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 Anya Larousse

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PostSubject: Anya Larousse   Sun 01 Nov 2009, 12:37 am

Name: Anya Larousse
Age: Appears around 14.
Personality: Anya is VERY violent. Extermely so. She likes to blow stuff up. She likes it alot. She really hates being ordered around by anyone. Being Bioplolar, her emotions are always on the edge- One emotion is always drastically dominant and it changes quickly. She gets solemn sometimes though,and very quiet, but that's usually when her mind is wandering. And she has a rather colorful vocabulary. Meaning she swears. Alot.
Rank: Sannin?~
Bio: Anya came from a small island in the middle of the ocean. It was desolate and secluded and the only ones living there where the natives- which she was one of. They were trained in their own ways of fightning and using ninjutsu etc. while all the time their lives were rather peaceful. Men and woman running around scandily clad. What is more fun, really?

The natives on the island worshipped a God. This God was named Masahei, and he was the God of the volcano. The village Shaman interperted what he said always, and like mindless drones, the villagers obeyed. Of course, Anya didn't like that. She'd never liked being ordered around. Never ever ever.

Luckily, she was one of the strongest persons on this island. So she protested. Ran around town and preached of the Blasphemy that was Masahei. Of course, the villagers were not please with this. Not pleased at all. So, they turned to the village Shaman, for like good village people, they were simpley too lazy to do anything themselves. And the village Shaman consulted Masahei. And the God told him simply to banish Anya.

Sadly, that was not what the Shaman did. He disliked Anya strongly for she had done many disrespectful things to him, that he told the villagers that the God wanted her sacrificed in his Volcano. So, our mindless little villagers went to go capture Anya. Anya of course was not pleased with this. She fought of most of the villagers for hours, but she grew tired and eventually they captured her.

So, the following morning, they brought Anya to the volcano in shackles. The Shaman said a few words in a language not so farmiliar in other parts of the world, and then kicked her in. She fell into the volcano without a word, and the villagers, satisfied with their sacrifice, left. The night following, Anya opened her eyes. She was quite suprised to find that she was not dead, but also quite annoyed at the fact she could not see.

The God Masahei had taken pity on her and a ledge grew out of the side of the volcano to catch her. Unfortunately, she was in the volcano for a long while and the gasses affected her eyes, causing her to go blind. Of course, she hhad to sit on that ledge for awhile, wondering exactly how she'd get out. Then eventually the Volcano God noticed she couldn't get out and helped her. His help came in the form of a swarm of bats. As an extra apology for forgetting about her, he blessed her with the gift of telekinesis.

The bats pulled her out and dragged her to their cave (trust me, there was ALOT of bats >>; ) were she rested and recovered. Later on she signed a pact with the bats, and ever since they've kinda... Followed her around. On a bonus, all the bats anywhere listen to her. So that helps. As a sound user, her time with the bats also led her to learn echolocation on an addition of a branch of her sound related powers.

Using her cape as wings (it does that) she flew with the bats over the ocean to someplace new. Someplace where she wouldn''t have to follow orders and her village wouldn't try to randomly kill her. Of course, before she left, she stole the three 'Legendary' weapons from her village that where said to be made by the Volcano God himself. So she stumbled opon the Leaf Village. The first person she met there was Arewyn Belaqua. Anya grew fond of Areweyn immeadily. Out of loyalty for her new friend, she joined the Leaf Village.

She rose in rankings rather quickly by Areweyn's side, but a little itch was always there. She didn't mind taking orders from Areweyn, but she had a problem with the other ninja's and the entire ninja system they had there. She really did not like being ordered around, and soon, this little itch grew. She confronted Areweyn, but her friend convinced her not to leave.

She is not overly fond of people in general. Especially large masses of people- that really pushes her buttons. So usually to restrain her anger and urge to kill the noisy masses, Anya has developped a state of sub-conciousness she sometimes enters. It saves her for taking her anger out on others, and though she is unconcious, her body follows orders roboticlly and moves on it's own. So yeah, it's rather useful.

Since she's Bi-Polar, she gets some people to a point, but she always seems to be a little too off for honest interaction with her. She's usally pretty out there. Which scares people off 80% of the time. Of course, it doesn't bother her. She likes silence when she's not blowing things up and like stated before, she doesn't like people.

Though the village is rather spacious, one would think Anya would spend her time roaming it. Though Anya, being Anya, spends most of her time cooped up in her room practicing her darkness techniques, sometimes not coming out for weeks. Areweyn usually had to drag her out of her room- and Anya would go kicking and screaming always. Though being and adult, sometimes Anya reverts to the attitude of a child, and becomes extremly angry when it is pointed out, which has lead to many injuried on Areweyn's point, though Areweyn has never left Anya's side. Anya is a rather lucky person, one would think.

Many people, excluding Areweyn, think of Anya to be a vampire. That insults her very much, and she usually hurts a person very much when they label her as such. She has done that to many a person and has made herself known quite well- just as she wanted it to be. Though she does use bats, the thought of drinking ones blood grosses her out rather well. She doesn't mind blood, but the thought of drinking it just creeps her out. So no. She doesn't like vampires, nor being called one.
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Pandora Phobia


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PostSubject: Re: Anya Larousse   Sun 01 Nov 2009, 5:14 pm

..Your signature made me die laughing. Oh, how I love thee. xDDD

..And that fact that you found me makes me laugh as well. Welcome, darlin'~! xDD
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Location : WITH PAN-PAN. IN A BOX. No you can't come. D;

PostSubject: Re: Anya Larousse   Sun 01 Nov 2009, 5:51 pm

Yay! -cheers-
I am welcomed. <3
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PostSubject: Re: Anya Larousse   

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Anya Larousse
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