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 Kohaku's JUTSU of DOOM!

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PostSubject: Kohaku's JUTSU of DOOM!   Sun 20 Sep 2009, 7:34 am

Kohaku, like Minami, is a master of teh genjutsu..

She developed Enteral Embers...

Kohaku also carries a flute, which she uses to control emotions, just like Minami. But she can also use it to control somebodys nerves, and by using that, can take over their body.

COz shes tricky :)

Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
Name: Kokuangyō no Jutsu, 黒暗行の術, literally "Bringer of Darkness Technique", English TV "Genjutsu: Infinite Darkness Jutsu"
Type: A-rank, Supplementary, Short to mid-range (0-10m)
This jutsu makes the target think that they are surrounded by total darkness, allowing the user to attack unseen.

Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Name: Magen: Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu, 魔幻・此処非の術, literally "Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique" English TV "Sly Mind Affect Jutsu"
Type: C-rank, Supplementary, All ranges
This jutsu changes the appearance of a nearby object or area.

Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
Name: Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu, 魔幻・奈烙見の術, literally "Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique"
Type: D-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
This jutsu causes the target to see a horrifying vision. First, an imaginary circle of leaves will spin around and envelop the target, falling away shortly after. After a short period, the illusion will begin. This is to make the illusion more convincing, since the user will likely have moved before the illusion sets in.

Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death
Name: Magen: Jubaku Satsu, 魔幻・樹縛殺, literally "Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death", English TV "Genjutsu: Sylvan Fetters", English games "Tree Capture Death"
Type: B-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
With this jutsu, the user can make themselves disappear, allowing them to approach their target unnoticed. Once completed, a tree and roots will grow at the target's feet and restrict their movements. Once the opponent believes that they are captured, the user can then appear above their opponent from the tree's trunk and kill the target. In the Kurama clan filler arc of the anime, this jutsu seems to be quite versatile, with a wide range of variations on the standard nature theme. In addition to the disappearing and tree-growing effects of the jutsu, the user can produce flowers, seedpods, vines and multiple trees.

Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique
Name: Magen: Jigoku Kōka no Jutsu, 魔幻・地獄降下の術, literally "Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique"
Type: Unknown
This jutsu creates the illusion of a tremendous descending ball of fire in the sky, which then crashes onto a designated area. Anyone in the area will flee, or retaliate. This jutsu easily serves to distract an opponent.

Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique
Name: Magen: Nijū Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu, 魔幻・二此処非の術, literally "Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique" English TV "Double Sly Mind Affect Jutsu"
Type: Unknown
This jutsu places another illusion on top of a previous illusion created by the user. If and when the target dispels the first illusion, they will not realize that a second is in place.

Flower Technique: The District End
Name: Hana Ninpō: Kyōku Sai, 花忍法・教区際
Type: Unknown
The user reaches out his/her hand, sending a stream of flower petals from their palm towards the opponent. The flower petals encircle the enemy and dark smoke fades their surroundings to black, hiding the user.

Enternal Embers


Name: Demonic Flute: Dream Sound Chain
Effect: This jutsu is used by a music manipulator who uses a flute. Makes the target believe that they are bound by hundreds of wires and the n that their flesh is melting off. it causes immense pain and is stopped the moment the music of the flute stops.

Name: Temple of Nirvana Technique
Effect: Causes all people in a specific area or location to fall into a deep sleep. It distracts them with rose petals that fall from the sky and takes a long time to take full affect. Any decent ninja can dispell this attack before it is finished hence its low mastery level.

Kohaku can also use the lightning element



Dai Raiken
(Grand Lightening Fist) The user focuses chakra to form electricity in their fists. This adds a powerful shock to their punches.

Dendou Kawarimi no Jutsu
(Electric Replacement Technique) The technique uses the standard Kawarimi no Jutsu but adds a strong electric charge to whatever object is replacing the ninja. When the replacement is struck, it delivers a powerful shock to its attacker.

Raiya Houchou
(Lightning arrow step) By harnessing the earth's electrical fields to generate electricity, this works as long as the user's legs are connected to the earth. When in use, this allows the user to nearly instantly to close short distances and strike within the same motion. Usable at distances of several feet or less, this allows one to deliver an electrically charged palm thrust should it connect. If no contact is made between the ground and the user's legs, this is unusable. There is a downside as the user cannot change directions once the technique is initiated, thus allowing a more skilled opponent to dodge if they see it coming.

Raiton - Rai Boufuu no Jutsu
(Lightning Element - Lightning Storm Technique) For this ninjutsu, the user channels chakra into a handful of kunai, shuriken, needles, or other forms of projectiles, and tosses them into the air. Once thrown, the objects release their chakra in the form of powerful lightning strikes. These strikes can target the same enemy, or multiple foes. The only limit on how many objects can be used this way is simply how much the user can throw with one hand. However, the more that are objects thrown, the more chakra that is used.
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Jounin : Weaponry Master
Jounin : Weaponry Master

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PostSubject: Re: Kohaku's JUTSU of DOOM!   Sun 20 Sep 2009, 9:00 pm

Sweet. Approved.


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Kohaku's JUTSU of DOOM!
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