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 Taki Jutsu

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PostSubject: Taki Jutsu   Mon 14 Sep 2009, 9:00 pm

Papiri no Sasori – The scorpion's sting. Exclusive to Taiki to take advantage of his ability to seep the poison in his body out of his pores through three small “stingers” that are connected by special chains on his right arm. Now it may not look special, but it helps Taiki transfer his poison through the stingers and is amplified with his chakra. This attack decreases and sometimes destroys the ability to form Chakra in the victim, obviously rendering him/her incapable of fighting.

Arashi no Sasori – In addition to his repertoire of rain and water techs, Sasori can seperate his many blades from Bibu no Sasori (his long snake sword), run his poisoned chakra onto them by merely releasing the poison from the pores on his hands and having the blades lay in wait from above preparing to strike when given the command to rain upon Taiki's enemies.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu, Sasori-ousama – simple enough, Taiki can summon the king of Scorpions.

Suiton: Chisii Kawa no Jutsu – Taiki can create a river out of nowhere with a mix of his poison to create the perfect battlefield for himself. This takes a tremendous load on his poison gland so Taiki does not use this technique as often as he could.

Kunai Bakahu no Jutsu – Utilizing the electricity immunity Taki has built up he charges a fair amount of Chakra into one kunai that he holds in his hands, He then must thrust it or stab it into an opponent for the jutsu to work. Upon piercing the opponent the chakra within the kunai explodes, litterally tearing them apart from the inside. This jutsu is seen as forbidden and since he hasnt trained much with it, can only be used once a week. B Ranked

Suiton: Kata Mizu Choko – This technique requires a substantial amount of water nearby to be used. Taki will perform the 15 handseals needed and intone the name of the technique causing the water nearby to rise up in the shape of arms roughly any where between the six to ten of two feet through twelve feet to grab ahold of the intended target and hold them in place. This technique was made by Taki after he witnessed the same sort of thing from a person weilding earth. B Ranked

Suiton: Katachi Zaika – A ninjutsu utilized by Taki, this requires eight handseals and the intonation of its name to activate. Once activated the nearby water to Tetsuo will form into a squid below the surface of the water. This squid is capable of leaping out of the water and grabbing a hold on the opponent/s and pulling them into itself. Once they are inside the squid will slink back into the water and hold them there till they either suffocate or drown. C Ranked

Suiton: Umitan – A ninjutsu utilized by Taki, this requires eight handseals and the intonation of its name to activate. Requiring a good sized area of water nearby. This technique, cause’s the water nearby to spin into a whirlpool sucking down anything caught in it and sending it hurtling at the bottom of the body of water at tremendous speeds. Usually, when they hit the bottom any person who had the misfortune of being caught in this will either get knocked unconscious or be turned into a pancake from the pressure and force upon hitting the solid earth of the body of water. Taijutsu rating determines which [Below 95: Splat - Above 95: Unconcious] B Ranked

Otakyu no Jutsu – A taijutsu technique used with Raikou Shintai. It’s all about humiliating the opponent by either tripping them while moving out of the way, knocking them to the side. Or using their own attack against them by controling its momentum with a grapple or a block. Raikou Shintai gives Tetsuo the speed to perform this with such ease it gives the feel that the opponent is truly incompetent. D Ranked

Hikui Tenkuu Assaku no Jutsu - This technique makes the air pressure in a room drop dramatically, causing anyone inside to fall asleep. It can only work in an enclosed area like a building or room. Ranked: B

Fuuton - Renkuudan - Renkuudan is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. The user inhales a large amount of air into their chest and then expels it in one large explosive burst. To strengthen the attack, they will imbue chakra into the air and then release it in large, spherical projectile shots. Ranked: A

Kaze Gyorai no Jutsu - The user gathers a large amount of wind into his lungs and expels it in a single blow. The wind forms a torpedo that is near invisible that launches towards the opponent. Upon contact it explodes with the force of two exploding tags. Ranked: B

Kaze no Yaiba - Creates a blade of wind around the user’s arm. The sword cannot be blocked due to it being made of wind but it can be dodged. Since the wind is condensed down it does weigh down the user’s arm. Ranked: B

Fuuton Fuuryuudan no Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A Rank
Description: Powerful attack that creates a huge surge of wind in the shape of a dragon, which is sent towards the opponent. Large dragon, much like the Suiryuudan in size but made out of wind. If the victim is hit they will suffer great amounts of damage. It will seem as if he or she is stuck inside a tornado.

Sansai no Ketteiteki Shikiichi - When a tornado is formed it picks up debris and sometimes other elements. A hurricane is a tornado on the water that has taken up the storm and water below it. Using this jutsu, the user performs it like they would a daikamaitachi, swings their fan and the wind is shot forth. The tornado hits the required elements and takes up a new form. Each element and form is a calamity.

Flood: If the tornado hits a body of water a massive whirlpool-like tornado is sent towards the victim. When it hits the ground or victim a large flood is sent forward that could crush or drown the victim(s)

Fire: If the tornado hits a fire it would pick up the flames and still be shot forward towards the victim. The tornado would take flame qualities and a “flaming spin-cycle” would ensue. If it hit the ground or victim an explosion would occur and a large fire would be started.

Storm: If the tornado absorbs electricity or a cloud the tornado would turn gray with lightning flashes being seen in the tornado. It would be a thunder storm crossed with a tornado shot towards a victim.

