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 Gama (Shredder_

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PostSubject: Gama (Shredder_   Sun 20 Dec 2009, 9:56 pm

Name:Kurogane Gama
Rank: Jounin
Village: Rouge Ninja Former Leaf
personality:A very evil man, who wishes to rule the world, but is seems there is something behind this man. He has a softer side, that is locked deep down inside him.
Bio: History: Gama grew up with his father in a dojo, training his whole life. His father trained him in the styles of Kenjutsu at a young age. Gama's Father even owned his own school were Gama could train at with the others. He was the youngest and the least skilled at the time. However, at his young age, he knew how to fight well than most kids who were Genin, and twice his age.

After a year after Gama started training his father disappeared. This is when he began to hear stories of his father, and his past. Gama's father was a deadly man who killed over a thousand people in battle. He knew that he would look down on his father for killing all those people, this made him want to become stronger.

He was taken in by one of the keepers of the dojo, which happened to be his friends grandfather. The two friends did not always get along, because Gama was always training. He wanted to become better than his father and men in the school took him, to train him. He trained nonstop, to become the best with the ogame fighting style.

Gama was not a strong person at the time, because his lack of muscles. This gave him the upper hand when it came to speed though. Thus when it came time to start learning a form, he had chosen lightning. He would soon become the one of the best kenjutsu users, with this style.

At this time, Gama was not part of any village. In fact, he really did not know of villages, but he did learn many things ninja's would learn. He not only learned the ogame sword style, but ninja skills as well. He was taught by the man who was the strongest in the dojo, besides Gama's father. He was lucky to do so, but this man was always hard on Gama. In the end, this would help him become one of the strongest ninja in his current village.

After years of training, the school broke apart, leaving only Gama, his friend and her grandfather. The three did not spend much time together, besides when they ate. The three of them loved to eat, and there were always good meals. Besides eating a lot, most of Gama's time was training. This was a very boring time of his life. Gama was about the age of ten, and was about a high leveled chunnin.

It was about two months later that, a group of Jounin, from the leaf ninja, were trying to find new ninja from their village, that they came to see Gama. They had heard of the dojo, which was uncommon, the dojo was very hidden and poor. However, they were known for being powerful Kenjutsu masters.

They were meet by Gama, and he did not allow them to pass. He offered them a challenge, and if they were to beat him, they could pass. He asked that only one of them attacked him. They did so, and he looked like a normal Genin, so the person did not think about him being strong. Gama was attacked head on and knocked out one of the Jounin. He smiled and said. "You pass"

The rest of the Jounin talked things over with Gama and the others, and decided that it would be best for Gama to join their village. Gama had no idea what a village was, but he knew that if he could get stronger he would. However, they wanted to test him more, so they put him up against one of the villages best Kenjutsu masters.

The two were given wooden swords so it was less likely for them to kill one another. The Kenjutsu master should great strength, but Gama knew that what he had shown him, was not going to be used in the sword battle. The two fought, battle that was very uneven. It looked as if the Kenjutsu master was going to beat him.

Before the battle, Gama was given two options, he could join the village as a Genin or defeat a Jounin, and become a Jounin in return. If he did not beat the Jounin, He would have to start at the beginning, as an Academy student. People around him doubted that he could win, besides his friend. It seemed as if he was going to get killed by the man. In fact, a kick to the chest, made Gama look dead.

It wasn't until Gama stood up, that the fight continued. After standing up, Gama said that he would kill the other man in the next three hits. He then put his sword behind his back and an aura formed around him. This was the lightning form of the Ogame style. He looked very limp, but his movements were extremely fast. The first two hits came and the man flew to the ground and as soon as the third came, he was stopped. Gama had almost killed a man with a wooden sword. Thus, he was allowed in the village, as a Jounin.

Many years have passed and Gama has been corrupted by something.
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Gama (Shredder_
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