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 Setoshi Sōichirō

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PostSubject: Setoshi Sōichirō   Mon 02 Nov 2009, 11:35 pm

Ninja Info

Name: Setoshi Sōichirō
Japanese Style: Sōichirō, Setoshi
Alias: The Ten-Tailed Wolf, The Right Arm of Akujin, Heaven's Fallen Angel, The Fox of Two Fates , The Scarlet Moon , Juupon no Ookami, Sou ,

Age: 23
Appearance Age: 17 (Due to happenings in his past)

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight (But, will mess around with friends)

Rank S - Ranked
Title: Legendary Sannin
Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Ex-Vilage: Kumogakure no Sato


(Click the boxes for the pictures)

(Note* All in all, everything that Setoshi wears adds an extra 25 lbs to his own 148 lbs, yet he has been training with this for over two years so this is like carrying his own weight now)



Clan Information

Clan Name: Onoda

Kekkei Genkai:
Chouzetsugan :: The Transcending Eye

Chouzetsugan is a powerful doujutsu technique with multiple applications. Firstly, it gives the Onoda user something akin to X-ray Vision. The detail and specificity of the Chouzetsugan changes with levels and personal abilities, but there are usually fairly common thresholds. At Genin level, the abilities of the Chouzetsugan are fairly simplistic. The Onoda user will be able to see the skeletal system of other creatures and well as the ability to see through most objects. At Chuunin level the Chouzetsugan will increase very much in power. The Onoda user will be able to see and attack the skeletal system, muscular system, digestive system, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system. Also, at Chuunin level, they will gain the ability to see through all solid objects. At Jounin level the Onoda user will be able to see and/or attack the skeletal system, muscular system, digestive system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and immune system. Also, the range of the Chouzetsugan will increase greatly.

The second application of the Chouzetsugan is literally photographic memory. The Onoda user will be able to, literally, take pictures with their doujutsu and extract the memory later. However, the Onoda user will not be able to hold and infinite number of memories and pictures. At Genin level the Onoda user will be able to hold five to ten pictures or memories. The memories will be somewhat grainy and lose their detail with time if extraction is not completed in a fairly short amount of time. At Chuunin level the Onoda user will be able to hold twenty to twenty-five memories or pictures. The memories will lose most of their detail with time, but are much more resilient than at Genin level. At Jounin level the Onoda user will be able to hold a maximum of fifty pictures or memories. They will exist indefinitely and will not lose details with time. At any time the Onoda user will be able to delete memories and/or photographs and then replace them with others. Deletion is instantaneous and, once complete, the Onoda user will simply have a regular memory of the event.

The extraction technique is, actually, not very complex, but complications have been known to arise. The Onoda user will transfer the specific memory and/or picture they would like to save or see via chakra onto a special piece of paper. The paper is, usually, created in Konohagakure, because of the availability of trees, and then sent to the other villages. Once the memory or pictures is transferred to the paper it will take about two hours for processing and then development. The end result is either a single picture or a series of pictures that can be used for practically anything.

The third application of the Chouzetsugan is usually used in conjunction with the second application, although it is more battle related. The first step of this move is to take a 'mental picture' of an opponent using the second application of the Chouzetsugan. The Onoda user will then have to manipulate the picture or a series of pictures to form a move or a set of moves. Once the move in the Onoda Clan member's mind is completed, they will need to implant it into their opponents chakra system via most Kekkei Genkai jutsu.

At Genin level the Onoda user will be able to implant moves or ideas that extend over a period of ten seconds. The Onoda user will be able to affect mobility and the rate of chakra release. For example, they can create and implant a series of pictures into an opponent in which they will have to stand completely still for ten seconds, leaving them completely open for attack. Also, they can affect the rate at which and opponent releases chakra. For example, they will have the ability to create and implant a series of pictures in which an opponent will continually release a large amount of chakra for ten seconds. This greatly tires out opponents at all stages of battle. Additionally, at Genin level, in order for the memory to be transmitted the Onoda user needs to make three successful hits on an opponent. The hits can be over any series of posts, as long as it's three. After three hits they will only be able to transfer one memory at which point, to transfer another memory, they will have to hit their opponent another three times. At Chuunin level the Onoda user will be able to implant moves or ideas that extend over a period of thirty seconds. The Onoda user will be able to affect mobility, the rate of chakra release, and their susceptibility to Genjutsu. At Chuunin level two successful hits need to be made for transmittance. At Jounin level the Onoda user will be able to implant moves or ideas that extend over a period of two minutes. The Onoda user will be able to affect most aspects of their victims actions and most aspects of their susceptibility to attacks. At Jounin level only one successful hit needs to be made for transmittance.

