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 The Witch Doctor

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PostSubject: The Witch Doctor   Sun 20 Dec 2009, 4:20 pm

Name: Eisei Houdani
Age: ???
Race: Shrew
Guild: Academy
Prefered Form: Humanoid
Greater Studys: Chemistry

Eisei was born a Shrew quite some time ago in a diffrent dimension on a planet called 'Earth'. She never knew her parents, but she knew what she was. She kept the form she was born into, and with her born knowledge of Shrewish Chemistry, she set out into 'Earth'( Please note this is a very futuristic earth, say around 2800?) and set out to become a doctor and help the residents of the planet. She was excepted as a Doctor more quickly then the average person, and earned the title 'Witch Doctor' through her methods of healing. Since she had a knowledge of Chemistry above the time's, she could heal the seemingly incurable to these people. Of course she couldn't explain or give away her methods, leading the other Doctors to believe she was invoking help from a higher being, almost as a Witch Doctor would 'Screw Science and Do It Their Way'. Even though, Eisei is very keen on science, finding it fasinating, especially in the Shrew Variation.

One day, she simply grew bored of this dimension, and the fact she had found no other Shrews, and she couldn't further her knowledge of the Sciences. So she traveled through dimensions until she found one with the presence of Shrews. Mainly, Escallsian. So here she is... Ready to Learn, Ready To Heal, Ready To Fight.
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PostSubject: Re: The Witch Doctor   Sun 20 Dec 2009, 4:20 pm


Explanation of Shrews.

Shrew: A Shrew is a being that is almost immortal and lives for ages on end. They can die, but when they do, they reincarnate back on their home dimension of Keiz (not here, but rather in the actual dimension of Keiz, this is more of a separate settlement of Shrews that is named after the dimension). Their main purpose is to live on and travel between different dimensions, as they seek to preserve and protect the particular dimension and its inhabitants. They had the natural inborn ability to shape-shift and also teleport great distances, even across dimensions. They wield a special energy called Navitas (listed and explained below), as well as wield and sometimes forge, artifacts of many sizes and colors. They are quite knowledgeable, and also quite diverse, as each dimension that they visit seems to shape who they are even more.

Navitas:The energy/lifeforce that allows a Shrew to use its abilities. It is purer than almost any kind of energy, chakra, chi, mana all examples. It has the ability to convert knowledge into power, so that anything that a Shrew learns about excessively, they can have the power over.

Soulforce:The Navitas of Necromancy. This is the life force of Shrews, mainly, and those who are well versed in Necromancy are able to manipulate it. It is very potent in pure form, and has the look and color of greenish cloudy flames, kinda. Using this, one can also manipulate other spirit and soul forces, and also give life to the undead.

Photogess:The Navitas of Paragons, and of Mysticism. It is a Holy form of Navitas, and is used accordingly. It has the powers of pure light, and also has a ability to burn through literally any substance. It is mainly used to cut through Shaddow.

Shaddow:Navitas of Eclipses, and of Occlutiology. It is the Darkest form of Navitas. It is almost totally solid, and very corruptive. It's one and only true weakness is pure light. Can stiffle normal light sourses of non-extreme power, like a lightbulb...

Luck Energy:Navitas of the Leprecon's who hold its deepest secrets. It can either come in colors of Gold, or Black, depending on its negativity.

Greater Study:First 4 Studys a Shrew learns, and is the Shrews greatest expertise. Only these can be combined to create the Shrew's Crudus, Altus, and Eximius.

Crudus: A Shrew's combination of 2 of their Greater Studys. It is not something that a another Shrew can use unless the original owner reveals it to them. (can only have seven of these)

Altus:A Shrews combination of 3 of their Greater Studys. It is not something that a another Shrew can use unless the original owner reveals it to them. (can only have three of these)

Eximius: A Shrew's combination of all 4 of their Greater Studys. It is not something that a another Shrew can use unless the original owner reveals it to them. (Can only have 1 of these)

Artifact: A weapon or item that enhanses the shrews power over their current studys, grants them other studys, or gives them other enhancements, or powers.

