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 Rayne Uchiha

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Rayne Uchiha


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PostSubject: Rayne Uchiha   Thu 17 Dec 2009, 8:47 pm


Name: Uchiha, Rayne
Nick Name: Rayne Of the Black Flames
Age: 25
Rank: Traveler
Former Village: The Village Hidden in the leaves
Kekke Gen Kai: Sharingan
Elements: Fire(Main), Lightning(Sub1), Water(Sub3), Wind(Sub4 Only knows one Jutsu for this atm)
Personality: Rayne is a semi quiet person who rarely lets anyone know his thoughts and can come off as a cold person tho in truth he is very kind, he possesses incredible self-control of his emotions. He constantly displays an emotionless personality. He only shows surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he doesn't lose his composure, even complimenting his opponents at times on their abilities.
Appearance: Rayne wears chakra Gauntlets on both his arms that he uses as a guard or as weapons

Early Age Arc:
Rayne was born in the village hidden in the leaves in the great uchiha clan being of such clan greatness was expected of him attending the ninja academy at age 7 and leaving it by the time he was 10 he strived for the best of himself training everyday Obtaining the Sharingan with 1 tomoe when he was 10 years old about to make 11 and often played with his younger cousins Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha tho he became distant to them later on as he grew

Chuunin Arch:
Rayne entered the Chuunin exams at age 13 with his team mates Suin Kankade and Jade Lee whom he considered his best friends Suin always the calm logical one who was greater skilled than Rayne even with the sharingan, Jade with her radiant beauty was always hit on my Suin tho he was always shot down by her. During the Forest of death part of the Chuunin exams Rayne was separated from his team mates entering a battle with a Cloud ninja who had also been away from his team the grueling battle wore Rayne down with the cloud ninja seemingly close to being the victor but the battle soon changed when Rayne obtained the second tomoe of his sharingan in both eyes killing the Cloud ninja with a fatal attack using all his chakra in the process, only to be found by the cloud ninja's team mates a few seconds later but was saved when Suin showed up and killed them both with ease later the three of them Rayne, Suin and Jade all reached the final Part of the exams showing their skills becoming Chuunin..

Jounin Arch:
After becoming a Chuunin only a few years later at the age of 16 Rayne became a Jounin along with his best friend Suin, Jade remained a Chuunin but was still apart of their ninja Squad by this Time Rayne had already awakened the 3rd tomoe and full Sharingan in both of his eyes and became Highly Skilled with his eyes eventually forming and copying highly complex and powerful Nin and Genjutsus, the genjutsu that gave him the title "Rayne of the Black Flames" was "Kuro Hisaki Housha"(Black Flame Emission) a powerful genjutsu(Will be in the jutsu list). By this Time Rayne had become slightly distant from his clan due to rising suspicions and rumors and murmurs of things going around. His Friend Suin too became slightly distant from Jade and Rayne for some reason he became more brutal on missions and appeared to be more secretive on missions..

Betrayal Arch:
By the Time he was 18 Rayne and his Squad members Jade and Suin went on a routine mission it was near the land of rock in a mountainous region far away from the village when Jade and Rayne soon found Suin's behavior more strange and unpredictable than ever eventually causing an Argument in the group and a disruption of the mission Rayne went on his own to complete the mission with out Suin tho Jade stayed behind with Suin in an attempt to change his mind. Eventually Rayne completed the mission on his own coming back to where he was to meet Jade and Suin, it was raining heavily Rayne arrived seeing the dead bodies of an Anbu squad from the leaf village.Along with Jade who was lying in a pool of her own blood dead, Then looked up after hearing Suin's voice "They found out what I was planning those pesky ANBU....I offered jade to join me but..she turned me down as usually..logically i could not let her live.." Soon after an Array of word exchange the two best friends clashed into a monumental battle with Suin emerging the victor as he was always more skilled than Rayne..watching Jade's dead body he became filled with Sorrow which turned to anger when Suin called her a "Being of no real need of existence.." With that comment Rayne erupted in anger perfecting a new jutsu he kept secret from Both Jade and Suin while they were training killing Suin with this new jutsu which was called "Kuro Shageki Genkotsu"(Black Flaming Fist) With the battle ending and the killing of his best friend Rayne Obtained the Mangekyo Sharingan where he soon found after using Tsukiyomi and Amateratsu twice that he was going blind and soon found that he should not use it again. Unless he could find away to counter it.

