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 Shimori Tsujimoto.

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Shimori Tsujimoto


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PostSubject: Shimori Tsujimoto.   Thu 06 Oct 2011, 3:13 am

Name: Tsujimoto Shimori

Nickname: Beauty of the mist.

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Rank: Anbu: Hunter Ninja/Seven swordsmen of the mist

Village: Mist

Affiliations: Mist village

Main: Suiton: Water
Subs: Kenjutsu/Taijutsu (Swords and hand-to-hand)

Personality: She is a very observant adversary who is able to analyze her opponent's techniques after seeing it once or twice, simply due to her keen sense's. She also has a sense of honor, in her own way, and possessed incredible self-control of her emotions, constantly displaying an emotionless personality. She only showed surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled than she had expected, and even then she doesn't lose her composure. She did not possess any arrogance, and fully justified any statements she makes about her own power, even complimenting her opponents at times on their abilities.


She is a rather tall woman with pale skin, long black hair, brown eyes, and small eyebrows. She is normally seen wearing bandages like a mask over the bottom half of her face, and even more bandages loosely wrapped around her neck like a scarf. Under her bandage mask, she has a relatively narrow jawline, small mouth, and jagged, sharp teeth. She wears her forehead protector sideways on her head, facing the right, wearing a sleeveless black shirt thats cut high up allowing her stomach to be seen, and matching pants, complete with a waist-guard, and Kirigakure's striped and mimetic wrist-warmers extending up to her elbows, with matching leg-warmers.

Born into the bloody mist village and a cloudy night where no stars could be seen, she was raised to kill from a very young age, often practicing of Straw dummies and logs. Her mother and father were both jounin for the Mist village and taught her for most of the time before she entered the academy, teaching her how to do a few jutsu before she even entered the Ninja academy, giving her the upper hand during the classes. This helped her progress and grow, and helped her develop her personality and the senses needed to get by in life as a Shinobi of Kirigakure, teaching her not to show emotion. She spent much of her time outside in the mist training with her father until she finally entered the academy.

During the academy she kept her distance from the others, like her father taught her to. Emotion had no feelings, and thus had no friends. She kept going through the classes and ignoring the other students, often eating alone and distancing herself from other students. She hated the school work, the paper and written exams sucked horribly and she didn't like sitting still. Oh her days off she often spent them training with her mother and father when they were home, she turned 9 during the time her mother was killed on a mission. The only made her distance herself more from the students at the school and her father. As she grew in skill and knowledge and continued through the classes, she finally made it to graduation and managed to make it to the graduation with passing grades, passing on and becoming a genin.

She became a genin and was given missions, not good ones or exciting ones, but missions. She would of taken these over paper exams any day. Helping find lost pets in the thick mist or gathering things in the surrounding trees that were spread out over the entire area was a breeze, she was even proclaimed a genius by the kids she worked with on her team, having almost no trouble at all with most of the missions they were given. She often got into fights with the other kids on her squad too, though it was mostly they who started it because she hardly ever spoke to them, they hated her personality and the way she looked at things in general. The way she handled things also got on their nerves and even on her teachers at most points. She eventually grew so much that she became a chuunin at the early age of 12.

While as a chuunin the difficult missions fit her preferences well. She enjoyed taking on the stronger missions and they beat catching stray animals by a long shot. She was given missions with other chuunin as body guards, escorts, etc. Protecting people from bandits and other weak ninja who had hits out on them, which was rather easy at this time. She and her teammates had close to the same personality as she did and they were easy to work with. She continued to take more and more missions with her new team, even after her father died in a mission this time. She was 15 when he died. She soon, after his death, took one the weapons of her father that he used, that was similar to that of one of the seven swords in looks, though it had no special ability, it was a rather large blade. She began using it in missions as well and got extremely efficient in using the sword in battle. After tons of Escort missions and being body guards for multiple people, she had grown in skill with her water techniques and in using her massive sword she took from her father in battle. She showed her skills with each mission she took and was soon promoted to a jounin in rank at the age of 18.

