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Demon of the mist
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Rouge :: S-Ranked

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Mangekyō (Only Uchiha, Please)
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Kekke Genkai:

PostSubject: Can I come in??? (OPEN THREAD TO ANYONE WHO HAS A IC REASON TO BE HERE)    Sat 22 Oct 2011, 4:08 am

Hakai Hozuki hated the desert..... he hated the heat, he hated the dry air, he hated the sand, he hated the people and most of all he hated the lack of water. But he had a proposition with the sand village and he was force to cross the desert. The very thought of walking across it was death to him, so he decided to take a short cut. Forming three seals he would slam his hand on the ground and a massive three headed monster would appear. It would stand massive in size and gleam the color of gold. The massive winged monster was a hydra and was from Hakai's Hydra contract. He would sprint up the massive beast and inform him on their location. With in an hour of what seemed a never ending flight the massive beast would land just outside of the village gates. It would be easily seen by all the villagers, for this summoning was massive in size and its color drew much attention to it. Hakai would jump off the giant hitting the lose sand below.

He would grab a water bottle on his side take a long sip of the cool water and walk to the guard. Two chunin would order Hakai to stop, with a two jounin squads sprinting right behind them. If Hakai wanted to he would turn their whole village in to a giant mud hole, but he didn't want that. He had a purpose to be here to day. He wanted peace and he had a plan that would strengthen the Sand Village. For it was a fact, that the Sand village was not only the weakest of the great five, but also the most mismanaged. It had no real gifted shinobi, its military force was by far lacking in power. Its kage was barely even around to even attempt to increase its power. So Hakai came here to day to fix that problem.

He would look at the guards and with a smile, he asked. "So... I was in the neighborhood and I thought I would drop by. You don't mind do you? I mean not like the Sand Village has anything going on... going to go play kick the sand?" he would stare at them with a raise eye brow. The guards looked ready to strike, and Hakai assumed they would have if it had not been for the massive summoning behind Hakai. "So bitches were is that transexual leader you call a kage at? Is he just going to let you desert rats die by the hand of a god? Or will he come and meet me, so we can talk business." With that he knew Hakai had pinched a nerve and he loved it. I mean, I have seen what your Kazekage looks like, I mean three words.... UGLY, DEFORMED, AND GAY. Ugly he was born with, deformed... probably just raped as a child and gay... well I think that was this worthless sand village's doing. But hey thats my guess, well maybe its a fact. The ninja would tighten their grips on their weapons, one looked like he was about to summon a puppet. None of those attacks will work on me.. Hakai said smugly as he smiled at them.

Hakai was hoping the Kazekage would come soon, killing these jounin would end their chance for peace. Hakai just wanted to ask if he could come into their village and talk. But these ninja were taking life to serious. He understood he was a rouge, wanted by every ninja village for his many crimes against the ninja world. But he just wanted to have fun, and he had a plan on how to have fun.
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Makai Kasai

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PostSubject: Re: Can I come in??? (OPEN THREAD TO ANYONE WHO HAS A IC REASON TO BE HERE)    Sun 23 Oct 2011, 2:09 am

Five large swirls of sand appeared behind the Jounin guarding the front gate as five Anbu appeared by a sand shunshin. Each was in a crouched position wearing different masks from left to right being a wolf, falcon, tiger, dog and snake. Out of the five the one in the middle with the tiger mask he held a black mask with white markings clearly distinguishing him as the squad leader, while the others had white masks with black markings. The Tiger masked Anbu steadily rose too his feet as a hidden pair of dark brown eyes gazed towards the rogue intruder. The tiger masked Anbu raised a hand to the Jounin a signal for them to back down. The Jounin backed away from the rogue steadily. The other four anbu flanked each side of the squad captain their arms folded beneath their blackened cloaks.

The Squad captain made discrete hand motions with his left hand signalling subordinates. The four anbu nodded and each vanished appearing around the rogue swords ready to be drawn as they took precautions. The captain slowly stepped forward his voice distorted, “Being a Rogue such as yourself would understand the necessary precautions that must be taken when one such as yourself enters within the village. However insulting our Kazekage is punishable by death. You are lucky we are in a good mood otherwise your head would be lying beneath my feet” said the Captain as he allowed his arms to fall by his sides. He turned to the Jounin guards, “Return to your posts immediately we shall speak with this intruder

The Jounin bowed and walked off returning to their previous positions. The anbu captain turned his attention back to the rogue. He reached behind his back retrieving a pair of chakra cuffs used to drain chakra. He twirled the cuffs on one finger eyeing the rogue, “You speak of business. Speak. If I deem your business worthy of being brought to our Kage you shall be allowed through. Know this as a precaution you must wear these cuffs within the village.” The Anbu tossed the cuffs into the air and grabbed them by the middle. The anbu surrounding the rogue ninja backed up slightly before ready to attack if the rogue attacked.

A cough could be heard from behind them as a tall figure slowly approached the gate. A powerful killer intent rushed through the streets of Sunagakure crashing down upon the air as if gravity itself had rapidly multiplied. The intent had not been released at full power even though the intent clearly rivalled that of a Kage level Nin. The seven foot five inch tall male figure approached the gates calmly leaning against a cane with a black Haori hanging from his shoulders, atop his head the Kazekage hat with the kanji for ‘wind’ imprinted in blue upon the white material. The figure approached the gate and slowly looked up with onyx black eyes each with a single blood red snake like slit. The pale face of the Kazekage appearing to be young around thirty-five stared down upon the new comer as he stood beside the Anbu captain.

The intent suddenly vanished as it flooded back into the body of the Kazekage. The Kage stared with hardened eyes, eyes that had been hardened from the horrors of war and years of battle upon the front lines. The Kage spoke in a raspy yet chilled icy voice, “What business do you have within my village. Make it quick. If you are simply here to gather supplies you will stay here while supplies are gathered, if you require rest you will only be allowed to rest here no were else. If you have business with me speak it!”
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Demon of the mist
Rouge :: S-Ranked
Rouge :: S-Ranked

Posts : 92
Join date : 2011-10-02

Mangekyō (Only Uchiha, Please)
100/100  (100/100)
Kekke Genkai:

PostSubject: Re: Can I come in??? (OPEN THREAD TO ANYONE WHO HAS A IC REASON TO BE HERE)    Tue 25 Oct 2011, 12:50 am

OCC: seriously? NPCs?

looks at the sand village and blinks three times. As the Kazekage muttered something Hakai release a powerful disgusting fart. With a flicker of chakra he moved on top of his summoning and flew away.


OCC Found something more interesting to do and I need my second topic open. Sorry.
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PostSubject: Re: Can I come in??? (OPEN THREAD TO ANYONE WHO HAS A IC REASON TO BE HERE)    

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