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 Sakki's profile

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Rouge :: A-Ranked
Rouge :: A-Ranked

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PostSubject: Sakki's profile   Sat 29 Oct 2011, 3:39 pm

(OOC: I was promised a A rank Rogue ninja spot so I am claiming it)

Name: Sakki

Nickname: [If you have one]

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Rank: [Rogue Medic Ninja]

Former Rank: High Jonin

Village: Iwa no sato

Former Village: Iwagakure no sato

Affiliations: None yet


Kekke Genkai:

"Ikichi", as he was formerly known, was like most other students in Iwa- young, bright, skilled and looking toward the future with his head up. But all that changed as he started getting deeper and deeper into the medical field. Various events tainted the boy's thinking, and over time what he would grow up to be, a sinister nukenin, started to surface. "Sakki", as he is now known to anyone but Iwa nin, has grown up to become a medic-hating person. He generally has a chip on his shoulder and fears next to no one. Being hunted is almost a daily routine for him, and he has become used to having to fight hunters and the like.



Sakki was not born as the Sakki he grows up to be. To the contrary, Sakki was in fact born as Ikichi, which translates to "Lifeblood". His parents thought it would be a fitting name as his father was in fact a very well practiced medic in Iwa, and in fact was the apprentice to the village's most skilled medic. His parents, especially Ikichi's mother, thought that their wonderful son would grow up and be the "lifeblood" of the family, that he would be the one to continue their lineage and bring praise to the family. They would not, nor could they, anticipate the horror to come from such a sweet, innocent looking child. Only time would be able to tell them of his blood-filled, provided they lived until that day...

As "Ikichi" grew up, around the age of five or six, he started to accompany his father to the village hospital, watching surgeries and various other medical procedures. This, put simply, fascinated the boy. The level of expertise and skill he witnessed could boggle anyone's mind. His father being who he was and Ikichi being his son, he naturally wanted to grow up to "be just like daddy". Day and night, his praise to his father and his expression of want to be a medic was unceasing. As Ikichi would enter the academy at the age of eight years old, his father would make sure he got all the training his son needed to not only become a skilled shinobi, but a medic with the elite skill to back up his potential. Ikichi would come to pass the exam a year later and move on to being a genin the following year.

Throughout their genin training and up to the chuunin exams at age fourteen, Ikichi would prove to be a very strong point on his team overall. He had a high level of intellect and at times seemed to manifest a love for the fight that came out as a bit ferocious at times. This would come to play a part in his change to nukenin, but not until some time later.

When the exams came, he and his team had a moderately rough time getting through all the way. It wasn't that they were bad or unskilled, but all their opponents were also smart and highly skilled. The written exam, though a test of will power for the team, was a success in the end. Next was the Forest of Death. One of Ikichi's teammates was almost killed by an opposing genin, but Ikichi was there in time to stop the killing, and exact revenge by instead mortally wounding the attacker and poisoning him. It was not until sometime later, after Ikichi and his team advanced, that the attacker suddenly collapsed and died after a great number of convulsions. He and his entire team would move on to the preliminary matches, all of which they would pass. But a month later when the real fights began, only Ikichi would move on to become a chuunin.

"You're one step closer," his father told him once he was back home from the exams. Ikichi's medical training intensified from that moment on. If he were not at home, training elsewhere or in the hospital with his father, Ikichi could be found in Iwa's main library researching the medical field and its jutsu as well as it's many procedures. What particularly caught his attention was blood. Its extreme comflexity and sophistication astounded him to the point where blood and its many avenues were Ikichi's prime studies. This... is when things started to happen. Once Ikichi was old enough to help in medical procedures and generally be in the hospital by himself, he started to take random supplies of blood and keep them hidden from everyone, even his parents. Though occasionally it was normal blood, the vast majority of it was tainted. Ikichi's primary targets were the old and sickly, those suffering from terminal or otherwise life-threatening deseases.

He always took care to make sure he himself didn't become contaminated. He would sneak into hospital rooms at night, or when no one was around, and directly drain their blood. It was a wonder that people on by one started to die of "strange, mysterious causes" such as blood loss, shock, strangely contaminated blood and the like. One way or antoher, it was all Ikichi's doing. There were a small number of times, when such things were by accident... the contamination anyway. But once he got a "taste" of what it was like, the word accident was no longer in his vocabulary. In addition to taking the contaminated blood, Ikichi would find ways to introduce the contimated blood into other patient's bodies, thus spreading whatever diseases they had and killing them in the future. There were a number of doctors that began to suspect things were going on, and now that he had started, of course he could not stop and turn himself in. There was no turning back for him. Many of said doctors fell ill, victims of poisoning using the blood Ikichi was gathering. it was either in their drink, their food, their medical supplies, or other means one should just not know of.