Hanbusshitsu Chouzetsugan :: Antimatter Transcending Eye

The Chouzetsugan is the powerful doujutsu that, to some, defines the Onoda clan and grants it its power. Already dangerous in its initial form, many Onoda quested through scientific research and diligent training to find an advanced form of their eye, much like their oft-compared rivals the Uchiha. This state escaped them for generations. However, while meditating on the abilities of his Kekkei Genkai, Tetsugaku Onoda devised a theory for improving his phasing abilities. For months, Tetsu phased himself through a multitude of objects, learning how to match his body's physical state with the target object's phase boundary. While performing this training, Tetsu kept his Chouzetsugan active, attempting to use its analyzing properties to help him determine these boundaries.

To his surprise, it worked.

Tetsu, already a pioneer in Chouzetsugan research with over twenty-five years of experience, had found the elusive second state of the Chouzetsugan. In this awakened state, the world transformed into a color-coded world of phase boundaries; each portion of matter with similar phase boundaries were given a color by his mind, including the the Souton chakra that surrounded Tetsu's body when he phased through objects. By aligning the "color" (phase boundary) of his chakra, he found he could pass through objects with extreme ease and with higher precision, unlike the usual method of simply making his body extremely low density. This aided him in conserving chakra when phasing. As for a battle advantage, this new "state" of the Chouzetsugan did very little. However, by combining his thoughts with his most recent pupil Onoda Hiro, they were able to lead themselves to a new discovery.

The girl had been undergoing some new training, working on perfecting her first Incomplete S-Ranked technique. The principle of the technique is very simple, but extremely powerful. Souton - Phasing is defined by an element that, "allows for the free passing of person or objects through other matter, by controlling the molecules of substances... through using both Fuuton - Wind and then Doton - Earth chakra together one can control all the particles of matter that make up their surroundings." By extending this definition to the highest degree, Tetsu and Hiro were able to open the way into a second form of the Chouzetsugan. Aligning one's phase boundary (color) with the phase boundary of another object allows for free passage through that object. However, by aligning one's phase boundary with the anti-color of an object, it is possible to forcibly break those object's molecules apart.

Phase boundaries (colors) are organized much like the color wheel. There are two main types of phase boundaries to consider with the Hanbusshitsu Chouzetsugan. Anti-color phase boundaries (complementary colors) and pseudo color phase boundaries (analogous colors). Anti-color phase boundaries allow for the disintegration of molecules while pseudo color phase boundaries allow for some interesting variations of the the integration molecules. In order to use this technique one must have a base knowledge of color theory, they must be Chuunin, and they must be taught by Onoda Hiro.

Clan Symbol:

Clan History:
The morning, like most, was frigid. Practically unbearably so. Words spoken turned to ice, veins ran cold, and hearts grew black. All could tell: something was upon them. A demon? A ghost? A god? None knew nor could they tell. The light was gone, stolen from the land. Unjust, it was, and fairness and justice needed to be restored, returned. The people, the Onoda, called upon their most mighty warrior to save them. He had faced the flames of eternal death and still lived to see the day. The name of this great warrior? Sadly, lost to the ages. Word of mouth can only hold so much until the details begin to blur and fade.

Still, name or no name, this warrior was great, perhaps the best. The Onoda, placing all of their hopes upon this man, sent him to find the light and bring it back. "Your body is your greatest weapon," they said, departing their wisdom as a final farewell. "However, it is also your greatest weakness. With it, you are everything. Without it, you are nothing." The warrior nodded, took these words to heart, and then ran off towards the horizon. While on his trek, a great voice descended over the land and it laughed, as if to say that all was futile and all was lost.

