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 Sanshōuo no Hana

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Sanshōuo no Hana
Special Jounin :: Regular
Special Jounin :: Regular

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PostSubject: Sanshōuo no Hana   Thu 20 Oct 2011, 12:07 pm


Sanshōuo no Hana (Hana of the Salamander)



Tokabetsu Jounin (B-Rank - Special Jounin))

Former Rank:
Genin (D-Rank)


Former Village:

The Fifth Division

Main: Fire
Subs: Poison Smoke (Explained in History/Weapons&Jutsu)

Kekkei Genkai:

Hana was more laid-back and even-tempered than her peers in the Academy, although she still, at times, lives up to her former village's feral demeanour, and is more than willing to fight to defend her country's honor. Similar to the legendary Hanzō, she follows in his footsteps on several ocassions. Being his daughter, she adopted the majority of his traits - be it skilled with a kusarigama; her fathers to be exact. In addition to this, she has also adopted his means of security and assurance, trusting not a soul - ever. She is severely loyal to her father and his beliefs, and follows up this perserverance by attending a private funeral every month at the place of his burial northwest of Amegakure.

She has an extremely fierce personality when it comes to fighting and will never let an opponent surpass her levels of power in combat. If she does, she will almost never let it go; becoming arrogant of her failing - she will fight more fiercely and passionate than before making sure to not slip up once again. If not engaged in a heated battle, she is seen mostly quiet and sirene, kind and generous to those she feels -is- trustable. It has been noted on several ocassions by people in her village that she is famed in the footsteps of her father, Hanzō - being "unafraid of any challenge".

Ruthless, bloodthirsty, seductive and stunningly beautiful, she is every man’s darkest fantasy and every woman's worst nightmare. Hana is a very cunning and sharp minded person. She initially appears to be a very kind, cheerful and easy go lucky kind of person; a polite, soft-spoken intellectual. However, this was just a mask to disguise her manipulative and highly dangerous nature. In truth, she cares very little for anyone and is willing to use almost everyone around her as pawns in her twisted game of "chess". She is unaffected by any form of morals or ethics and views them as nothing more than obstacles in her path. She is, therefore, willing to stop at nothing to further her selfish ambitions, including manipulating or killing anyone if she deems it to be necessary.

She lacks genuine compassion and so is willing to stoop to any level to accomplish her goals. She uses idle conversation and outward concern as an act to distract her opponents from her true intentions. She normally puts up the appearance of a very humble and down to earth person when it comes to most things. She also has a very good sense of humour and often breaks the tension in a weird situation with a witty and well-timed response. She treats people in a kind and respectful manner; giving her elders and superiors the respect that is due to them and treats those younger than her with kindness and patience. She does this to earn their trust so that she can use them later on if she needs to.

Hana is a tall beautiful young girl with long red hair and dark brown eyes. She is a woman believed to be in her twenties and many people find her to be very attractive. Unlike her father she has a different hair style, Hana on the other hand keep part of her long hair tied up in a small ponytail with bangs that cover the left side of her face, not a trait shown by most shinobi-warriors. She is seen wearing for most of the time armor gauntlet on her arms that covers from her hands up to the elbow. She is also seen wearing black legging and over it wears similar armor that extends up to her knees. She wears a long crimson scarf around her neck and seems to wear chainmail bikini leaving a sizable cleavage. Around her waist she wears a dark colored belt. This is her most well known clothing which she usually wears while carrying out her duties as a shinobi hunter.

Like her father, Asura doesn’t usually wear the same clothes but it’s not because of fashion but rather due to the fact she needs to keep her identity as a criminal secret and thus never really wears the same outfit except for her battle armor. She would frequently wear somewhat revealing clothing that is either dark in color or consisting of leather, sometimes both. She will also sometimes wear a regular shinobi uniform with a jonin vest, this is so that she can blend in without drawing too much attention to her self.

Hana was born in Amegakure, the Village of Rain. Her father, Hanzō of the Salamander, was a primitive classical japanese warrior who was famed throughout the ninja world for his skills revolving around strategy and his combatative qualities revolved around the kusarigama - a chained scicle-scythe. Hanzo cared for her in the meantime if he was not out scouting, creating battle strategies or conducting village-wide council meetings for his ninja. Cautious, he never let his companions and associates know of Hana's existence, thereas privately training her to be his own secret lethal weapon. Unto a day of her training, Hana displayed a unique trait that even Hanzo was surprised at. Being able to channel the poisonous secretions made by the toxic salamander he implanted into her abdomen at birth. Because of this, Hana can control both a poisonous, toxic breath, or a simple breath honed by all natural human standards.

