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 The Jutsu Of The Yellow Flash

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PostSubject: The Jutsu Of The Yellow Flash   Fri 26 Jun 2009, 6:40 pm

Chakra Natures: Wind, Water, Lightning

Non-Elemental Techniques -

My Speed - I am very fast without any other techniques. I am one of the fastest if not the fastest ninja around. I can travel from one place to another within a second.

Rasengan - A swirling blue ball called a Rasengan. The attack can do some very affective damage, and my level of it, can send you a long way back.

Teleportation - Lets me teleport.

Body Flicker - I will appear and/or disappear in an instant, allowing me to retreat or attack suddenly. To facilitate the movement I will often use nearby elements such as mist, sand or leaves to mask my appearance or disappearance.

Yellow Flash - This technique allows me to move to any area, at a very high speed, allowing me to fight more easily and also make me escape death, if possible.

Warping - I can warp.

Shadow Clone - A regular clone.

Wind Techniques -

Wind Bullet - I can send strong and forceful bullet of air, which can easily pierce things.

Wind Dragon - A Dragon of sharp cutting winds attacks the enemy. Unlike my other wind attacks this is more focused. It can pass through different attacks/objects, and then become an piercing attack again.

Wind Animal Barrage - I create wind animals, obviously out of wind, which go and attack the opponent.

Wind Barrage Attack - I use the wind around, to send countless amonts of slashes at the opponent, that can easily cut through metal, so it is a dangerous attacks.

Water Thud - Causes 10 pound droplets of water to rain on the opponent.

Great Tsunami - Using the water in the area I can create a large tsunami.

Slicing Wind Armor - I can form wind around me, which always roates, so it puches any projectile away, slices them, or even just block them. It can also absorb wind attacks and if any other element attacks it, it usually goes away, and if it doesnt it becomes one with my wind armor, making it stronger.

Wind Clone - A clone which explodes into wind that would start cutting the opponent, if they hit it.

Wind Storm Rage - I send a large amounts of wind towards the opponent, which try to crush them under the pressure and also cut them from all over their body. The attacks come towards the opponent at a very high speed and are very dangerous. (One of my strongest wind moves)

Water Techniques -

Water Bullet - I send a bullets of water at the opponent, which send much force, and these can also pierce the opponent.

Water Ball - I send a water ball from my mouth at the opponent, which would send much force and pressure.

Water Dragon - I create a dragon of water which goes at the opponent.

Water Summoning - This lets me summon water in different features. Or I can just expel water from my mouth which would then cover the whole area.

Water Clone - A regular water clone. Nothing to special.

Water Storm Rage - I use the water around and in the area and manipulate it. Then I use it to surround the opponent, trying to crush them with the pressure and also cut them with the water.

Lightning Techniques -

Lightning Bullets - I send nullets of lightning at the opponent, which paralyze them if hit by the bullets.

Denkou Hirate - This technique surges lightning chakra to my hands. Then if I hit my opponent with it, it paralyzes them and also corrupts the chakra flow there. Also, if I give it a few jabs, I get control over there body. I can only control the bodies of clones and summonings.

Lightning Dragon - I create a dragon of lightning that goes at the opponent, at a very high speed.

Chidori - Lightning chakra comes to my hand, creating lightning which goes around my hands, and if I hit something, it would be devastating.

Raikiri - A jutsu similar to chidori except it is much stronger. This jutsu has been said to actually cut right through lightning.

Ultra Raikiri - A raikiri which is almost the size as me. This attack is much stronger than the regular raikiri and also increases my speed.

Lightning Clone - A clone of lightning. If hit, it would explode into lightning which goes at the opponent.

Lightning Bolts - I can make lightning bolts come from the sky or from me going at the opponent at the speed of lightning.

Natural Lightning - sing the lightning from the sky, or any electrical current, I can use it to go and attack my opponent, but because it uses no chakra, it is weak and isn't that fast.

Lightning Storm Rage - I send large amounts of lightning at the opponent, going at the speed of lightning(light), which would go and cause a lot of damage. Any part touched by the lightning, will become paralyzed. One bolt can destroy a large area, as around 15 can level a city.

Mixed Elements -

Ultimate Storm Rage - I combine all the storm rage techniques, causing a real devastating jutsu, which can destroy large places, and even destroy the strongest of metals. The wind, water, and lightning together create this technique.

Summoning Techniques -

I can summon toads!

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PostSubject: Re: The Jutsu Of The Yellow Flash   Sun 28 Jun 2009, 2:16 pm

M'kay, may not be finished, buuuttt...
This list has been approved by your favourite Kage~ xD
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The Jutsu Of The Yellow Flash
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