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 Takeuchi Nike (Done)

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Takeuchi Nike
Jounin :: Regular
Jounin :: Regular

Male Posts : 141
Join date : 2009-09-12
Age : 28

PostSubject: Takeuchi Nike (Done)   Sat 22 Oct 2011, 3:46 am

Name: Nike Takeuchi

Nickname: The Earth King

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Rank: Jounin

Village: Iwagakure

Main: Earth
Subs: Wind, Lightning

Kekke Genkai: N/a

Personality: He is cold and cruel, he has been ruthless even when he was a child. Nike has been referred as a knife made of ice covered in blood. To Nike "Pure Victory" means a great deal to him in battle and also has a Taunting nature about him in battle and can be silly at times along with his twin brother Sora whom he has a close bond with

Appearance: Despite the fact that he and Sora are identical twins, the brothers have very different appearances, aside from their similar facial structure. Nike has a different hairstyle, and a taller, bulkier, more muscular body, he is 6,9 in height.

Nike was born on a dark night that was covered with clouds a few minutes after his twin older brother Sora. The two were born into a rather wealthy family of Iwagakure and were treated with what ever they wanted. They were both very close growing up, as they were twins after all. Nike and Sora Often trained together while still young and were considered inseparable as they did everything together. Nike always loved playing with his older brother Sora even though they often fought at times calling each other names mostly because Sora would pick on Nike every now and again. Shortly after the age of 6, he and Nike were scheduled to go to the Academy in Iwagakure due to his families influence however, they never made it to the school. On the way to the academy they were both kidnapped, their parents we're rich after all, they were taken to a large prison like dome on the border of the land of stone as the Nappers worked out a price for the boys. While Nike was just simply terrified and afraid of the kidnappers Sora annoyed the shit out of the kidnappers, he never shut up, tripped them, pulled small pranks with whatever he could get his hands on, though he was beaten for it, they couldn't kill them yet until they their money. Nike looked up to his big bro all the time but now Nike felt he was weak compared to his brother.

During the kidnapping Sora who always annoyed the nappers was beaten up constantly for annoying them. Nike was just too afraid to do anything or even help his brother. Nike often cried at nights and begged the Kidnappers to let them go. After a couple of months help arrived after the ANBU of Iwa located the dome they were placed in and slaughtered the Kidnappers. After escaping the tower, when they finally emerged from the prison they were kept in, they saw the vast sky. However, Nike was scared of it and hid behind Sora remarking that they've come out to an outrageous place. Sora then comments to him that he's only scared because he doesn't want to lose it. He also says " You're worried about falling because you feel you're carrying something, but if you're not carrying anything from the start, you have nothing to be afraid of." This follows up by Nike asking Sora if he can carry him around as well. After that Nike and His Brother Sora Promised to never be weak again, Nike especially dried his tears vowing to never cry again and be strong with his brother never to turn back into a weakling. From that Day Nike became more ruthless as he grew up and colder in nature to almost everyone except his brother Sora.

Nike and Sora then went on to the academy after the whole Kidnapping situation had passed. Nike showed impressive skill in the Earth element while his brother was exceptionally skilled in the wind element, one would think these elements wouldn't go together but Nike and Sora created rather good collaboration techniques between them. Nike and Sora soon then found out about their fathers secret. They found out, weeks into their academy training, that their father had in his possession two items that were passed down in their family for generations, what he called, Regalia.

The two brothers ease dropped on their father during his meetings, trying to learn more about them. Soon after they were able to follow their father to a hidden room inside their estate and found the location of these items, the two waited for many weeks before they finally got the chance, and stole the regalia for themselves. During Sora and Nikes time with the regalia, they trained in secret, keeping them hidden from their father and mother, though sooner or later their father found out that they had gone missing, and took the issue to the kage. Some of the families strongest tools were missing, it was counted as a theft and the entire area was searched but were never found, Sora and Nike hid them in a secret spot only they knew about just outside the village.

Nike and Sora with their great skills soon rose through the ranks at the academy, moving between training at the academy and training in secret at their secret spot with the regalia. Soon after their father died, after his funeral and a bit of grieving, they started wearing the regalia around town more often, since they were mostly hidden by them, no one really knew what they were and thus did not know they were the Regalia that were stolen. With the help of these things they both moved through the ranks of Iwagakure toward that of being a Jounin with his brother Sora. Nike however was so fixated on becoming strong he often trained further and further in terms of physical strength, the twins were once unable to tell apart but Nike changed that as he obtained a large muscular body from his training aswell as growing taller and longer hair

RP Sample: [ Give a sample RP so we can properly determine if you are fitting for the rank]
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Takeuchi Nike
Jounin :: Regular
Jounin :: Regular

Male Posts : 141
Join date : 2009-09-12
Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: Takeuchi Nike (Done)   Sun 23 Oct 2011, 6:21 pm

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Shao Kahn


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PostSubject: Re: Takeuchi Nike (Done)   Sun 23 Oct 2011, 6:26 pm

Shao's Theme Song

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PostSubject: Re: Takeuchi Nike (Done)   

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Takeuchi Nike (Done)
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