Kaze Kuiki - The user is surronded by a vortex's of wind that is so dangrous it is hard for the enemy to approach it without getting cut or voilently thrown back. This requires a large deal of charka to be sacrificed in order to do such a dangeours move. The amount of chakra that is taken is about 80% of the users minumim's chakra. Since the move is so long this requires a traing topicfor those who wish to learn it. A dangerous wind sourronds that user in a sphere that is 5 meters in lenght and 3 meters in width as it protects them from any attack. This move is consider the greatest wind offensive and defensive justu.
Stage 1 Using tremendous amount of chakra and a long serious of hand seals wind starts to pick up around the user in a sphere by 5 meters in length and 3 meters in width. The wind that the user is inside starts to spin at a rate of 80 Mph. The user is then lifted off the ground only 3 meters and sits their without moving. Anything that is not away from the user within 10 meters will be pulled in and violently thrown in another direction or will get sliced in to peices
Stage 2 After the user is in the air the user lets out a loug screaming causing the sphere of wind around them to start to grow bigger in size depending on the stenght on the users chakra. Once the sphere starts to expand the ground under the user is destroyed and anything the sphere hits is damaged by wind cutters and goes flying back half the distance of the winds speed in meters.

Chuunin- Wind goes up to 120 Mph the sphere goes to the size of 10 meters in length and 6 meters in width
Jounin- Wind goes up to 180 Mph the sphere goes to the size of 15 meters in length and 9 meters in width
Kage- Wind goes up to 270 Mph the sphere goes to the size of 20 meters in length and 12 meters in width
Akatsuki & S-Ranked Ninja- Wind goes up to 405 Mph the sphere goes to the size of 25 meters in length and 15 meters in width

Stage 3 After stage one the sphere then compresses back to its normal size and starts to pick up violent speed again then it seems the sphere around the user starts to bubble as if it is about to exploded but wind cutters the size of 3 meters wide and 2 meters in width shoot out of the sphere.The amount of cutters depend on the amount of chakra the user has.The cutters go in any direction of 180 degress around the user. If the enemy is hit by the cutters then they will be hurt on a great scale and will be thrown back on half the speed of the wind cutters in meters.

Chuunin- 65 Wind cutter shoot out the sphere going at the speed of 60 Mph.
Jounin- 70 Wind cutter shoot out the sphere going at the speed of 90 Mph
Kage- 75 Wind cutter shoot out the sphere going at the speed of 135 Mph
Akatsuki & S-Ranked Ninja- 80 Wind cutter shoot out the sphere going at the speed of 200 Mph

Stage 4 The final stage of Kaze Kuiki the user is then set down to the ground with his sphere of wind still around him then the user can move around while the sphere is still around him making it very hard for any tai or projectile attacks to come close to hurting the user. This last for only five turns as the user can still use some of his offensive attacks like the wind cutters:

Chuunin- 45Wind cutter shoot out the sphere going at the speed of 30 Mph.
Jounin- 50 Wind cutter shoot out the sphere going at the speed of 45 Mph
Kage- 55 Wind cutter shoot out the sphere going at the speed of 67 Mph
Akatsuki & S-Ranked Ninja- 60 Wind cutter shoot out the sphere going at the speed of 100 Mph

Or go on to the defensive moves as such as the sphere that expands.

Chuunin- Wind goes up to 60 Mph the sphere goes to the size of 5 meters in length and 3 meters in width
Jounin- Wind goes up to 90 Mph the sphere goes to the size of 7 meters in length and 5 meters in width
Kage- Wind goes up to 135 Mph the sphere goes to the size of 10 meters in length and 7 meters in width
Akatsuki & S-Ranked Ninja- Wind goes up to 200 Mph the sphere goes to the size of 12 meters in length and 9 meters in width

If the user choses not to do any of these moves the user can send a stright line of wind cutters that travel in a pack
causing massive amounts of damage to the enemy if they are hit and tears up the ground as it travels.

Chuunin- Wind goes up to 60 Mph in a stight line for 50 meters
Jounin- Wind goes up to 90 Mph in a stight line for 55 meters
Kage- Wind goes up to 135 Mph in a stight line for 60 meters
Akatsuki & S-Ranked Ninja- Wind goes up to 200 in a stight line for 65 meters
Ranked: S

Fuuton - Tsuin Doragon no Jutsu - Requires the only seal of dragon. It utilizes the element of wind to create two dragons that swirl around the user and can be moved through the air by chakra usage towards a target. The two dragons become feirce winds and collect any debris or anything that swirl around within it, and charge towards an enemy, slashing at them with fierce winds and a powerful blow. If the seal is formed upsidedown, the wind dragons can be used in a vaccuum sort of way; basically when the dragon's hit the user, the only effect it has on them is that it sucks the air out of them, causing lack of oxygen and possible suffocation. If used incorrectly, or not strong enough to weild this technique, the jutsu could backfire. Expecially dangerous when using reverse version, if not utilized well, suffocation could become your downfall. When created, it becomes two twin dagons, about 5 feet in diameter, length varies to the distance of the opponent. They look like traditional chinese dragons, no color since wind is transparent, color can change to the debris that is collected. Ranked: A
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PostSubject: Re: Taki Jutsu   Mon 14 Sep 2009, 10:05 pm

...I honestly hope I never have to fight you. XD
Approved...try destroy...TOO many people o.O
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Taki Jutsu
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