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 The Apex Predator: Sagano "Saga" Edou Seishin

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Jounin :: Regular
Jounin :: Regular

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PostSubject: The Apex Predator: Sagano "Saga" Edou Seishin   Tue 11 Oct 2011, 7:57 pm

Name: Sagano Seishin
Nickname: The Apex Predator
Age: 24
Gender: [M]
Rank: [A] Jounin
Village: Kirigakure
Affiliations: -


Kekke Genkai:


[Energetic | Lady Killer | Lovable]

[General Outlook]

A human mind is such a fickle thing. So many pleasures corrupt their thoughts, so many visions cloud them. One can even dedicate their life to just trying to find the answer as to why. While others devote their life to bring pain to others. What makes humans act such a way, is it a disease? A disease that rots humans from the inside out? Can is be cured? Is there a way to help those that have already been taken by this?

I am but a child in this world. Even now I can see the corruption in the people around me, and even in myself. Will I also take this path of pleasures? Or have I already found my cure? What does a solitary person like myself have to help those around me. It takes so long for me to trust another, what hope do I have to let another trust me.

..wait, I know I can help them. I have tried so hard this far, and nothing is holding me back even now. So long as they are with me, yes them. If they are there then anything is possible. I just need to hold my head up a little higher that's all. Perhaps if I do that, then I can make other friends. Yeah!

[Battle Standings]

I did it! Today was practice matches in the academy, and I won! It was hard work, but I couldn't believe I did it. I'm only an academy student, so I couldn't do cool things like those other older shinobi can, but I still tried my best. I was so scared at first though, the teacher had to tell me countless times to calm down. I was so afraid I was going to hurt the other kid, but the teacher kept reassuring me that he would stop anything that would hurt the other student, but even still I was afraid. I didn't want to hurt a fellow student.

Everyone was laughing at me. I did what I always do, I held my breath and thought about daring my statues, yeah that always calmed me down. Carving those was always so relaxing, and fun. After a little bit I was ready. But the other student was so much better then me. He was already to fight as soon as we walked on to the field, and he knew Ninjutsu! They haven't even taught us that yet. He must have had his parents teach him. Cheater!

It was so cold! He was blowing cold air everywhere, I couldn't even move. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have any Jutsu like he did, so I began to lose hope. That was until I finally got a glimpse of where he was standing. Even though he had that strong wind, he had grow overconfident and walked onto a thinner sheet of ice. I picked up my kunai and threw it as hard as I could. All I heard was a cracking noise, and the boy was gone! he fell right into the water. The teacher had acted fast, running across the water, and it was so cool he could stand on the water! I wish I knew how to do that, I think even the other student thought that to. The teacher pulled him out, and even though I felt like what I did wasn't really fair, the teacher declared me the winner!

Favorite Quote/Saying: "Welcome to Your Death Bed"
Hobby: Soccer
Favorite Color: Blue
Fears: God
Goals: Find Love



Appearance makes everything when first meeting someone. To Saga, his appearance in just like his family's name. He is like a river. Wild, yet tame. Constricted, yet free. His teal hair is like looking into the water itself. Many say it makes him look like a cold-hearted boy, but to those that know him he is far from that. This kindness he has is in his eyes. They shine like jewels and look endless like a clear ocean. Showing you everything they have to offer. However his pale skin shows the harshness of the weather in Kiri. Their bodies always wrapped up, they hardly have the chance to get much sun. Even wearing a large metal plate on his head seemed kinda foolish, but theirs were given a thicker clothe for the colder temperatures.

His face is gentle, just like his soul. He tries hard to wear a smile on his face, but he still has a tendency to not people in the eyes. Fearing that they are judging him.

[Upper Body]

Dressing warm is something that is essential in the Snow country. While many wear large fur outfits when traveling around the village and such. A shinobi cannot be restricted that much. Saga for one wears a large thick muffler. it's lining embedded with wool from black sheep. The muffler makes it easy for him to move, while not restricting his arm and leg movement too much. It also can cover his face from cold winds. It also has a attachment that can support a hood. Giving him something to cover his head if need be. It was given to him from his mother, she had collected the materials herself, and made it for him as a graduation present, along with a small charm.

Well despite being in know all the time, there are many occasions in which one doesn't need to worry about their warmth, such as when in their home, or in another country. Wearing a muffler as he does, makes this transition easy. Saga's normal outfit is but a few select pieces of clothing. While not much of anything in the sense of fashion. It helps him ward off some of the cold. He wears a simple white tank top. Nothing special about it, over this is another shirt. Living in the cold makes you learn, that more clothes are better then none when you get caught in the cold. This shirt is a light blue tone. Over all of that he wears a thick jacket. He tends to keep it open, but it can be zippered shut to protect his chest from the cold. The most notable thing about the jacket it the different sleeve lengths. While studying in the academy he learned that surprise tactics often make or break a battle situation. As such he made up his own little trick. He made one of his sleeves shorter, and made secure the other was longer then his arm, to hide his hand. This would bring his opponents attention to his right hand, while he drew a hidden weapon or tool from the bottom of his jacket. Yes beneath his jacket he has a few hidden pockets. mainly to hold extra kunai or shuriken.They are set up to be easy to open and use. However one with sharp eye could spot them easily if his jacket is open.

