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 Tiaque and Mordia's techniques.

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Tiaque and Mordia


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PostSubject: Tiaque and Mordia's techniques.   Tue 08 Dec 2009, 9:49 pm

Well, first thing's first. Tiaque and Mordia aren't just people. They're twin weapons. Weapons whom can forge together, and do epic shit. On their own, they're pretty epic as well. Kaykay. So. Each of them, cna morph in a GUN. Tiaque morphs into a white gun, and Mordia morphs into a black gun. So you can tell the difference between them. Basically, they're hand-sized pistols that shoot bullets of chakra, ranging in power. However, they can't operate on their own. So, if Mordia was to morph into her gun form, Tiaque would have to stay in her human form to operate the gun. That's just part of their abilities; yay. Weapon blood. They can also morph together to form some sort of SUPER POWERFUL AWESOME ASS GUN... that can operate on its own. As a result. the two are one, one is two, got it~? So. they fight together. They both have a single wing that comes out the second they activate their chakra. Mordia has a black wing, Tiaque has a white wing, as seen in their picture. The can also morph their human forms together. To make like. An uber awesome winged person of doom,or whatever you want to call it... However? Their human morphing isn't a perfect technique yet. Soooo they can't use it. Confusing~? WHy yes. I was rather too slothy to type all the details. But. Yay. Confusing kekkei genkais.


Mordia can control dark energy, as well as wind WHEN her wing is out. She also has a technique called a banshee scream. It's basically a sound based attack that can summon up illusions, as well as hypnotize, or harm an opponent with sound waves. Then, there's the flirt charm. I t basically makes her seem uber smexy to anyone of the opposite sex, making them immediately infatuated with her. Many amusing results. xD Besides that, Mordia also has remarkable strength. She's definitely the stronger of the two, and has a vast chakra pool.


Tiaque can control light energy, as well as wind WHEN her wing is out. Tiaque also specializes in medical jutsu. So? She's a medic-ninja-weapon. Sick, I know. Being a medic nin, she also specialized in poisons. So, any of her additional attacks are poison based. Watch out for her wepaons, as they could be dripping in poison.. or her famous poison gas with a variety of affects. Lulling an opponent to sleep, destroying their every sense, etc. Luckily, despite her vast knowledge of deadly poisons, she doesn't use them much due to her being one of those wussy peace-loving people...
Anyways. While Tiaque is slightly weaker, and has less chakra, she's better at controlling her chakra, making it sharper, deadlier, last longer, AND can make it piercing when she fires a chakra bullet while in her gun form.
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Pandora Phobia


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PostSubject: Re: Tiaque and Mordia's techniques.   Tue 08 Dec 2009, 10:02 pm

Remember your limits when it comes to the chakra bullets. Approved~~
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Tiaque and Mordia's techniques.
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