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 Kazuki Hyouzen

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Rouge :: B-Ranked

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PostSubject: Kazuki Hyouzen   Tue 18 Oct 2011, 9:27 pm

Name: Kazuki Hyouzen

Nickname: Kazu

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Rank: Special Jounin

Former Rank: Special Jounin

Village: Rogue Ninja

Former Village: Land of Lighting

Affiliations: Rogue Ninja

Main: Katon
Subs: Wind (Future) Lighting

Kekke Genkai: None. (Clanless)

Personality: Kazuis abit of a hothead, though by his lack of words you'll never know. He rarely talks to strangers, but when he does his words can be seen as offensive to most. He's a very nice and compassionate person and lacks the ability to be mean for no reason, though has fun toying with people at time or playing emotions. He's very smart and comes up with plans and strategy's very fast, making his friends and family confused how he could say the dumbest things and come off as a genius.
He's also very easy to get along with, if you have a tolerance for young blood... He's always eager to show off his skills. The man can be seen as a warrior and despite his high IQ he's kinda slow at noticing things and even slower when it comes to women. Like every straight man he enjoys the presense of a woman, though he's not to good at talking to them. Though the man is never shy and will ask anyone almost anything.




When the young boy was 3 his older brother Drake became a Chuunin, while his younger sister was already rated Genin of the Year twice. His father was a very powerful man when it came to politics and power , giving the family the very high-class life of the most powerful people in the country. Kazu himself was always into enjoying himself while he was young, completely different from his siblings who were already interested in being warriors at age three. His father saw this as a curse, while his mother saw this as a blessing. Growing up Kazu would spend countless hours with his mother, playing, having fun and being completely babied by her. This ceased when he entered the academy at age 10, his father had to cut the cords and make his son a warrior like the rest. Kazu always wanderd why his father would be so press to make him a worrior like his brothert and sister, even though he didnt have a problem with becoming a worrior like them he just always wanted a good answer.


Being of High-Class, Kazu s academy was abit better than the common folks. He was taught more than the basic. The teachers would instruct their students on many different things such as; War Tactics, Fuujutsu, Weapontry and weapon making, explosives, different stealth techniques and politics. Kazu wasn't the class clown, though he wasn't the best student in the class. He usually barely passed everything, making the rich snobs that excelled in the class look down on him and bringing dishonor to his family. His father would constantly push him to be better and sometimes beat him until he worked harder. This made Kazu distant from his father and hate him, though his skills were improved everytime his father forced him to become better. Kazu Graduated from the academy at 13 and began his life as a Genin. He was so happy that he was able to become genin, it made him finnaly think he would be able to impress his father and show the rest of the world how strong, smart and good looking he was. He didnt know where he would start first but he know he was going to start soon. Kazuki soon became a chuunin after passing the exams, and soon been granted Special jounin because of his skills.

RP Sample: It was dark out when Kazuki decided to take a walk, he liked to take a walk outside in the dark while it was raining. It kind of made him want to go in the woods and camp it out for some odd reason, but he decided to that another day. For now he chose to go to the more active side of his village and see what was going on there. As he walked he would see people talking and coming out of the coner stores, he loved how the stores were close to his house. The bad part is that the more larger stores are located on the other side of the village and Kazu have to take a long walk or use some chakra just to get over there. Sometimes he wouldnt mind walking to the stores but other times he waste chakra just to get over there and back in a fast enough time, so he wouldnt have to waste it walking.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuki Hyouzen   Tue 18 Oct 2011, 10:02 pm


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Kazuki Hyouzen
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