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 The Wandering Woulfe

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Ayaka Woulfe


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PostSubject: The Wandering Woulfe   Mon 02 Nov 2009, 6:26 pm

Name: Ayaka Woulfe

Gender: Female

Age: Roughly 20

Height: 6"10

Weight: 115 lbs.

Race: Werewolf

Hair Colour: Blonde~.

Hair Length: Usually waist-length or in a braid.

Eye Colour: Blue

Skin Colour: A Peach or lightly tanned skintone.

Personality: A Very Optimistic Person, Ayaka is never one to be down about anything. She hates to see her friends sad or hurt, and will do everything she can, even if it seems impossible, to help them. She can be very blonde at times, often forgetting where she is or what shes doing, but It never bothers her. As long as there is land to walk she will have a smile on her face.

History: Ayaka Grew up in a little hut in the middle of a forest. She was her mothers firstborn, but her father was rather dissapointed, for he wanted a man to take over his work in carpentry, for it was not womens work. Her Fathers views were very old fashioned, and he believed woman should stay home and clean and cook.

Although that was really truly not Ayaka's thing. She could not cook and she could not clean, and she was clusmy as anything, but she absolutely adored Carpentry. Her father, desprate for a child, made love to his wifes sister to conceive a son, and told his wife it was adopted while not telling Ayaka anythnig at all.

Of course, her father only continued his reign of dissapointment, for James was very feminine. He loved cooking and cleaning and gardening, and carpentry just really did not interst him at all. He absolutely adored his sister, though, always following her around like a lost puppy.

A thing some people may never learn about the Woulfe family was that they were truly a family of werewolves. That was why people never saw them prior to or suring the full moon. Ayaka was the ony one who couldn't seem to master her inner wolf, for it seemed to have a mind of its own. So every full moon Ayaka rampaged through the forest, killing many animals and at times injuring her family.

One day, in fear of harming her family more, she simply ran away. Weeks later, she settled in a house in the forest line of a village called Klyeak. It was a small town that depend mostly on fishing, for it was circulated by the Streaked River, which provided great shielding from enemy attacks. But Klyeak was attacked, and Ayaka fleed from there as well.

From that point, she found a village called The Nitemare. She strived as a ninja there, raising to the rank of Jounin at her first exam with her soon-to-be mentor, Zeik Hellfire. Shortly after her exam, her best friend Mayumi Suzugawa joined the Nitemare, for she had followed Ayaka. Ayaka was estatic, if not slightly annoyed. The two friends soon after joined Zeik's team, becoming memebers of Team Hellfire.

Ayaka's life just seemed to get better from there. She made many friends, had a realtionship spark with her friend Zesu Rikoyae, and was a well-balanced ninja who could fight as well as any man. But soon, the evil Chase Young and his minoins attacked during the wedding of Zeik and Kurai Hellgate, and to save the village, one of the two Kages, ZK, transported the village to the moon.

Life seemed to work it's own way out after that until Chase struck again. One of his minions, Vladimir, killed Ayaka's friend Lukas (who she would later discover was not dead) and in an angry rampage she fought him, though later on Lukas killed Vladimir himself. As Chase had his final battle with ZK and Mahk-X, a interesting girl named Terra joined the fight, and the results where disastours. The entire village was distroyed, and all the surviving members had to divvy up and join the running neraby villages.

And so the former Nitemare nin split up, joining either The Reality, The Choas, The Twilight, or The Depths. Ayaka followed her mentor Zeik-sama to the Choas, where he and his wife held the title of Kage. Ayaka took Mayumi with her for she was always over protective of her friend, but many of Ayaka's friends joined other villages, like her dear Zesu, who left for the Reality. She was heart broken, but healed her heart with the happines her life in The Choas brought.

But that soon became disastourous as Zeik was killed by the mysterious Hao, and Zeik was forced to kill his own wife Kurai, leaving his children alone with a loating for him. Aya wept many tears that day, for her mentor, like her 'Big Brother' Akarui, were very close to her heart. The situation would not be solved for awhile, and in search of peace, Ayaka was forced to fight in a Tournament against her fellow nin.

In the distant future, all the villages came together in a Village Alliance, though each village was still their own on the planet of Verscutia. Ayaka was re-united with all her friends along with her Zesu. She was given the title of ANBU at last, which she celebrated for with Mayumi in her under-mountain cave. She was even more overjoyed when Zeik was re-born, and it seemed her life was finally healing.

But then, one day, as she was walking through the Depths village, a blast from the black hole created by the Kage, Rose, in a fight with a Drifter that used to be part of the Nitemare, Skye Silverclaw, caught her, drawing her and many others in. To all the people of the Verscutian Village Alliance, Ayaka Woulfe, Jewel of the Chaos...
Was dead.

But the blast really transported her and everyone else caught to a diffrent dimension, far far away from Verscutia. This place was called Escellia. Ayaka was happy to be alive, but she was torn apart inside. In that one black hole, she lost her love, her 'brother', her mentor, and pretty much every friend she ever had. All she had was her Mayumi-chan, and even something was wrong with her. The black hole had caused Mayumi to go blind. Ayaka's heart was tearing in two.

Tired from the ninja rank, Ayaka simply picked up everything and left. She left everyone, including her Mayumi, who she thought would be better off in this new Escellia. So she wandered the world, earning the title of Sannin in some countries and helping out in all ninja villages however she can. She hasn't joined a village again, but she does aid all villages with rankings or things that need be done.

In her own words, she 'Belongs to the Earth and all it's creatures. I shall try to prevent any more disaster, just as the Earth wishes it'.
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Pandora Phobia


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PostSubject: Re: The Wandering Woulfe   Mon 02 Nov 2009, 6:34 pm

*looks at long bio and twitches*
...Will read later..just..approved...D:
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Ayaka Woulfe


Female Posts : 45
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PostSubject: Re: The Wandering Woulfe   Mon 02 Nov 2009, 6:56 pm

Woot. : D
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PostSubject: Re: The Wandering Woulfe   

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The Wandering Woulfe
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