Traveling Arch:
Rayne for some reason decided not to go back to the village he had called home. He felt sorrow and disgrace over the lost of his friends which turned him into a cold like person never getting too close to anyone ever again, Often drinking liquor to numb his pain knowing the leaf village thought he was dead. Almost a year after the incident with his friends Rayne heard rumors of the Uchiha clan Massacre then later found it to be true hearing that his Younger cousin Itachi was the cause of it he did not sought to look for him as he had lost most of his caring of the world commenting that his former self died that day when it rained heavily on the corpses of his friends..

RP SAMPLE: Betrayal Arch Suin Vs Rayne
The rain fell so heavily over the mountainous area Suin stood on the higher ground on a large boulder with a few scratches and bruises on his body from fighting Ryane who looked up at him breathing heavily staring at Suin with his Sharingan eyes "Cant you see Rayne...I've achieved the highest of my clan's Blood Line of water manipulation..i can make it rain when I please..." Suin said with an ominous tone in his voice glaring at Rayne with a dull emotionless expression on his face

Rayne looking at Suin with a slight angry expression on his face Grinned his teeth "I'm gonna...make you for this Suin.." Rayne said grabbing his arm from the pain of an Attack that was launched at him earlier as he breathed heavily.

Suin clasped his hands together shouting "Senbon Rain Jutsu!" Suddenly a certain part of the rain around Rayne turned some of the rain drops solid as it fell down on him piercing his body " Well Rayne?? Are you gonna accept my offer now?..dont be a fool like jade was" Suin said in an Arrogant tone "The Leaf village is corrupted beyond the Third's of the uchiha clan should know this! I've heard the whispers! don't you think you should be changing the government there!?!?!" Suin said losing his emotionless tone as he started to have a crazy look in his eyes "Im gonna form a team and bring down that corrupted government of Konoha! even if it means doing it with out you!!" Suin continued his rant as the Senbon rain needles reformed back into simple water, Rayne peered over at his fallen friend Jade blocking out Suin's speech when he heard him spoke the most heart wrenching words.."Don't bother Rayne..Jade was a being of no real need of existence.."

The Words Echoed in Rayne's head and he swiftly became angered.."I'm...gonna make you regret those words....BASTARD!!" Rayne shouted in rage doing hand signs as a Flame of chakra surrounded his hand flames that looked black, Suin could only look on unable to believe his eyes knowing it was not the genjutsu Rayne became famous for.."What the hell is that?" Suin said his eyes opened wide "Kuro Shageki Genkotsu(Black Flaming Fist)!!" Rayne shouted signaling his rage charging towards Suin with immense speed...

"Dont you understand Water beats fire you fool!!" Suin shouted clasping his hands together Creating a large spear made from the rain that was falling throwing it at Rayne, Rayne Pointed his Fist at the spear quickly destroying it like nothing likly because the jutsu he was using was not fire at all but chakra turned black. Suddenly Rayne appeared infront of Suin smashing his Fist of flaming Chakra into Suin's Stomach, Suin coughed up blood spraying it over Rayne's Shoulder and back as Ryane smashed Suin into the Mountain face creating large cracks in it kiling him...

The rain continued to pour thunder rocking the mountain side lighting flashing as Rayne stood motionless glaring at his former best friend's dead body and with a Flash of Lightning the Mangekyo Sharingan could be seen...

Rayne's Mangekyō Sharingan:
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Rayne Uchiha


Male Posts : 28
Join date : 2009-12-17
Age : 33
Location : Wandering..

Mangekyō (Only Uchiha, Please)
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Kekke Genkai:

PostSubject: Re: Rayne Uchiha   Sat 19 Dec 2009, 8:00 pm

BUMP!!((May disregard the Mangekyo part for now))
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Pandora Phobia


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PostSubject: Re: Rayne Uchiha   Sat 19 Dec 2009, 11:25 pm

-disregards wall of text-
APPROVED... I guess. Sure. Why not. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Rayne Uchiha   

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Rayne Uchiha
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