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 Sakura Haruno's Abilities and Jutsu

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Sakura Haruno


Female Posts : 339
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PostSubject: Sakura Haruno's Abilities and Jutsu   Sun 30 Aug 2009, 12:50 am

Sakura’s Abilities and Jutsu

I basically posted this because this Sakura does stray from the original Sakura’s abilities, but not by far. Only because the original Sakura is said not to actually HAVE any abilities Wink Well, here is a small list of Sakura’s jutsu and abilities
Like in the series, Sakura’s main weapon is her talent in very precise chakra control. She is able to control it so precisely, so that she can admit just the right amount of chakra to make a justu work. She can pump it into her fists and crush buildings with ease. Because of this ability, Sakura is very efficient with genjutsu, and genjutsu is her speciality, being able to create almost anything with a simple illusion jutsu.
Sakura is also a talented medical ninja. She is currently studying to become more apt with poisons, and how to treat them.
Sakura does not believe in using powerful jutsu. She understands it helps, but is useless if you do not have the brains to use it properly. Therefore, Sakura does not have many powerful jutsu, although she is starting to learn more serious techniques then just her simple ones, she is about to start learning to manipulate the wind element under Pandora.
Since Sakura is smart, she understands taijustu and ninjutsu, but she is not good at the practical side of things. She is generally not in the front line of assault, being a medical ninja. She can read it, and understand it perfectly, then she tries and puts it into action, and it fails quite epically.

Sakura’s Jutsu

Substitution Jutsu- Obvious
Clone Jutsu- Ditto
Illusion Jutsu- Is just a simple and easy genjutsu, but can be turned into a lethal weapon if used wisely. Good chakra control will enable the user to create almost any of illusion (example, Kakashi used this technique on Sakura during... the fourth episode i think, to create the illusion of Sasuke injured)
Flower Whirlwind Jutsu(not sure what the jutsu name was, so i made one up)- Another genjutsu, allows the user to disappear into a whirlwind of flowers that surround the victim, they are able to slash at the victim without being able to detected where the attacks are coming from.
Sakura Blizzard Jutsu- Sakura will throw a kunai with small explosive stickers attached. The stickers will stick on to the enemys (or friend, if you piss her off Wink ) clothes, amour or weapons, or their surroundings, and if the stickers are undetected, Sakura can make a hand sign which will activate the stickers, causing a violent and sudden explosion, they can remain without exploding for quite some time, and only Sakura can detonate them.
False Handseal Jutsu
- This jutsu tricks the oppenent into thinking that the user is about to perform a very powerful jutsu, therefore making it useful for decieving.
Buzzing Sound Jutsu
- Ths jutsu makes the oppenent feel a very annoying buzzing in their ears, causing them great discomfort and crippling their ability to hear.
Chill Jutsu
- This jutsu sends a chill down the users spine, making them feel fear. Good for paralysing.
Immense Hunger Jutsu
- This jutsu makes the user feel hungry and therefore weakened by the overwelming urge to find food.
Triple Vision Jutsu
- This is a jutsu that makes the enemy see three of everything they see, therefore making it difficult, almost impossible to aim or throw anything.
Sway Jutsu
- This attack makes the opponent's world sway around them, causing them to lose balence, and in some cases with those with a weak stomach, can make them feel sick or throw up.
Blizzard Illusion Jutsu
- This jutsu creates the illusion of a raging blizzard. The opponent feels cold, and it reduces visabilty because of the snow, and it is hard for the user to hear over the raging winds.
Decayig floor Jutsu
- The jutsu makes the enemy see he floor decaying and breaking up. It causes them to lose balance, because they feel they are always falling.

Last edited by Sakura Haruno on Wed 09 Sep 2009, 5:26 am; edited 1 time in total
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Pandora Phobia


Female Posts : 875
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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Haruno's Abilities and Jutsu   Sun 30 Aug 2009, 6:36 pm

Hurray. Approved.
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Sakura Haruno


Female Posts : 339
Join date : 2009-08-15
Age : 22
Location : In a Pineapple under the sea xD

PostSubject: Re: Sakura Haruno's Abilities and Jutsu   Tue 01 Sep 2009, 8:14 am


Knuckle Dusters- When Sakura slips them on, they allow her to channel her chakra through them, and it enhances the devatastion Sakura can cause when she punches stuff.

Standard Stuff- loads of shuriken, kunai and smoke bombs. She also carries plenty of paper bombs, as they are her favoured weapon.

Medical equipment- Scapels, twisers, probes, scissors, poisons.

Combat Knife- Carries a simple, standard combat knife on her back. Used for self defense, mostly.
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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Haruno's Abilities and Jutsu   

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Sakura Haruno's Abilities and Jutsu
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