Relic:Shrews First artifact, one that their born with, and one that grows with them, and reflects their own abilities.

Charm:A artifact that grants knowledge to the posseser about the location of something or someone. The knowledge is only given as long as the Charm stays with the person, once taken away, the posseser forgets the knowledge.

Legendary Artifact: A Artifact of renown power and history. Few of these exist. Examples are Shiver, Shimmer, and The Armaggedon's Katana.

First thing, is that Shrews use an Life/Energy base called Navitas. Navitas is a higher, purer form of energy than is magic, chakra, chi, etc. Only races who master Studys have them, mainly Shrews.

Navitas: An higher form of mana, energy, chakra, chi, lifeforce, etc that allows the user/posseser to transform knowledge into power.

Study: A specific area of power that the Shrew/other being has studied and mastered.

List of 15 Studys....





Now, I probably can guess your thinking of "how in the world do you have biology as a power???" Through Navitas. Whatever knowledge you posses becomes your power. Example: Im a Shrew, I have a PHD in Botany. I can control plants.

Thats the basics of how that works.

There are other specific types of Navitas too. Some Studys have their own unique power consumption stuff.
Occlutiology--Shaddow (pronounced Sha-dow with a long 'o' sound, like dow in down)
Fortuneology-- Luck Energy (still to be renamed)

These are kinda like mutations of Navitas that all have specific unquieness to them.

Now, Shrews also have weapons called artifacts. These weapons Can either 1. Enhance current Study power. 2. Grant Study ability. or 3. grant other powers/bonuses. There are three Types of Artifacts.

1. Relics: a relic is a shrews first artifact. It appears when one is born. It reflects the Shrews current power, so it will change as the Shrew grows.

2. Charms: these are artifacts that usually have no real power as far as Studys are concerned. They are given as links and keys. The give the posseser the ability to find or know where something is that only the posseser is suppose to find or know about. Example: I join an organization that has a secret base somewhere. The org. gives me a gold ring which is a Charm which allows me to know where the base is, how to find it, get in, etc. Most Charms have no effect in battle whatsoever, but there are a few exceptions......

3. Legenary Artifacts: These are one of a kind artifacts of extreme power and legend. They cannot be made usually, and have a very long history to them. Examples of these are the Three Swords Shimmer, Shiver, and The Armaggedon's Katana (in my story). These are the greatest weapons of each race, Shrew, Eclipse, and Paragon. (these swords are off limit unless otherwise stated). Legenary Artifacts will only be given out in high ranking missions and only with approval.

Ranks that are given will be listed below....

Hesperx (Hes-per-x)

These ranks will determine your ability to learn new Studys and how powerful your others are.

If you are a Shrew in rank, you can have up to 4 Studys.
Evoker---up to 6
Thane---up to 8
Sentinel---up to 10
Harbinger---up to 12
Titan---up to 14
Hesperx---up to 15

Just because you are a Titan DOES NOT mean you need to have 14 Studys learned. BUT being a Evoker rank means you can have up to and ONLY 6 Studys. You could be a Titan and only have like 6 Studys picked out. ONCE YOU HAVE PICKED OUT A STUDY AND LEARNED IT, YOU MUST KEEP IT. If your in college, and you get your degree in biology, you cant turn that in, say you dont want it, and have a degree in meteorology instead....if that makes sense.

This was an overview, I'll go over everything in more detail in its own section.

Another note....most aritfacts, that is Relics, Legendary Artifacts, and some other artifacts are impossible to destroy. The Relic of a Shrew will endure as long as the Shrew is living...
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PostSubject: Re: The Witch Doctor   Sun 20 Dec 2009, 4:22 pm





There are 9 basic elements that can be gained from the Studys, with many more Im sure that can be made otherwise. Here I'll list all of the Main nine.


