching at about 12 inches. He stood near the man and began to strike down all the enemy one by one.
"Men! Retreat! We're done here.." A sinister voice came from behind them, and the remaining shinobi nodded and began to disperse.
"Yes, Lord Orochimaru!"
Nami kept that name in his head for a while, silently vowing revenge. Orochimaru was the man who started all this madness.

-Depature: Master Sullen's Training (Age 13-16)
After helping rebuild the village, the man known as Sullen, and Nami left the village. Before leaving, Nami promised his mother he would return, and become stronger to fend off the next attack on the village.

After arriving at a place know as the Death Valley, Sullen decided that this would be their training area for the next couple years or so. Sullen then began to teach him the Way Of The Warrior, the chakra-saber, and to master his telekinesis.
-Betrayal(Age 17)
Nami awoke one night, and decided to walk around their training area for a while, maybe catch up on some meditation. Going by his master's tent, he overheard him talking to someone, about killing a young man and taking his powers. To make matters worse, the young man was Nami himself. He froze, his body going numb at the thought that his master would kill him, and had the ability to take his powers. He quickly drew his chakrasaber, and brought it down through the tend, cutting off his teacher's conversation.

Sullen stood up, knowing that Nami over heard his conversation, and smirked under his silver metallic mask. He and his pupil engaged in combat, Sullen obviously having the upper hand. Nami couldn't lose, and he force a huge amount of telekinetic energy into the man's body, essentially ripping him apart. He growled in a low voice and packed his things, leaving his past and the remains of his master on that empty, desolate field.

After a day's worth of traveling in eight hours, he arrived at his village. His eyes widen as he fell to his knees. His village had been burnt the ground. He stood up, and left, continuing on his journey to find Orochimaru and the Sound Village.

Coming upon his old training grounds, he decides to train for the next six day. After training, he decides to venture to a nearby town where he purchases new clothes and continues on his own journey, his next destination: Crescent Moon Island.

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PostSubject: Re: Namihazichi Itonami - The Chosen One -   Mon 21 Dec 2009, 5:38 pm

Is that light saber in the back!!! .. :O Those are illegal in all public schools!!!
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Desdemona Dementia


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PostSubject: Re: Namihazichi Itonami - The Chosen One -   Wed 23 Dec 2009, 12:08 am

..Mm. Careful with the telekinesis. I do believe one of our sannin has one of those abilities... anyways. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Namihazichi Itonami - The Chosen One -   Sun 27 Dec 2009, 2:14 am

Updated Bio: Distance
Updated Appearance
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PostSubject: Re: Namihazichi Itonami - The Chosen One -   

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Namihazichi Itonami - The Chosen One -
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