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 Raikou Yori Joukai's Jutsu

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Age : 26

PostSubject: Raikou Yori Joukai's Jutsu   Sat 17 Oct 2009, 4:21 pm

Dai Raiken (Grand Lightning Fist)
The user focuses chakra to form electricity in their fists. This adds a powerful shock to their punches. At higher levels, the jutsu can cause numbness and can strike nerves to cause large amounts of pain and confusion.

Denka (Electric Charge Technique)
This simple ninjutsu allows the ninja to impart an electrical charge to an object which will give a powerful shock to whoever touches the object subsequently. Mostly this is used to impart a charge to a shuriken, kunai, or other metal weapon, however Chuunins and Jounins may use it to impart charge to objects that are not normally known for their conductive properties such as a wooden staff.

Raikou Nankan (Lightning Barrier)
Through gaining an understanding of how chakra may be used to create lightning, the user of this technique develops a method to counteract the process. This technique creates a personal barrier around the user, causing chakra-affected lightning that comes into contact with it to disperse. It will completely protect the user from lightning techniques of an equal level or lower to the barrier used, while techniques of a higher rank will only have their effects reduced. This technique requires a constant flow of chakra to maintain, and higher ranks increase proportionally in cost.

Raijirai (Lightning Mine)
Used in conjunction with the charged tag, this jutsu allows the user to make a lightning bomb. The item functions like an exploding tag in the sense that the tag can be timed, proximity, or remote in its detonation. Once detonated, the tag releases a large amount of electricity in the radius of a normal exploding tag, delivering a heavy shock to anyone caught up in the trap.

Sasurai (Piercing Lightning)
Through the use of this technique, the user is able to channel lightning chakra through any object and give it a piercing tip and/or cutting edge. If the charge is put on a weapon that can already pierce or cut, then the edge is made keener.

Tanbou Raikou (Searching Lightning)
The user slams one or two palms onto the ground, sending a stream of chakra-lightning into it. The lightning will zig-zag forward (or whichever way the hands were pointing) until it hits a target (tree, rock, person, etc). The more chakra pumped into this jutsu, and higher level the nin, the more powerful and more 'fingers' of lightning can be produced, up to 10 fingers of lightning.
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Konohamaru Sarutobi


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Location : Konohagakure

PostSubject: Re: Raikou Yori Joukai's Jutsu   Sat 17 Oct 2009, 4:24 pm

Does he use basic jutsus too?
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Male Posts : 36
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Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: Raikou Yori Joukai's Jutsu   Sat 17 Oct 2009, 4:25 pm

Yes, but those jutsu are elementary. If I'm a genin, then of course I can use basic jutsu. It's simple logic, Konohamaru.
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PostSubject: Re: Raikou Yori Joukai's Jutsu   Sun 18 Oct 2009, 4:45 pm

Approved. By Pandora. Who is too lazy to switch accounts. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Raikou Yori Joukai's Jutsu   

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Raikou Yori Joukai's Jutsu
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