Here I will go over the basic abilities of each Study and which elements can be gained from that Study.
Not all Studys provide elemental control (all sciences, and 1 phiolosophy)

Biology: Power over living things, cells, etc. Can manipulate poison, heal, summon plants and animals to aid, etc.
Biology Elements: Wood, Poison

Geology: Power over the earth, minerals, heat, flame, etc. Can control earth, dirt, mud, fire, crystals, etc.
Geology Elements: Earth, Fire, Metal

Meteorology: Power over the weather. Controls lightning, wind, rain, ice, snow, etc.
Meteorology Elements: Water, Wind, Ice, Lightning

Oceanography: Power over water, marine animals, and plants, etc.
Oceanography Elements: Water, Ice

Astronomy: Control over Starfire, Blackholes, Meterites, Reading the planets (astrology), Gravity, etc.
Astronomy Elements: Fire, Earth, Ice

Chemistry: Control over Periodic Elements, chemicals, chemical reactions, etc...
Chemistry Elements: Wind, Poison, Earth, Fire, Metal

Physics: Matter control, power over laws of nature, gravity, friction, etc.
Physics Elements: Metal, Lightning

Gaianology: Power over Natural Earth Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Wood.
Gaianology Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal

Elemental Control Rule: Each Study that gives you a element that is the same as one that another of your Studys has give you more power over that element. Its called Aspects. From one Study you learn how to control an element a certain way, where another Study teaches you how to control the same element a different way. If you combine those two knowledges, you have an easier time controling the element, and it takes you less effort. SO, for people looking to get higher control over elements, both your rank and your Elemental Aspects count for this. I have a system set up that we will be able to determine your level against other people, so that if is comes into question, we will be able to determine it. Your Greater Studys also play a role in this, as explained below....

Greater Studys:

Greater Studys refers to those Studys that a Shrew learned first and are the most comfortable with/have the most power over. What sets Shrews apart from one another as far as powers go, is their Greater Studys, and the combinations of those Studys. A Shrew cannot combine powers of different Studys except for two reasons.

1. If they are in a Shrew's Greater Studys

2. If they are elemental traits as explained above...

An example would be a Shrew that has the ability of Heavy Lava. They would have as their Greater Studys Astronomy, Geology, Physics, and Chemistry, as an example. They would combine the fire from all 4, the earth from all 4, and the gravity from Astronomy and Physics to create super-heavy and super hot lava. That being a poor example, but you get the point.

Other Studys that you have gained apart from these 4 cannot be used to enhance your special power, or a Shrews Altus.

Crudus: This is a combination of two greater studys that a shrew has (since a shrew can only combine studys that are their greater studys, or the first 4 they master). It can be any combination of the study, any combination of the aspects within the study. Any shrew, no matter the rank can achieve a Crudus, as long as they have mastered two studys (if you have only one, you obiviously cannot have one). A shrew is restricted to only 7 different Crudus, and Shrews, for the most part, should not have the same Crudus.

Altus: This is a step up from a Crudus. Altus is a combination of three Greater Studys that a Shrew has, a combination of any of the aspects of those Studys. Only Shrews of a Thane rank (Third Rank) or higher can create a Altus. A Shrew can only develope a total of 3 Altus. A Crudus that a Shrew had before can be developed into a Altus by comboing in another aspect from a different Study. If this happens, the person can either keep the previous Crudus, or cut it out of their list. IF kept, it still counts towards their 7 Crudus count.

Eximius: This is the final combination that a Shrew can make. It is a combination of aspects from all 4 Greater Studys that a Shrew has. Only Shrews with a Harbinger (5th Rankl) or higher can create a Eximius, and Shrews can only have ONE Eximius. Other Altus can be converted into an Eximius by adding a final aspect from the last Greater Study that a Shrew has. (Same rule about the count for Eximius and Altus, as is Altus and Crudus above)
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PostSubject: Re: The Witch Doctor   

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The Witch Doctor
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