The warrior, eventually, made it to the edge of Tokoyami, Everlasting Darkness. As soon as he stepped across the border, between his land and theirs, he was attack. For days he fought. Steel against claw, human against demon, light against darkness! He traveled the wastelands, searching for the light, as the scattered souls of Hell continually bashed against his shield and sword. Soon, as body after body laid wasted, the great warrior made it to Kuroraka Hara, the Blackest Plains. Here, truly, was Hell's domain.

A pale red light, eerie and unnatural, peered over the horizon. The warrior looked, concerned, as lightning cracked the sky. They, the demons, could no longer tolerate the warriors presence. They reached up their hands, towards the heavens, with their eyes burning bright with fury and blood lust. The warrior ran into Kuroraka Hara, avoiding and slicing the demons' fists, and was suddenly confronted by a colossus, black force. The warrior fought the colossus, dealing and taking blows equally.

Eventually, however, all was silent.

The colossus fell to its knees and drew its claws through the earth, creating great ravines in its wake. The colossus screamed, roared before he fell, shaking the entirety of Kuroraka Hara with a great earthquake. The warrior, a number of feet from the colossus, had also fallen to his knees. Black demons, those that had attacked the warrior before, rose from the ravines, their crimson eyes searching the battlefield with interest. They did not attack the warrior, however, and simply began to circle him.

The warrior, suddenly brought to life once again, let his sword drop to the ground. He then shed his armor, shield, and helmet. With his body, he was everything. The warrior then stood and began walking back from he abyss, his breath ragged but nonetheless powerful. On the eve of his return to the Onoda, the sun finally rose upon the land. The Onoda rejoiced, the light and their land restored, and when the warrior finally returned they brought him to the high council. The council bestowed upon the warrior the highest titles and gifts of honor for his bravery and perseverance.

The warrior lived to a ripe old age and the Onoda prospered.

Emergence and Expansion

The Onoda first emerged in the land between the Earth Country and the Wind Country, which is now the present day Ash Country. The Onoda were, originally, a band of nomads who traveled between Sunagakure and Iwagakure in accordance to the seasons. Most Onoda's made their livelihoods through brunt, physical work distributed to them in the Hidden Villages. Onoda Clan member's were conditioned, from birth, to be very strong and incredibly fit.

Eventually, the Onoda Clan started to accumulate members from both Sunagakure and Iwagakure who were dissatisfied with their place inside their respective villages. After many generations of hybrids of Doton users and Fuuton users, the Onoda started to recognize and develop their Souton abilities, which would eventually lead to the birth of their Kekkei Genkai. As aforementioned, the Onoda's took great pride in their bodies and their fitness and this translated into the abilities of their Kekkei Genkai.

Konohagakure, Sunagakure, Iwagakure

The Onoda Clan continued to grow and they decided that, after a tradition of physical work for the Hidden Villages, that they were going to serve the villages in other ways. Many, simply, went to Sunagakure and Iwagakure to revisit their roots and ancestry. Other's actually pursued the life of shinobi in which, not surprisingly, they were quite adapt for. Additionally, some Onoda's decide to expand their horizons and move into Konohagakure.

The Onoda, still today, maintain connections with the other Onoda Complexes. The Onoda, although not an exceptionally large clan [200 members; including shinobi and non-shinobi], are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

- Main: Fuuinjutsu/Medical Techniques/Chakra Control
-Sub: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu/Kenjutsu

Special Characteristics:

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Raiton • Lightning (Due to Demonic Arm)
Main: Fuuton • Wind (Natural Element)
Main: Souton • Phasing (Due to Clan)
Sub: Doton • Earth (Due to Demon)
Sub: Suiton • Water (Due to Demon)
Sub: Katon • Fire (Due to Demon)

Special Characteristics:
[Devil Possession]
Through the events after Akujin's death, Sou-- with the aid of Hybris -- has sealed the Raikou Akuma into his right arm. The sealed demon has transformed his right arm into a demonic appendage, and causes him pain at random intervals, and will until he has fully mastered it. With the demon sealed in his right arm, as opposed to his body in general, Sou is less affected by the demonic suggestions that transformed Akujin into what he had become, and can suppress the demonic whispers with his mental fortitude.

