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 Arewyn, The Black Lung

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Arewyn Belacqua


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PostSubject: Arewyn, The Black Lung   Sun 01 Nov 2009, 12:54 am

Name: Arewyn Belacqua
Nickname: Bella
Age: 19
Gender: Female ♀
Rank: S-Ranked Bounty Hunter
Former Village: Hidden village of Clouds
Village: None
Elements: Fire, Earth, Wind, Lighting
Main: Fire
Subs: Wind, Earth, Lighting
Kekke Genkai: Chemical Ash, Burning Smoke, and Fear Blast
Personality: Arewyn seems like a chill woman, however, she's secretly unstable in the head. Only when she's using her fear manipulation. By day she's a bounty hunter, by night she'sa hooker :D
Appearance: Avatar
Bio: (First part is like a interview then follows into third-person)

| history is what you ask? Well...I'll try and remember. The reason why I probably forgotten it was because I try and not remember the pain I suffered.
My Childhood is the beginning of this pain. My clan controllers of poisonous things and the element of fire. The two mixed together is devastating outcome of a ticking time bomb for your death.

|When I was young I think around 4 or 5, I remember I was asleep then I heard noises from the downstairs of my home. I grew nervous when I heard things breaking and glass crashing against the walls, or floor. "Kill...them...they are traitors of this village..." a man yelled. "No!" I heard my mom scream as under pain. I remember a finally scream from her it was like a scream then after a few seconds getting lower. I knowing she was dead, and my father it was still unknown at the moment.

|As I heard foot steps making their way upstairs I became terrified of my own life, quickly I jumped out of my bed and ran to my closet; "Thank god I made a secret compartment within it or I wouldn't be alive to this living day". As men barged into every room and then finally into my room. Thinking the house was empty. I Then exited my room and ran down stairs.Then suddenly there was a cry outside the house, more of a yelling of a order. As arrows lit hit the side of the house burning I did not know until I lifted the top of the flooring where I stood hidden at the time. I noticed smoke rising from my door.

|I stepped backward looking outside seeing a glimpse of a face knowing that was the person behind this whole thing. As I turned around the fire reached inside blazing within I began to cry for help finally breaking the window "Help me!". I remember a girl standing outside my window, as a black shadow like create appeared engulfing me. Several hours later awakening to see a friend she would become, named Anya. We would then grow up together, becoming ninja of the Cloud Village.

|Even though Arewyn had a childhood friend, it didn't fill the gap of a missing hole where her parent's should be. Growing up without guidance was a tough task for her. Yet that not standing in the way of her becoming a ninja. She continued to excel through missions and exams her sensei gave her.

|As the years of her life unfolded Arewyn started to change, her personality as well. From being alone for so long slowly started to affect her mind. Slowly mutating her sanity and personality. Developing multiple-personality as such a young age, Arewyn hide this disease from everyone. Yet some people seemed to have noticed but never could place the pieces to where they belonged to solve the puzzle.

|Through the years Arewyn started to hated where she lived. The village of Clouds, a peaceful name, yet such boring standards for ninja's that seemed to have bored Arewyn. Growing up she never earned the respect that she longed to taste. It was burned as of her hopes and dreams. Being judged and grouped into little missions such as C-ranked. She was better than that. It wasn't her fault that her team member died on the A-ranked mission. No one seemed to trust or pay mind to her and Anya her friend and team member.

|Having people denying her of respect from others grew thin, and her patience was running thin as of her sanity. From being alone through these years she did in fact grow insane and developed multiple-personality disease that people thought she was a village freak. Everyone looked at her and they wanted to get rid of her. Preaching to the Kage of the village, and soon accepting to place her on a S-ranked mission for her to die and never come back. Arewyn sought this was a opportunity that the village gave her to redeem herself from the tragedy of the lost member so long ago. Yet she was wrong when she returned from the mission alive.

|Everyone gasping screaming "HOW & WHY". Arewyn smiled at these villagers as she settled a poisonous smoke throughout the village suffocating a section of the village. She Left the village knowing there's nothing to fix, and nothing to do. Her friend soon to follow with her to find respect and acceptance from anyone or anything within this dreary world that she loathes so much.

|As Arewyn traveled around the world killing and making profits from bounties, she slowly began to find her purpose. Arewyn's purpose was to rid the world of the blood thirsty people, the bad people from the world. She grew more psychotic killing more people, and soon gained a name for herself. "The Black Lung" from suffocating her prey and bounty with a deadly Burning Smoke or the crushing Chemical Ash. She wasn't a known threat to the bounty she was after like others such as Akatsuki -which is her dream and goal to join-.

|Yet still the only respect Arewyn gained from anyone was money from bounty. She began to loathe the bounty ways. She wanted to die from her deeds. No village, no family, and yet only a friend Anya to help her. She treated her like a sister. Yet they split up a couple years later. Now without anyone to help her from reaching a mid-life crisis she walked to the entrance of her village once again.

|It was unknown why she went there to kill herself. The kage retired a few years earlier after she left, the new Kage unknown to what she was. Villagers' knew something about her yet still couldn't figure out who she was. She was 19 now 4 since she left. She walked to the shrine in the little pond near the edge of the village.

|What she found there would save her life from being hung underneath a cherry tree. It was her family heirloom in the water. The locket of fear itself. It was a powerful weapon that could manipulate surrounding fear from anybody into a pure energy. This F.E.A.R energy was dangerous and kept secret.

|Unknowingly Anya was watching Arewyn from a distance. It was also unknown why they returned to the damned village they left long ago. Yet nonetheless she walked forward placing her hand upon Arewyn's shoulder smiling at her. Arewyn turned her head as she looked at Anya. "It's you....Anya..." Arewyn was excited and pleased. Wrapping their arms around each other.

|After they finally rejoined together. Anya and Arewyn roamed the world together getting stronger and gaining powers and objects for personal use. They freed little villages from evil. Yet evil themselves grew stronger from their fallen opponents power. As Arewyn drained her fallen opponents fear emotion before they died.

|However, everything isn't a happy ending, Anya soon disappeared and Arewyn slipping into the world of Bounties once again, and part time hooker. Yet, she's a high class hooker.

Specialty: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Chakra in-tuned,
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Arewyn, The Black Lung
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