[Lower Body]

His legs are the mos important thing to cover. As such he wears a pair of long johns, to keep his body heat in. Atop this he wears a simple navy blue pair of slacks, tightened down at the cuffs by wrap. He wears a few things around his waist. These include the standard tool pouch. It hold a few kunai and shuriken an other essential tools for a shinobi to use in battle. Next to this he has a small water skin. Made from a thick oxen hide, it holds water in tight, while making sure it doesn't freeze even in the coldest weather. Saga being a water user has to have something like this around to make sure he has water to support his techniques. On his hips he has an extra pouch for kunai and shuriken. While many may see him as over weighted, he feels just right with how much he carries. Like many Kiri nin, they can't wear the standard open toed ninja sandals. Being that having exposure like that will with out a doubt freeze his toes into chucks of fleshy ice. As such their ninja sandals are closed toe, while also having a thin layer of fur to keep thier feet warm.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color & Style: Black


RP Sample:

The sound of waves lapping against The Flying Nimbus's sides were only broken by the sounds of a beating drum. The inconsistent rhythm wasn't even a tangible prod at the senses to none except those that could hear the beating of a man's heart. In a corner of the grand ship a soldier emptied his stomach in anticipation of what was to come in just a little under an hour. Just three steps away a girl who had celebrated her eighteenth life cycle no longer than a week ago was on the verge of a heart attack if one were to follow the pace it was taking throughout her chest. There were so many more stories being told by those hearts, yet each and every eye was concentrated upon a chosen few individuals who stood near the ship's helm.

Arrayed in a formation that put one man standing towards the front and three to his back were the leaders of the coming operation. At the head was none other than Sagano Seishin, presumed leader of Kirigakure. His recent return aroused both suspicion and promise for something that could line every individual's pockets with gold. To his immediate right was none other than Tia Halibel, scourge of the universe, but she was their scourge. At his back was Shizuo Heiwajima whose calm demeanor never seemed to shake no matter the situation. The distribution of his position to their leader seemed as philosophical as it was practical. Finally, the third figure belonged to Yukio Tochi. They said he was strong. That's about all that was known about the guy. He didn't know whether to feel sorry or envious of those who would ride into combat behind his banner.

"All of those who have gathered here today have come under one premise. To present a united front in a joint effort to secure a more profitable future for not only ourselves, but possibly the generations that will follow. You have all already been debriefed of your orders, however for clarification sake I'll briefly run through the primary objectives of each once again."

Saga paused to extend his hand in front of him before sparks of light lit the night air. A short period afterwards a detailed picture of the island a couple miles off sprung into being with information jotted off in different ways much like the presentation of a battle plan.

"1st battalion will be lead by Captain Tia. Those of you assigned to her will aide in the aggressive capture of the beach front of the nation upon landing. The inhabitants know of our approach but not of its time. We need the perimeter secured at all costs."

A shift of his fingers brought another picture to light.

"2nd Battalion will be lead by Captain Shizuo. You will be our spear. Your objective is to drive deep into enemy territory until you have driven a wound so deep into their side that they have no thought except defending themselves."

Another shift.

"3rd Battalion is lead by Captain Yukio. Your objective is has the most freedom...You are to maneuver your way past enemy forces until you reach the Konohagkure. The faster you capture their home territory the less work the rest of us have to do."

A closing of his fist shut off the presentation. General Sagano then left them with one statement before moving towards the lower deck. "The invasion begins in half an hour (3 days real life time); make your final preparations."

[OoC: Feel free to use this time to get yourselves acquainted with one another, go over strategy, gather whatever items you'll need for your missions, and whatever else you would like to do before we land on the next post. Turn order is whatever suits us.

Quick points: My character will be leading the main battle against the Hokage, while 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Battalion destroy Konohagakure. 1st Battalion will also serve as protectors to both Jin. Each Battalion Commander gets: 2,000 Max NPC Troops that they are able to command. Each Battalion leader stick to the plan and do not diverge from it. We are her to take down Konoha, do not forget that.]

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Mangekyō (Only Uchiha, Please)
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PostSubject: Re: The Apex Predator: Sagano "Saga" Edou Seishin   Tue 11 Oct 2011, 8:00 pm

Please would you post your clan in the Clan creation section and jutsu in jutsu creation section please edit

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Jounin :: Regular
Jounin :: Regular

Posts : 7
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PostSubject: Re: The Apex Predator: Sagano "Saga" Edou Seishin   Tue 11 Oct 2011, 8:03 pm

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Uchiha Ichiban


Female Posts : 93
Join date : 2011-10-08
Age : 27

Mangekyō (Only Uchiha, Please)
100/100  (100/100)
Clan: Uchiha
Kekke Genkai: Sharingan/Mangekyō Sharingan

PostSubject: Re: The Apex Predator: Sagano "Saga" Edou Seishin   Tue 11 Oct 2011, 8:09 pm


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PostSubject: Re: The Apex Predator: Sagano "Saga" Edou Seishin   

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The Apex Predator: Sagano "Saga" Edou Seishin
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