The sealed arm has grown a red-and-blue carapace, reminiscent of the black carapace that formerly engulfed Akujin's entire body save only on his right arm. The carapace is durable enough to defend against most bladed weapons, increases the physical strength in Sou's right arm, and continually pulses with electrical energy which can be freely used. The sealed demon also gives Sou an increased chakra level when he draws upon the demon's power, and allows him to use certain Raiton techniques without hand seals, though they must originate from his right arm. The carapace is not so bulky as to keep him from wearing his gauntlets, however.

Zokusei no Kemono
[Attribute of a Beast]
During his capture and torment, Sou's chest was cut open at one point -- and when it healed it became the unique half-moon scar on his chest -- and his tormentors implanted a synthetic gene that has slowly spread itself throughout his entire body. During peaks of anger Sou's body undergoes a bestial transformation, his eyes turning blood red and glowing, his fingers elongating and becoming claw-like, his teeth elongating into fangs, and his face taking on a semi-feral appearance.

While in this form, Sou goes berserk and attacks that which angers him as well as anything else that attracts his attention untill his anger is spent. After the transformation fades, he has no memory of what transpired during it -- which accounts for some of his lost memories. This was the first experimentation they applied to his body, though by no means the last.

Zokusei no Akuma
[Attribute of the Devil]
During his capture and torment, Sou's chest was cut open, which resulted in the unique half-moon scar on his chest, Around the same time that his tormentors implanted the synthetic Beast Gene, they also implanted a synthetic Devil Gene. This gene's initial activation occurs when he takes a severe injury, which hasn't occurred yet. After it's initial activation, Sou will be able to control the gene with an effort of will. When activated, Sou's skin takes on a much darker tone, almost black, with the half-moon scar on his chest turning pale. His ears are elongated and pointed, his incisors become fangs, his eyes turn red and slitted, and his nails elongate into claws.

While in this form, Sou isn't berserk. His regenerative powers, physical strength and chakra strength are both increased a great deal. At the same time, this form puts a constant drain on his chakra and body, exhausting him. This ability was activated by Banrai Guin when he hit Sou in the chest with a spear of lightning.. This was the second, but not the last, experiment performed on Sou.

Raikage no Shōten
[Focus of the Lightning Shadow]
Sou has always been renowned for his chakra control, and as he has grown it too has improved. With the acquisition, and acclimation, of his demon arm his willpower has been stressed to a point few humans ever reach, and he's come out victorious. Because of this, Sou's chakra control has reached levels never before seen in Kumogakure and most of the shinobi world.

With his immense level of chakra control, Sou has gained the ability to redirect his Ninjutsu attacks mid-flight, sustain his ranged attacks for an even greater distance, and even show the same control over elemental chakra as he has over his razorchain - allowing him to utilize whips of electrical or wind chakra without having his razorchain gauntlets equipped. In addition, his perception and willpower have been elevated.

[Lightning God]
Having acclimated himself to his demonic right arm, Sou has developed the ability to extend his electrical prowess from that arm to the rest of his body, allowing him to emit electricity without hand-seals from any point of his body simply by using his immense level of chakra control to funnel the demon's electrical nature through the rest of his body's circulatory system, allowing it to be emitted from any point on his body at any time.

[Attribute of Hell]
During his capture and torment, Sou's chest was cut open, which resulted in the unique half-moon scar on his chest, Around the same time that his tormentors implanted the synthetic Beast and Devil genes, they also implanted a synthetic Hell Gene. The original intent of this gene is unknown, for the demon sealed within Sou's right arm has warped it to further suit it's purposes.

Whenever Sou's mental defense against the demon has been eroded, such as being severely injured and rendered unconscious, this gene will activate and give the sealed demon control of Sou's body - warping it into a twisted vision of it's former host. The carapace fully encases Sou's form, providing oxygen through 'intake valves' located under the arms and on the back of the neck. Glowing electrical 'eyes' allow the demonic presence vision, but do not connect in any way to Sou's body. The hardened carapace itself serves as the Demon's body, the body of Sou trapped within merely being sustenance so long as he is unable to control the demon's will.

The outer shell of this form is extremely durable, capable of withstanding an avalanche much less most conventional shinobi weapons, and has access to all of the demon's electrical abilities, much as Akujin did when he was alive. This form can only be stopped by Sou's will, much like the demon has been held at bay by him.

