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 Shao Kahn (Ichiban Uchiha)

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Shao Kahn


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PostSubject: Shao Kahn (Ichiban Uchiha)   Wed 19 Oct 2011, 8:59 pm

Name: Shao Kahn

Nickname: Emperor

Age: 45

Height: 7'2

Weight: 400lbs

Gender: Male

Rank: Tsuchikage

Former Rank: None

Village: VIllage of Stone

Former Village: None

Affiliations: None

Elements: Earth, Wind and Water
Main: Earth
Subs: Wind and Water

Kekke Genkai: Sand Control (Comes from the demon's power within shao)

Personality: Shao is also headstrong and somewhat easily aggravated, smashing a desk apart with any hesitation if he is pissed off. He also seemingly has very little patience as seen when he burst through the window of his office . Shao would not be inditmidated by anyone in the shinobi he goes by the nickname of emperor due to his amazing strgth in battle which is unrivaled by any shinobi.

Likes: Eating, Women, Revenge and power like to be in control.

Dislikes: Talking

Motivation: Personal Benefit

Fears: Losing his power



Shao Kahn's appearance is one of the few non-ninja characters whom has stayed consistent throughout the years. He is easily recognizable by his intimidating stature, usually dwarfing other humanoid fighters by a couple feet or so. He is almost never seen without his trademark warlord helmet which features a skull-like design with a long crest at the forehead. His attire usually consists of spiked shoulder pads, a skull medallion embedded in two intersecting straps, and similar designed kneepads with tabi. When his helmet is removed, he appears to be bald with a slightly demonic face featuring red eyes and small spikes protruding from his head.


Academy Arc
At the age of 8 Shao join the land of stone acedemy he was the son of the current kage of the village of stone he was gifted in the ability to use sand and was able to control it in different ways. This was unnone because none before them in the land of stone could even yuse sand this was normally a power that was found in the wind village but Shaos power to use sand control was very rare to find in any place except in the village of the wind mabye there is a hidden reason why he can.

Genin arc

At the age of 14 Shao completed his Academy training normally most shinobi pass after a couple of years it was due to Shaos short temper and use to rage and cause destruction in his path he flyed in his genin years and then was promoted to chunin. he did many missions in his genin years.

Chunin arc

At the edge of 18 Shao was promoted to Chunin after completing in the Chunin exams he flyed through the exams defeating opponants with ease and defeating all to progress and was promoted to chunin he father kage of the stone village at the time was now 50 and Shao was announced that on the death on his father he would be promoted to kage and would be the one to lead the village. During shaos chunin years his temper got worse but maintained some control he also started to be come phycial stronger too and was extreamly tall standing at 7'2 and weighing 250ilbs at 18. Shao did many more missons during his chunin years and participated in the Jounin exams.

Jounin arc.

At the age of 24 Shao was ready for the Jounin exams he participated and yet again defeating all that stood within his was using his unquie strength and abilitys of sand to stop his opponants in their tracks he never looked like he would ever be beaten and was one of the most powerful shinobi there was for his age after compltion of the Jounin exams he was promoted by his father who was now 56 to Jounin and was given his own squad of genin and chunin to control he did many missions until he reached 32.

Kage arc
At the age of 32 Shao was now a master of sand control no one knew of how he procesed that much power and now he also processed increadable strength everything he punched turned to dust and crumbled before him he was now still 7'2 and weighted 300lbs. His father was at the age of now 64 but was quite ill in his old age and decided that it was best if he did not run the village and his son Shao was promoted by the will of his father from Jounin to kage of the village of stone. On shao's father's death bed he was told that his power of his dsand control and use stregth come from a demon what resembles and bijuu was sealed within Shao when he was a babie as a way of protecting the villages future, Shao was suprized to hear this from his dying father's mouth but at the same time he laughted well its more power that I need and thanked his father for doing it so that his father could die in peace without having guilt on his soul. Shao also with his massive chakra reseves unique stregth and able to control sand was an extreamly power kage and went on to rule with an iron first laying down the law for 13 years till the present day.

RP Sample:

Pein was searching for this Hidan character he knew very little about apart from he had a bad temper and he did not know what he looked like kakazu was supposed to show Pein and take him to meet this Hidan guy but he has not shown up, he must be collecting some money or something and got side tracked, so Pein decided that he would go look himself with his 'other bodies' that were out of site but were in quite close proximety to Peins main body.

He had spent so hours looking around Iwagakure trying to search for this Hidan person but still had no luck Pein was going to set off back to Amegakure because he had been away for some time and did not like to keep their god away from his people too long when suddenly one of his bodies picked up a chakra signiture from the ground to wear one of them was placed, this then was sent back to Pein's main body and he picked up the trail he followed it for a little while then came across a man with a huge scythe that was on his back, Pein was wearing his red cloud coat of the Akatsuki and was stood directly behind the Man that was in front of him, Pein was calm as he spoke with a slightly commanding tone "Are you the one that I am searching for Iwagakure, Kakuzu sent me to find that somebody I am looking for" as Pein spoke Pein's 'other bodies' were were all well placed ,but out of site of the unkown man.
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Emeli Bell


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PostSubject: Re: Shao Kahn (Ichiban Uchiha)   Thu 20 Oct 2011, 5:24 pm

Approved unless otherwise stated.
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Shao Kahn (Ichiban Uchiha)
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