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 Kazemaro's Jusus

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PostSubject: Kazemaro's Jusus   Mon 31 Aug 2009, 4:19 pm

Kazemaro is no big talent thought and he got no special bloodline, who got any clan jutsus. So hes just all around normal jutsus like: Subsitution jutsu, bunshi no jutsu (its only shadow illussions, kage bunshi is clones :) ) and such.
Also Sanguanota did'nt wanted the boy fail... mostly because he wanted a proper jinchuuriki. So he told him about some jutsus, who was long forgotten.

Tsuchikaku no jutsu: Gravity Brake: Allows the user to move a non-chakra object throught air. The chakra use depends on object size and weight. This cannot by used on objects with chakra or objects hold by a object with chakra.

Sannotary no jutsu: Gravity Charge: This jutsu moves the user directly with a high speed at the target.

Hangatora no jutsu: Magnet Defense: This jutsu forces all metal objects in a range of 6 meters to get over to the user very fast and create a shield of those.

Hesseal Naturo no jutsu: Eye of Sanguanota: This is a special genjutsu, only useable by the jinchuuriki of Sanguanota. The target's mind gets into a demonic world controlled by Sanguanota. Sanguanota can take form of the target, the user, the target's worst nightmare... Everything... Then Sanguanota can play with the target as he wish.
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Kazemaro's Jusus
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