[ Speed ]

The epitome of speed describes his abilities well. Years of harsh, grueling, and difficult training have sculpted Seto into nothing but muscle. His relatively tall frame with an extremely developed core allow him to reach speeds that rival the fastest shinobi on the continent. Seto is nearly untouchable on the battlefield, making him a frightening opponent. Additionally, because of his Souton abilities, Seto can naturally stave off the effects of traveling constantly at such high speeds. Joint, ligament, and muscle trouble that would usually be associated with this ability is not an issue for Seto because of his clan abilities. Souton chakra runs naturally through his veins, like blood, and leaves him with an incredibly fit body that can will withstand the test of time. Seto leaves no guesswork in this ability, and has defined most of his techniques by capitalizing on this skill.

[ Medical Techniques and Knowledge ]

Setoshi does not carry the title, "The Phantom of Bodies," for nothing. Setoshi has an intense knowledge of the human body, of both its anatomy and physiology. Seto can, therefore, use this knowledge to secure pressure points, cut necessary ligaments and muscles, and a myriad of other abilities that stem from this. His knowledge of the human body has put him at the forefront of his clan and have left him the next in line to succeed leadership. Setoshi, because of his knowledge, also does fairly well with medical techniques. While no where near the abilities of the masters within Sunagakure, Seto is a proficient medical-nin that can heal most wounds, and some Forbidden Jutsu wounds.

Name: Operation 2893HD
Rank: B [ Two Chuunin One Jounin Required]
Positive Effects: The user will now be immune to most poisons.
Negitive Effects: Over production of white blood cells could lead to complications in the future.
Description of Operation: One Medical Ninja will constantly check the vitals of the Shinboi while the other will open up one of the arms and bone. Now with the bone marrow exposed another Medical Ninja will do their best to keep the area clear of blood while the other injects certain chemicals into the bone marrow to increase the white blood cell production. After this is done the three Ninja will quickly patch up the arm and clean up the wound.

[ Flexibility, Agility, Dexterity, and Coordination ]

Seto, from the beginning of his life, was raised to be able to do many things at one whole time. His physical prowess was cultivated from an extremely young age and has allowed him to become incredibly flexible and agile. His coordination is excellent, leaving him with intimate knowledge of his body and its location relative to other body parts. Setoshi also has excellent dexterity, allowing him to bend his body to whatever the situation calls for. Seto, additionally, also has the use of his Souton chakra, which ensures that he can reach farther than nearly any other shinobi. His body truly, has a reach of three-hundred-sixty degrees leaving him with nothing that he cannot reach.

[ Strength ]

Setoshi, comparatively for his size, is exceedingly strong in this area. His tall form and slim, yet muscular, body allow him to develop fairly powerful strengths. Seto is not particularly strong as compared to Kages level shinobi. Setoshi is, therefore, a little more than average in his strength. Seto's true show of strength comes in the sheer ability of his muscles. Seto does not exhibit brute force, but a skilled ability to apply all the force he possesses at one single point. Through this, Seto can summon strength within him that would otherwise be impossible. Additionally, Seto has trained intimately with Gouwan [Strong Fist] which has allowed him to bridge any gap that might arise from his relative ability in strength.

[ Endurance and Stamina ]

The spartan training of the Onoda has lifted Seto to endurance and stamina capacities rarely seen within his clan. His intense training with speed have allowed Seto to cross thresholds that would normally leave a person in ruin. Seto had intense faith in his abilities and it shows through his stamina and endurance. Almost nothing can stop Seto once he has set his mind on accomplishing what he must. Additionally, Seto's intimate knowledge of his own body will allow him to surpass his own physical limitations and bring forth a strength that many would not expect him to possess. Setoshi, in truth, fights to surpass himself, and no one else.

[ Chakra Control and Capacity ]

Setoshi, for his rank and age, has an above average chakra capacity. However, he has a highly increased chakra control. While not on the level of Hyuuga masters, Seto can nearly match them. After training with Hyuuga Akemi so many years ago, Seto has gone forth and trained himself to have excellent chakra control. His uncle, Akihiro, has additionally aided Seto in this training. His chakra control allows Seto to perform high level medicals techniques and use very sensitive and otherwise difficult techniques. His chakra control is incredibly amazing, but it is abnormally excellent and serves him well with his abilities.

