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 Megumi's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Megumi's Jutsu   Fri 25 Sep 2009, 11:40 pm

Ice Prison Tenchnique

This jutsu allows the user to infuse their chakra with ice underground and bring it to the surface. The user can then trap their opponent within the ice by controlling its movements and completely surrounding them in the ice. This jutsu is strong enough to withstand basic fire jutsu, because the ice has already been infused with the user's chakra. This allows this jutsu to double as a defensive technique, by the user encasing themselves in the ice.

Ink Mist technique

the user wraps their body in chakra-infused ink to hide themselves and leave the area by choice.

Fushi no Hayashi
A genjutsu type which allow the user to distract enemy, allowing user, or his teammate performing attack or other action. While on this genjutsu, chakra flowing of the enemy often become unstabble, while forcing their body to be paralyzed. Range of effection depend heavily at the user manipulation ability.

Daibakufu no Jutsu - Grand Waterfall Technique
Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. After doing the needed hand seals a column of water will circle the ninja and then a large force of water will erupt to hit the opponent. Due to the force of the water the target will be fully enveloped by the water and at its mercy as is pulls them away unless they move or do something.


This Jutsu makes the user enrage and triple her attack power,doubling her speed.

Wind Release:Atmosphere Burning Winds
Wind Release:Atmosphere Burning Winds
Using wind style chakra and a little fire style chakra, the user can mold the two to create a hurricane of super-heated wind. This jutsu is capable of 3rd degree burns and even with enough chakra, disintegration. This jutsu takes a lot of chakra to mold the two chakra styles and while doing this the user is vulnerable to attacks.

Bullet Rain Technique
After performing the necessary hand signs the user shall concentrate chakra within there palm and hydration from their body will slowly rise and form into small clouds which will float into the sky and expand. These clouds will continue to swell and expand for 2 posts until they release, resulting in the down pour of chakra infused raindrops. The chakra causes the water molecules to be instable and with the impact on a solid surface the potential energy which the raindrop had from falling from the sky causes small explosions.

mirror lotus
for this genjutsu to go into effect the user must first obtain total visual or phisical contact while they preform handsigns and focuse chakra in a wave like effect around the user. TOTAL. I repeat, TOTAL. So most of the time it fails. The jutus is very simple. once the user maintaind 100%focuse on thier opponent they can then cast the illusionary effect. The victom of this jutsu will then picture themselfs in a pitch black worl with a gray-ish ground and a red crestent moon in the back ground. The vicom will then see multiple images of there death as well as there loved ones death while the user's voice is tunting the victom in the background. The user can move in this illusionary world and pursue several illusionary clones that the user had placed in this dark world. This jutsu effects the victoms mind and if they last in the illusionary world for more than 3 post then there mind and nerves will be very slightly damges for the rest of the fight, making it hard to consentrate or pull of complexed plans.

dancing wind ribbon
This jutsu combines taijutsu and ninjutsu togather in a wierd way. After the user prefroms the required 5 handsigns and focuses wind chakra around them. a small white tornado like vortex surrounds them for a few secounds. At this moment the jutsu would be a good defensive jutsu but to preform the whole jutsu the user must use the secound part of it and not just the defensive stage. The secound part of the jutsu requires the user to force the spinning wind into 5 ribbon-like tornados with a drill like point at the very tip of it, and sends them at all directions toward there opponent. The wind moves with great force and moves in circles and spins giving the illusion of it "dancing" through the air. apon contact with target the tornados "drill" into the target with great speed and force causing damge to the flash of the target. The user also has the choice of running and preforming simple taijutsu while this jutsu is active witch combines tai and ninjutsu. Since I found this god moddy, this only works when the wind is going CRAZY fast outside. Like in a sandstorn, or hurricane.

Chidori Tsume no Jutsu (1000 Birds Claw Jutsu)
Another alternative form of Chidori. The user simply does what is needed to create Chidori themselves, but it is displayed through a different form of chakra control. The chakra throughout the chidori is then expressed in a claw form. The chakra control with then take form of the chidori and ultimately forming a claw on the hand that you formed the chidori with. It has the same effect of a regular chidori and you can control and shape the claws longer and thinner, or shorter and fatter at your pleasure. It makes the same chirping bird noise that normal Chidori's do and could be caused to be lethal when clashed at a vital organ.
(Water Reflection Jutsu)
Usually used when deep waters are around, the user casts a genjutsu on the opponent in which they look into the water and are put under the illusion where they see either themselves or a loved one drowning, so they go to save them, which causes the user to drown themselves. Could also be used for puddles to make people bump their heads on hard surface if puddles are there.

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Pandora Phobia


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PostSubject: Re: Megumi's Jutsu   Fri 25 Sep 2009, 11:53 pm

..This looks very thorough. And strong. Imma make your rank jounin. Congrats. <3
...try not to over do it though. :3
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PostSubject: Re: Megumi's Jutsu   Sat 26 Sep 2009, 12:01 am

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PostSubject: Re: Megumi's Jutsu   

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Megumi's Jutsu
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