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PostSubject: wolf........   Sun 20 Dec 2009, 5:37 pm

General Information

Name: wolf


Age: 13

Gender: male

wolf has jet black hair that sometimes fall's into his eye's wears glasses has dark black sandals on has on a dark red shirt that say mess with me and die has a black under shirt under it he has pockets all over the dark black pants where he keeps some kunai has a scar running down his right eye and has arm and leg weight's on is the weight he should be at his age with the weights off and he has dark red eye's

Personality: he is shy and will stay away from anyone he wont talk unless spoken to hides from everyone he hears every word some one Say's and never slacks off but he is kind caring will always help in any way he can he is always training or studying he trys to act cool but it just dont work so he just keeps to him self and he likes every food how ever he has dark thoughts is all way's thinking of his next move thinks those who are weak should be killed so the shy boy thing is a act he put's up he is cold cut throat and ruthless

Personality Trait's: he always is training to get stronger in taijutsu

Catch Phrase: back down you will lose anyway

Rank Information:

Rank: academy student

Village: rain

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: taijutsu ninjutsu



Elemental Affinity:



Special Characteristics: he trains all the time and is allways uping his weights so he is very strong in taijutsu

[Background Information
brith arc
when wolf was born when his mother died from all the stress of child brith and they were in the middle of a war when it happend the stress from brith and the war killed her his father blamed him so he was abused for the first 4 years of his life causing him to put up a shy act when he was really dark cold and ruthless.

child hood arc
at 5 he started to train in secret in taijutsu keeping the shy kid act up he would run 2 lap around the village a day he learned of his blood line at 6 when he was punching a tree and his claws came out and got stuck in the tree with he tore them out of her started to use the claws with the taijutsu for stronger hit's at 6 he started to use training weight's and started at 10 pounds on each arm and each leg and would now run 3 lap's around the village at 7 his father tryed to beat him again so wolf killed him he lived alone for a year training and uping his weights untill they finnaly put him in a foster home.

academy arc
he was put in a foster home at 9 and his new parents were ninjas he keept the shy boy act up even when they put him in the academy he heard every word the teacher said there was a mistake at the academy where he got cut across the eye leaveing a scar there he put the kid that did it in the hospital at 10 he uped his weights again to 30 pounds on each arm and leg at 11 his father died on a mission and at 12 his mother killed her self and he is in his final year of the academy at 13.

RP Sample:
wolf was haveing a practice fight in the academy weapons allowd the student he was fighting pulled out a kunai and slashed him across the eye AAAAH wolf screamed as he punched the kid in the face breaking his nose and picked him up and started to beat on him the teacher's pulled him back but wolf hit the teacher in the gut and ran at the student with his kunai and slashed him in the leg makeing the kid pass out he spit on the students face and walked off like nothing just happned
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