[ Ninjutsu ]

Beyond Taijutsu, Ninjutsu is one of Seto's greatest strengths. Seto is a nearly an entirely offensive fighter and his Ninjutsu reflect that. Seto has intimate knowledge of the Ninjutsu of his clan, his own developed Ninjutsu, and that of his summons. Seto has an extensive knowledge of supplementary, offensive, and defensive Ninjutsu that allow him to parry or attack under most if not all circumstances. If Seto does not end an opponent with his Ninjutsu, Seto will end an opponent with his Taijutsu. It should also be noted that within the realm of Ninjutsu, Seto has the advanced sense of hearing. His advanced sense of hearing comes from an echolocation-like ability that allow him to see the world from all sides.

[ Taijutsu ]

Taijutsu has defined Setoshi over the years, making him extremely deadly in close combat. His Taijutsu prowess allow Seto to destroy opponents inside and out, to leave them, literally, with nothing. Seto is proficient in three distinct forms of Taijutsu combat. Seto, while mostly an offensive fighter, has now developed his defensive skills that would have otherwise left him at a disadvantage. Few can best Seto in hand-to-hand combat. Seto, additionally, is also proficient when using a sword and small scale weaponry, such as shuriken and senbon.

[ Genjutsu ]

Genjutsu is probably Setoshi's weakest area, in casting, but his chakra control has proved him a master in defending against them. Setoshi never bothered with Genjutsu as they did not combat his style of combat. Genjutsu, to Setoshi, has been labeled as useless and, as such, he has left it in the dust, besides defending. His Doujutsu and some Fuuinjutsu he has developed allow Setoshi to stave off most opponents that would otherwise cause him trouble.

[ Fuuinjutsu ]

Fuuinjutsu is Setoshi's specialty and is, no doubt, her strongest area. Setoshi has long practiced Fuuinjutsu with making deadly and useful seals that have served him well over the years. It is only recently, however, Setoshi has begun to cultivate the more traditional skills of Fuuinjutsu. Setoshi is deadly with an sort of writing substance and an object to write it on. His knowledge of Fuuinjutsu techniques are highly learned and diverse. He is highly proficient, but his areas of concentration have been so broad it has left him with no true focus.
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PostSubject: Re: Setoshi Sōichirō   Tue 03 Nov 2009, 2:21 am


Due to a surgery in his Jounin days Setoshi has failed to remember anything from his past, all he is left with are a decayed Demonic Arm and the memory of his operation. . . . This is the story of what happened after the operation

Two years. For two years, Setoshi, or better known as Bliss, has been missing from Konohagakure no Sato. Two years ago, he was sent out on a mission by his beloved Arkianna, a mission he had given his all to complete. Two years ago, that mission went awry, and took Seto to places he had never before dared dream. Though little is left in Setoshi's mind of these dark times, he remembers clearly the face of his tormentors, and the fresh scars that he carries now. This is not all that was left on him though, the mark of those who held him captive is also forever scarred into his flesh -- Directly on Setoshi's chest, he has a scar that is shaped like a half-moon with a scratch through the left, right, and bottom sections of it -- all connecting to a dot in the middle of his chest, which has a line going from it upwards to just below his throat -- the scar is deep, and looks like it took some time to heal.

During the long year of his capture, he was tortured both physically and mentally. Placed in mind-wrenching illusions, and his body torn only to be made whole again, he was slowly destroyed from the inside out. The truth, though he would never know, was that this was a set up for something even larger to come. He was merely a guinea pig, and during these long sessions of pain, something.. sinister.. was implanted within him.

Whatever reasons Setoshi was tortured are beyond him now, but throughout it all he had a reason to keep consciousness, or to keep alive. So as to not betray the trust of his love, and the secrets of his love... Arkianna, the Foundation, Root. It was the thoughts of her that lay searing in his brain that allowed him to remain alive, and allowed him to plot the escape that he eventually made. Now, he is hunted. Now, he is prey. After he escaped, he had no idea as to where he was. He could not get his bearings at all... The experiments that had been performed on him had left him... empty inside, but for Arkianna... And so, he set off, attempting to return to his rightful home.