While as a jounin she took on much harder missions, though her personality slowly changed from being a silent mute to a more calm, calculated individual as the harder the missions got. She had not only developed her skills as a Shinobi but also her personality and inner skill. She adapted with the missions. The harder they got, the more she had to plan things out and remain calm. She went threw the loss of many comrades but showed no emotion over it, she learned to keep her emotions hidden almost perfectly. She rarely got surprised by anything at this time, her emotions were completely hardened and hidden from site, leaving only a blank expression. She completed tons of missions and showed extreme skill during her time as a jounin, so much that she began taking on harder missions. Testing her limits with each one. Some of them she barely made it back from. Her skill grew so much that even the Hunter ninja noticed her skill. She joined at the age of 21 and now works for the Hunter Ninja and is also the first Female in the Seven swordsmen of the mist.

RP Sample:

Along the gravel road that ran through a forest filled with tall oak trees, the recent rain has make the ground wet and soggy, covering the road in a series of miniature puddles, groups of birds flew threw the sky as lightning roared in the distance. The clouds were grey and dark, meaning more rain was on the way. The trees were soaking wet and dripping with fresh droplets of water as well. Walking down this road was a man dressed in a black cloak with a headband on with the mist's villages symbol, having a line carved through it. He was a rogue mist ninja that abandoned the village a few days ago with a scroll he had stolen from a jounin in the village. He had ran away with it in hope of gaining a bit of fame as a rogue ninja, he was also searching for and organization to join. It was rather hopeless really.

He stepped over one of the puddles and continued walking down the road, hoping to go unnoticed. Raising out of the puddle as if she had become one with it, Shimori's body seemed to lift out of the puddle and stepped forward, making no noise at all as a mist slowly began to form over the area. She lifted her hand up to the large sword handle on her back and gripped it firmly before she took another step forward. The mist grew thicker and thicker as she looked at the back of the guys head. The mist that was surrounding him was slowly sucking away at his chakra, a technique known to be used by Hunter ninja, and he knew this even though he wasn't really a high leven ninja himself. The moment her eyes locked on the back of his neck is when she suddenly bolted off toward him, dashing through the thick mist that she had made appear and jerked the sword from her back, gripping the the handle with both hands and swinging it horizontally across to the right, the large cleaving blade cutting cleaning through the skin and flesh, and sending the mans head flipping threw the air before it bounced across the ground and rolled a few feet, his body dropping to its knees as water shot up from the stump in his neck then fell forward, seconds later his body and head exploded into water, forcing her to jump back. A exploding water clone?! She thought as her feet touched the ground a few feet away, soaked in water from the explosion.

A group of shuriken came flying from the tree top which made her move her massive sword up in the way and turn it, using the massive width of its blade to block them all and have them harmlessly hit the ground. She grabbed the hilt with one hand and moved it behind her, balling her other hand into fist and extending her index and middle finger out. The mist began to get thicker, and thicker, so thick that not even she could see. She closed her eyes and listened to her surroundings. The ninja made a mistake as his foot hit one of the puddles and gave away his location, her eyes shot opened and her hand shot to the bottom of the sword hilt, then swung it forward with both hands. It sliced cleanly through the mans waist, skin, flesh, and bone, sending his torso flipping threw the air and landing a few feet away, this time it was blood that came out. Mission Complete. Commencing disposal of the body. She moved her bloody sword back onto the large holster on her back and moved her hands together, her body became outlined in chakra. Out of the mist multiple black crows began to form and flock around the body, beginning to tear at it with their talon and rips it apart with their beaks, leaving only a torn and zombie-ish corpse behind in only about 35 minutes. Scattering: One thousand crows technique!

Second RP sample
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PostSubject: Re: Shimori Tsujimoto.   Thu 06 Oct 2011, 8:13 am

Approved- Just going look at your jutsu list before I make you Anbu :D

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Shimori Tsujimoto.
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