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 Yun Mei's profile

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Yun Mei
Genin :: Regular
Genin :: Regular

Posts : 5
Join date : 2011-10-27

PostSubject: Yun Mei's profile   Thu 27 Oct 2011, 2:13 pm

Name: Yun Mei

Nickname: Mei

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Rank: Genin

Former Rank: ---

Village: Iwa no sato

Former Village:

Affiliations: None


Kekke Genkai:

Known Physical Enhancements/Alterations
Miracle Body
Miracle Body
In addition to wielding modern-style weapons in their Jutsu, the Kikai are also able to forge mechanical additions and attachments to enhance the human body. These surgeries are often minor and able to be performed by Kikai scientists (who have basic knowledge of anatomy though nowhere near the extensive general specialization that true medics possess unless they so choose to specialize in medicine)

Yun Mei, who suffered from a physical and neurological disease, was cured via a complex surgery that removed her permanently atrophied muscles from the body at certain compounds and replaced the missing portions with precisely placed strips of Damascus forged and chakra hardened steel modified with that same energy to absorb the nature of Yun Mei’s proteins within her body, bolted to the bone with artificial protein based tendons and ligaments but with a more intricate pulley system driven at the joints to resemble natural gears which can be enhanced in power by chakra. This procedure also included refortifying the bone system with calcium rich supplements in addition to utilizing the Yun’s peculiar makeup to saturate articles with a wealth of chakra, changing the physiology of the bones themselves and carrying the same properties and durability of the masterwork steel within the body. While intended to save her life the result has granted Yun Mei with bounds more strength than previous possessed, nearly five times. Endurance, speed, and reflexes also benefit from this physical alteration.

Eccentric, wild, playful and rambunctious, Yun Mei is an excitable mess of latent energy just waiting for an opportunity to burst free. Despite her age, Mei’s mannerisms tend to be less mature than expected, given her upbringing and absent of the familiarity of social customs or etiquette. Naïve in a multitude of fields save for Taijutsu, in which a grand majority of her life is solely devoted to the practice and perfection of her physical arts.

Yun Mei from time to time, often enough to be considered a peculiar character trait, expresses a keen amount of wisdom and mental alacrity to situations, even those outside of combat. The veracity of her words and piercing insight occasionally give her the impression of being decades more mature than she appears, even sometimes an ethereal deity aspect; Although this is often masked by her more occurring reckless antics and endeavors, usually convincing others to dismiss this part about her as random chance.

Mei has very recently grown an interest in the field of romance although is mildly secretive about her curiosity. Instead she delves more in studying tips from magazines, novels, forums, and so on, but she has yet to experiment with any of her leads thus far.
Likes: Strong people, fighting, coffee(with lots of milk and sugar) sweets, shonen manga, romance novels, weapons, animals with fur, plain soba, dancing, music, aquatic sports.



There are many different types of stories; tales of revenge, sadness, vengeance, happiness and valor. There are some legends that are a composition of more than one type of story just as there are stories with no category at all. Thus it is plausible to foresee the existences of tales without ends as there are ones without beginnings.

And then there’s Yun Mei’s, a prologue that refuses to accept a label, yet it is a story nevertheless.

For nearly three hundred years a religious coalition of monks and priests practiced a belief centered on the celestial astrology and the animals associated with them. Through various practices, studies, and rituals these monks believed that the fate of those on earth was inevitably determined by the whims of those in higher domain, and that the animals aligned with the divine was merely a hierarchy system to show ones place amongst the wheel of order. With the Dragon at the top of this stairway to power, these monks began preaching to the rest of the world of their philosophy. As the principles of their beliefs grew, so did the desire to convey and protect those same ideals in the form of martial arts. Thus was the birth of the Cloud Dragon Taijutsu.

Or so was the history of the clan Yun Mei was born into.

Named first by her mother and going by that label for a grand portion of her young life, Miyamura Hitomi was blessed to come from a family of prestige. One of the ruling bodies of the Order of Immortal Fist league of martial arts, she and her family would be never short of any sort of wealth or luxury. Yet, even nobility at birth would not prevent the natural workings of the world and both Hitomi and her mother Konaka would succumb to a vicious disease, both neurological and physical to in which it gradually atrophied the muscles. For several years Hitomi was bed ridden while her mother fought against desperately fought against her own ailment.

Yun Len, passionate in his goal to save both his wife and daughter ventured all the way over to Ta no Kuni, reestablishing ties with the Kikai clan and offered much of his personal fortune to conjure something that would revive his family to stable health. The agreement was settled and with enough of their own research, headed by Kikai Cuchulaīnn a procedure was introduced to extract the disease completely from her body via surgery. Like the trend that follows all miracle cures there would be hefty a price to pay. Such an operation could only be practiced on one given the lack of materials and other resources…

Konoka, in love for her own daughter decided to forgo any type of procedure and presented Hitomi instead and after the several nights and days of surgery she drifted into eternal slumber at her child’s bed side.

The operation was successful, take away one side effect. While the neurological effecting aspect of Hitomi’s disease was cured, the mental effects and trauma were lasting, given the surgeries procedures Hitomi was diagnosed with a complex level of amnesia, completely ignorant and naïve to the world around her; Or the woman who lay dead beside her.

Absorbed with grief Len retreated from the world, going so much as to cast his child away to a long time friend of his Suzuna Hideyoshi, the current headmaster of the Order of Immortal Fist. Renamed to Yun Mei so he wouldn’t be reminded of his wife’s death, Yun Len left his village and country and has yet to return. Suzuna took care of Mei raising her in the mixed up ways he knew how before the Yun clan branch in Sujigakure finally felt it acceptable to tend to their distant relative.

Yun Mei’s advancement through the academy was rapid, graduating earlier than her starting class with her exceptional understanding of Taijutsu. However this of course warranted to her lack of skill in any of the aspects of Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, which prevented her from officially obtaining the rank of chuunin even when she fully possesses the ability to perform on that level. In compliment to that misfortune, Mei has thus far avoided or ignored any opportunities to be assigned to a genin team for her own reasons which natural disqualifies her from the title period. Whether she’ll choose to retain the title of “low ninja” or take the initiative to achieve higher status, that’s still a wild future.

Caught up in the destruction of Sujigakure by an unknown force Yun Mei was seperated from Suzuna by the her relatives and the rest of the Yun clan among one of the many refugee camps. Choosing to venture to Iwa while the Tatsumiya moved for Taki, Suzuna entrusted Mei once again back into their care. Currently she's been trying to adopt the nature and legacy of her clan in stead of the missing heir Yun Lu.

Yun Mei has adopted the foriegn language of Kaishun A dialect mixture of Kaisen-ben, Korean, slang Japanese, and double vowels which it's orgins are from lands west of Kaze no Kuni. This tounge is also practiced by persons such as Konasu Kurei and Kamizuru Toribachi.

RP Sample: (See my other character Noob Saibot for a rp sample)

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Shao Kahn


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PostSubject: Re: Yun Mei's profile   Thu 27 Oct 2011, 2:19 pm

jutsu are posted in the jutsu thread section not in your character app

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Yun Mei
Genin :: Regular
Genin :: Regular

Posts : 5
Join date : 2011-10-27

PostSubject: Re: Yun Mei's profile   Thu 27 Oct 2011, 2:51 pm

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Agito Shuryu


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PostSubject: Re: Yun Mei's profile   Mon 31 Oct 2011, 12:56 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Yun Mei's profile   

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Yun Mei's profile
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