Hana can manipulate the basis of her poison clouds to increase the density of the clouds, poisonous pH levels of acidity and even expand the cloud to cover mass distances ahead, without having to exert a ton of chakra - as well as be fully-immune to the toxin she was producing. At Academy Level, she had utilized every ounce of her knowledge of combat and became a prominent and powerful kusarigama wielder. Upon the sudden death of her father however, she was left abandoned and forgotten by all since Hanzo had not informed anyone of her existence. She claimed her fathers poison-coated Kusarigama, "Dokugai (Poison Scythe)", for herself and abandoned her village one fateful night. Traveling to the corners of the Rain Country, she anticipated which village she would be traveling to next to create a better life for herself. Honoring the code of her father, she never truly trusted anyone she came across, only to either use or kill them in the long run to further better her skills or currency - upping her financial status. Finally coming to a conclusion, she made her journey toward Tsuchigakure, the Stone Village.

She entered the village with the approval of the guards, informing them of her occupation as a secretive member of The Fifth Division, a group of warrior ninja who were appointed responsible for the outcome of the ninja world's natural problematic situations or adjournments. The gates opened with a welcoming committee, almost-immediately meeting the Tsuchikage shortly after. He asked her what her name was and where she was from, and upon answering, the Tsuchikage was shocked to hear such a tale. "Hana", her name was, child of Hanzō of the Salamander, the famed ninja warrior of Amegakure. She explained to him that she has been on her own for the past seven and a half months, doing whatever necessary to survive. Heart-warmed by her story, he appointed her a Chuunin of Tsuchigakure and took her in as his adopted daughter. She was happy to finally be acknowledged, although never abandoning her father's oppositions and goals in her wake.

One year after her admittance, she began running missions on behalf of the Stone Village, climbing up through the ladder's of the ninja world slowly but surely. The Tsuchikage decided to test his daughters wit by accomodating a specified mission set up by him entirely. She ran through the obstacles with ease and overcoming many of the ninja who fought in her presence. Abiding by the strict ruleset presented to her by the Kage, she was not to kill anyone - only to do what she must to get in, survive, and escape. Obtaining the desired "paperwork", she left the heavily guarded fortress only to be stopped by the Tsuchikage dressed as a Knight of the Land of Iron, his face covered by a veil of cloth with a sword marking upon it.

She tucked the papers away and engaged in battle with her father for the first time ever. He was greatly surprised by her skill, as she used her kusarigama to her advantage - keeping distance and fluttering around him with great speed to avoid direct confrontation - telling him that she knew if he was a samurai, the worst possible thing to do would be to fight head-to-head. As the scicle of the grevious weapon flew through the air in a final strike, it stopped just short of his face - and with the winding whip of the chain, wrapped around his neck and he was yanked to the ground with impenitrable force. Taking the cowl from his face, he told her she can stop and explained what the purpose of this mission was.

She was happy that he set up such an intense spectacle in her honor to test her skill and prowess - and followed him back to the Ouritsu Ninmu, or Royal Office of Tsuchigakure. The prime honorable courtroom of the Kage of Stone. After a long speech provided by her father, superior and Kage, she was appointed an official Tokabetsu Jounin of the Stone Village - a special jounin. She was noted for her supreme skills revolved around infiltration, strategizing and her unopposed weaponry tactics. She was given the codename Sanshōuo, or Salamander, for her poison tactics - and was appointed head of her infiltration ANBU division; and a secondary OP leader of The Fifth Division. The Tsuchikage would have it known throughout the world that the pride for his daughter was highly presented, and her faith will not falter to a soul provided. Recently, unfortunately, the Tsuchikage had died due to a passive illness. Since then, Hana has devoted every ounce of available energy to improving her techniques and aiding in the defense of her Village of the Stone due to the loss of her father.

RP Sample:
I believe my application is good enough...
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PostSubject: Re: Sanshōuo no Hana   Thu 20 Oct 2011, 12:14 pm


(Unless stated by a Admin a rp sample is not needed due to you having a character on this site already and you would make a great special jounin to the stone village and I have rp with you so thats good enough for me.)

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Sanshōuo no Hana
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