For a year he had been gone from the world, and now he returned to it unsure. Half-healing, half-searching, he spent a good bit of a year merely searching for civilization, trying to remember fully who he truly was. Eventually, he discovered the way back to his home and began the long and painful journey back to Konohagakure. Along the way, he discovered that his captors were not about to let him go easily and was forced to defend himself again and again, proving his strength even if he did not remember his title as 'Master of Bodies' in Konohagakure.... only to find himself, injured, back at the doorstep of his home...

After weeks of rehabilitation, it was discovered that Setoshi had been implanted with non-human DNA in a scientific experiment by the Nara nukeninja known as Kichigai. Working for Orochimaru, he had been trying to recreate specific abilities desirable by the snake, but to no success -- having used both himself and Setoshi as guinea pigs.

One of the genes in Seto caused him to turn into a form of werewolf and go berserk around Konohagakure, at which point he was stopped by Banrai Guin -- who accidentally activated the second gene, which restored a small chunk of Setoshi's memories as it regenerated wounds inflicted by Guin. With time, Setoshi became capable of controlling both of these aspects of his body, and regained a little more of his memories.

Soon after, Arkianna stepped down as Foundation Leader to care for their newborn daughter, at which point Kumani Mushou took office. This marked the end of Setoshi's involvement in the Root, as he looked into finding and finally ending Akujin. It was discovered, however, that he was too late. After Akujin destroyed Otogakure and vanished, he resurfaced in Iwagakure and -- for some reason -- let himself get killed by the Tsuchikage of the moment.

The Raikou Akuma was then released on the world, a demon, and trudged it's way towards Konohagakure. Meeting it as it entered Kaminari no Kuni, Kumani Mushou and Setoshi sealed the demon and bound him into Setoshi's right arm. His right arm was physically transformed by the act, but he gained full control over the Raikou Akuma in the process, finally putting to rest the legacy of his fallen comrade Akujin.

With the recent abduction and sealing of the Akujin Setoshi or Bliss has been appointed to lead the protection of the Leaf Village as the newest Sannin, but news of his position appointment have not been leaked.


With the help of a Yamanaka member Setoshi was able to recover a deep part of his memory which was trapped.

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PostSubject: Re: Setoshi Sōichirō   Tue 03 Nov 2009, 5:40 pm


Name: Hien Battou Kasumikiri [飛燕抜刀霞斬り Flying Sparrow Sword-Draw Mist Cutter]
Rank: S
Weapon Class: Katana
Weight Class: 121 lbs (Half the weight when Setoshi Wields it)
Location on Body: Strapped Across Back
Length: 5 Feet

Width: 36 Inches Across

Material: An alloy of about 1% beryllium and 98.5% nickel, with a touch of titanium .5%. It has an ultimate tensile strength of 300,000 psi, and 245,000 psi yield strength! This is 375% stronger than the best high tensile steel. The tensile strength of 98.5% beryllium is about 58,000 psi, so it seems to do a lot better when mixed with other metals.

• The Hien Battou Kasumikiri launches a thick mist upon drawing the blade -- the water particles in the air can be condensed to create a jet of water or a slash of the liquid. Or the mist can be left alone, and the range of the mist is roughly a spherical area with a radii of twenty feet around the user.
• The mist summoned from the blade can be controlled, especially its temperature -- the user can make the mist burn or freeze by physical contact.
• The mist helps the user to escape by proving a cover should he decide to run, and also ample material to create a shadow clone and leave him/her to deal with the wrath of others before exploding.
• It should be noted that the mist comes out of the hilt; if the several holes are blocked, then the sword can explode, the pressure shattering the blade.
• should be noted that the hilt and other parts are only hollow, and the sword requires the Suiton element chakra in order to create the mist.

Name: Karasu [Raven] (Even though it has a Wolfs head)
Rank: B
Weapon Class: Nodachi
Weight Class: 72 lbs
Location on Body: This Blade actually has a cane sort of Sheath for it, this sheath was created with a sealing jutsu to surpress the constant chakra flowing from the blade.

