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 Uchiha Sithis

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Anbu :: Medic
Anbu :: Medic

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PostSubject: Uchiha Sithis   Sun 23 Oct 2011, 2:02 pm

Name: [Uchiha Sithis]

Nickname: [Codename: Death and Copy Ninja of the Stone Village.]

Age: [ 34 (Appears 25) ]

Gender: [Male]

Rank: [ ANBU//Medical Ninja]

Former Rank: []

Village: [Stone/Rock Village]

Former Village: [None]

Affiliations: [Rock/Stone/ ANBU Division/ Leaf Village]

Elements: [Put down your Elements unless you have a Kekke Genkai or another means of having a Sub Elements only the 5 Basic Elements are available to you]
Main: Earth
Subs: Fire
Subs: Wind

Kekke Genkai: [Sharingan]

Personality: [Calm/ Rarely get's pissed off/ Evil/Genius/ Is an over rated womanize]

Appearance: [
Wears his ANBU clothing during ANBU missions, he is also a Jounin, as a fake stuff for his grim-mic, he wears his Stone Jounin Suit, and Stone Jounin Flak vest. stone gloves, and a long black scythe. He has a tattoo, over his back of the Uchiha Christ, and on his shoulder the Implanted ANBU tattoo plated to all ANBU nin. Everything else is on his pic. And he has long purple hair.]

Bio: [Early Life:

Born in the Leaf village and raised in leaf, he had been very adapted and strong willed, as well as very intellect at a young age. Learning, how to to write,read, at age of 3 perfectly, and speak in perfect sentences at the age of 2. He was by far more an radically human being and a very useful person. He was an Uchiha. And had great power over his own doing meaning what he did and what interested him the most. He had moved out of leaf, to join Stone, with his two parents, which became Chunnin of the village both of Uchiha blood, but now dead. He was granted a house at Stone village with foster parents, to look at him.

Academy years:

At age four he had enrolled at the stone village academy, and was an excellent student there, passing the tests, tasks, with ease. Always studying and not caring for others. He was seen always alone, by himself. Studying even when someone bothered him, or insulted him for his great talents he ignored them because he did not have time to waster with pathological, worthless trash, that would have slowed him down. One day during the tests upon attaining genin once Sithis had passed the exams, and became a genin at age 7. An Idiot decided to beat him up to a near death secessionist, which caused him to unlock his Uchiha Blood eye, the first stage, before, Sithis got up and nearly killed the Genin, before stopping and realizing what he had done. And moving on with his work.

Genin Years:

Upon attaining genin status, and unlocking his first stage of his Uchiha bloodline, he had been also using the eye contently, to better it it, in use. And train his other techniques, as well as his skills over a rumbustious amount of physical and mental training he indorsed. Under going some missions, and a few other things, He would finally meet up in the chuunins, over a six month period, and he was almost at the coming of becoming Eight years of age, it was just three months off. Till his birthday. He under went the test, and passed again with outstanding marks, then the second test, was survival of the fittest, again he came out in the top Unlocking his second stage, come out of the second challenge, half dead. yes, in the chuunins it was the strongest thing he had ever witness. Lastly came the Fight it was Him versus some Crazy nut case, he ended up winning as well as Becoming chuunin but not without a large price. His whole body was beat and tried, and he suffered very large wounds, he was in a coma, for three months before being properly treated. And still his wounds would not have healed perfectly due to the lack and unexplained Medical nin in stone. Until he was a Jounin.

Chuunin Years:

Upon attaining the rank of Chuunin at age 7, well it was seven, but he was in a coma, so technically it was 8, he begun to train his body, mentally, physical, harness his jutsu, Ninjutsu, genjutsu, Taijutsu, Medical jutsu, And his using his Second stage of his Uchiha Blood line. Notable features in this current time line, is that he undid a lot of E, D, And C ranks missions, Three Solo B Rank missions, and Ten A Rank, two Solo, eight with a Team. And one Solo A rank mission was a Fail. he became respected by the Stone Village, and was Nick named the Copy Ninja of the Stone Village. He became a Jounin at age at age 16.. Also he did this missions over the years not all at once at age 8.

Jounin Years:

This is the only timeline that his history was short lived. He had taken multilevel students over the coming years, teaching him his knowledge, he had seen many of his students dying, and this where he unlocked his Third Stage of His Uchiha Blood Line, In a Fight with four B rank Rouge ninjas which he manged to kill. After reporting back to the Village at age 18, he was granted and taken somewhere secret.

ANBU Years/ Current years:

Becoming an ANBU Member of the Stone village at age of 21, after he under went there training, it was not a piece of cake, nor was it hard, it was something in the Middle, during the past 13 years, he had did some things that he should not be proud of which changed his alignment to a very evil yet very calm and knowledge person over the going years, he is very Loyal, to Stone Village, and even if it does not same like he is. He is highly unlike him that he will go rouge, in the future maybe 20 years from now maybe but not soon. Hey, he might even change.]

RP Sample: [ It has nearly been six months, six long hard working months, Full of freaking Bull crap and insanity in this idiotic stupid unionization.I have meant my few of foes, that I one day will destroy and exterminate into the pits of Oblivion.My former Colleges, Had been already promoted Genin, Yet I waited, it was only a matter of time until I became one as well.You see it is not that friendship, or love, Nor Urgency of happiness that makes one truly happy in the world it is how you define yourself.I myself Plan, Once I am a Jounin or Kage, to take over the world and to infect Dictatorship around my people and country, cause war win, infect bargains, Enslavement. It has always been my dream to do this. Always has been, The day I was born but I must wait it will come soon enough or I will be simply changed into a Happy Loving person, I am nine of age still and a Progeny as well as a Genin.I have been pushed and tossed like a bloody sea hawk, I was punched in the face by the teacher, Slammed into the wall, and Down on the ground, I have Indore radically punishment for my body at a young age, that most children will surely Cry From. It is my time current time to learn and Kill, To Assassination anyone I feel like, but the time is not yet ready my darling, I will Find this Creepy looking Teacher Ken, I will confront him.

It is the time of Clumping As I have Developed and Created a Poison that took me a few weeks to form. It was rarely Hard, but I manged it. It was rare to do soon. Unlike others I have a High Level IQ for my Age and Is able to Develop and act quickly, In high presser secretion.Now as I was saying, Upon getting the rank of Genin with the promotion I was given I was able to have my former Blade, re crafted and made longer, yet it's more heavily then it should be of course. But it will help me with my upper body strength and place me into a radically slow motion.In Walking and running.

Lastly I will be ending this section of show and tell by saying I have deposited a Gasp for the Poison like Elements The Dokuton element it is a rare element and only few use it.And few master it. It's quine and great for Basic users, But powerful to Nature and the envelopment as well to the user, once he or she has advance the level of Mastery over the element. And Now we must part, Fellow readers, Until next time when I have achieved the rank of Chuunin. May the Vampires eat your soul.]
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Erza Isadora :: Leader
Erza Isadora :: Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Sithis   Sun 23 Oct 2011, 2:16 pm

Approval granted unless otherwise stated

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Uchiha Sithis
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