The body count would slowly start to rise in silence as Ikichi went to his work. When the bodies were done away with, Ikichi would sneak to their "burial sites" and collect their blood before it was too late, and over time as this happened, he amassed an enormous supply. Ages went on and the boy who was now mentally shifting to a darker side started to try and find uses for his enormous supplies of tainted blood. His missions always seemed to take... just a little bit too long. Ikichi was out training himself to use his blood supplies to his advantage in combat and grew to have a great proficiency at it.

Ikichi's father started to become suspicious, following his gut instinct and feeling that something was going on with his son. Ikichi started to detect his father's suspicions and decided in his mind that his days in Iwa would soon have to end. This was by the age of twenty one years old, when Ikichi had become a medical nin. One night, the night before Ikichi would pack up and leave Iwa, he left traces of the poisonous blood in all of the food in his house. After that, he was never seen or heard from again for some time. Ikichi's father was distraught over his son's disappearance and official declaration of being a nukenin, but was only a medical nin and thus was not assigned to find and capture him. Hours turned to days and so on, and Ikichi's family and friends all consumed the poisoned food. One by one, their health declined rapidly and they fell gravely ill. Try as they may, the medics could do nothing as the blood poison they had consumed was too highly contaminated (due to the vast mixture of diseases and sickness it contained). All ten of them died, but not before infecting the ANBU and medics present. A large part of the village was placed under mandatory quarentine to contain the spread of the disease, but tens more were inevitably infected and died shortly thereafter.

A group of three Iwa oinin were dispatched specifically to find Ikichi, who had by now abandoned his birthname and taken the name of "Sakki", which translates to "Thirst For Blood". Their mission was not to kill him outright, but rather to subdue him and bring him in for questioning. Though he had left the village without permission, the circumstances surrounding both his disappearance and his time in the hospital were too shroudded in uncertainty to leave unanswered... but perhaps it should have been left that way, as in the end the oinin team was a failure. As the huge battle ensued, Sakki's skills at the age of twenty four were apparent. Two of the medics were killed outright, and one was subdued. Through a clever act of trickery, the survivor was poisoned but also led to believe that one of his teammates, by now a henged Sakki, was still alive. Sakki used the basic Bushin (Clone) to convince the survivor that the real Sakki had fled the area, though by now his health was declining so fast he could care less.

The still henged Sakki escorted the oinin back to Iwa in time to get him to the hospital for care. Sakki played the part to perfction, fooling everyone to think that he was the lucky survivor. Through asking around, Sakki found his father's burial place along with that of a few other "unfortunate" victims. He stole his father's skull along with multiple bodies and covered up the graves before anyone was the wiser and found him out. Under the giuse of going on a hunting mission, he took the bodies out of Iwa and deposited them in a place he'd remember and where they would be preserved. He then went back into Iwa for one more day. The day went like any other until night fell. That night, he wrote a long letter to the Tsuchikage of the time explaining the answers to all the questions- Ikichi's disappearance, all the patients he'd murdered in any form, the village quarentine- everything. The only details that were left out were his new name, the recent graverobbing, and the oinin who had "supposedly" survived without the slightest bit of harm. Before he left for good that night, Sakki made on last visit to the hospital, to the oinin he had poisoned and was somehow still alive.

Having snuck in undetected by various means, Sakki made it to the oinin's resting room. He crept out from the shadows and somehow the oinin woke up. Recognizing the manslayer immediately, he let out what would only be a yelp for help before Sakki stabbed the man through his throat, silencing him forever. Before the other medics got there and Sakki snuck out, he hid a mass of explosive tags under the man's bed. Watching from a remote location, Sakki waited until he thought enough people had gathered and set them off. Many medics were present, including the very medic that helped train both the former "Ikichi" and his father. The blast vaporized all their bodies and a large portion of the hospital, though that particular portion was completely destroyed. The windy night made things worse as the bloodmist was spread over a larger portion of Iwa that night. Some unavoidably fell ill and ended up involuntarily spreading the disease, resulting in an enormous amount of "domino" deaths. Iwa would come to suffer for a great many years as they had to build up their supply of capable medics again.

Sakki's rank as a nukenin has been solidified. By now he is twenty seven years old, fighting with his jutsu, his blood supply and a large death scythe dressed at the top by the skull of his own father. Every so often, he lurks outside of villages, Iwa in particular, looking to spread the same horror he had in Iwa years ago. His appearance has changed from what he once was- he is much taller, his hair is long and black, and his skin is now pale. he can sometimes be seen in any of the known nukenin havens, but prefers to leave himself in the open just to relax, and sometimes to collect more victim's blood.

RP Sample: (Go to my character Noob Saibot for a sample rp)
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Shao Kahn


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PostSubject: Re: Sakki's profile   Sat 29 Oct 2011, 6:05 pm


(Pm Agi if he promised you a high rank)

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Agito Shuryu


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PostSubject: Re: Sakki's profile   Mon 31 Oct 2011, 12:49 pm

I would like to know who promised this A-Rank spot rouges are closed....But I can allow this rank due to the one who claimed it is being inactive just a small exception for now..

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PostSubject: Re: Sakki's profile   

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Sakki's profile
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