• Chakra-Enhanced Steel, bathed in the Ten-Tailed Wolfs Chakra. Capable of cutting through most medium densitized armor in one stroke, plus having little resistance to other chakra based items.
• Wind Element flowing through the blade, thus allowing it to be stroked through the air sending red winds toward the opponent capable creating minor cuts in clothing and skin. Unless, the user adds more of his own chakra through it then it has greater capablilities.
• Like Asuma's Knuckle Blades, Chakra can be sen't through this blade and red winds will extend from the blade, thus giving an upper hand when the enemy misjudges the attack.

Name: Yūnagi [Calm Evening]
Rank: B
Weapon Class: Gauntlets
Weight Class: 25 lbs (Together)
Length: 16 Inches
• From Finger tips to Biceps

Width: 8 Inches Thick

Material: An alloy of about 1% beryllium and 98.5% nickel, with a touch of titanium .5%. It has an ultimate tensile strength of 300,000 psi, and 245,000 psi yield strength! This is 375% stronger than the best high tensile steel. The tensile strength of 98.5% beryllium is about 58,000 psi, so it seems to do a lot better when mixed with other metals.

Effect: They were crafted with a black metal that conducts chakra nature extremely well, plus when Chakra is applied to the Gauntlets they take on the form of the chakra nature. (Ex. If Lightning, then the fist will be shrouded in Lightning) The chain, commonly called 'razor chain', is controlled by Sou's chakra alone and ends in a double-edged spike that can be used to both stick into things and cut them.

• Created with a Black Metal that conducts Chakra Nature extremely well, plus when a Chakra Nature is applied through the gaunlets they take on the form of the Chakra Nature. (Ex. If Suiton Nature is applied Water will form over the gauntlets, This does consume chakra)

• The chain, commonly called 'Razor Chain', is controlled by Setoshi's chakra alone and ends in a double-edged spike that can be used to both stick into things and cut them. On every razor and spike is a minor poison, which can be healed with Minor Medical Ninjutsu. When this gets into the blood stream, in two posts the user won't have access of there chakra in that area because this poison is ananesthetic. Thus, this causes them to fall asleep, effects where off in three posts.

Name: Kusanagi no Raitō
[Grass Cutting Lightning Sword]
Rank: A
Weapon Class: Nodachi
Weight Class: 53 lbs
Location on Body: Within a sheath, along the right leg.

Length: 3 Feet
- From Hilt to End

Width: 5 Inches across

Material: An alloy of about 1% beryllium and 98.5% nickel, with a touch of titanium .5%. It has an ultimate tensile strength of 300,000 psi, and 245,000 psi yield strength! This is 375% stronger than the best high tensile steel. The tensile strength of 98.5% beryllium is about 58,000 psi, so it seems to do a lot better when mixed with other metals.

• The sword possesses the Kusanagi's peircing property and more, an ability to be able to slice through any and all defences regardless of their nature, with little resistance.
• The sword has also been bathed in the Chakra of both the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox and the Akujin, thus resulting in a semi-sentience in the sword, allowing it to not break without the aid of two other demons chakra.
• Seeing as this blade his been bathed in the Raiton Natured chakra of the Akujin, this blade has the abilitiy to create Electricty in great varietyies. From making blasts of electricty to creating field of it around athe weilder. It all depends on how much chakra the weilder places into it.
• It will attempt to send out powerful electrical currents that leave minor burns to anyone who comes near it, except for the Nine-Tailed Demon Foxs Host, who's oppressive will has dominated the weapon and controls it. Any person to come within five inches will receive these currents of electricty. [B](Basically it only reacts to the Hosts chakra)/[B]
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...You know. There's such thing as being A LITTLE TOO IN DETAIL. XDD
Anyways...before I go on...I have a few questions.
Around the beginning, it said something about the power of the nine-tails..?
I'm so confused. What does the nine-tails have to do with this. D8
The Chouzetsugan.. Does that mean you can see through clothes? o.O XDD
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Sorry about that, I meant the:

1. The Nine Tailed thing was supposed to be, "The Ten-Tailed Wolf"

2. The Chouzetsugan thing, maybe . . . . . XD !!!!
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Setoshi Sōichirō
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