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 Yasuo's Jutsu list (DONE)

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Jounin :: Regular
Jounin :: Regular

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PostSubject: Yasuo's Jutsu list (DONE)   Mon 03 Oct 2011, 2:46 am

Elements: [Chakra elements you have]
Main: Sonic Release
Subs:Wind, Lightning

Kekkei Genkai: Kekke Genkai: Sonic Release: Sonic Release or Thunder Style as some call it is the combination of Wind and Lightning elements, it is some times confused with sound like jutsus but is far more potent, it can create pressurized waves of wind able to crush boulders to dust or create super sonic style jutsus making it possible to move at the speed of sound, The down side of this is it puts a large strain on the users body meaning they cant use it for long periods of time. The basic of this element is like lightning and thunder, lightning creates the vibrations in the air which in turn creates the sound of thunder

Summonings: [Summoning: Iron Protection Wall - Tenten summons a large iron dome from one of her scrolls that covers her and her teammates from enemies' attacks.

Blood Contract With The Grasshopper Family, The largest of Which is called Hopper(Manda Size) Yasuo can use the normal size grasshoppers for spying and intelligence gathering. Grasshopper Jutsu will be listed

Types of Grasshoppers:
Normal - Nothing special and range from normal size grasshoppers to as large as Manda

Chakra Eaters- These Grasshoppers are usually in locust form and feed on chakra they only come int he size of normal grass hoppers

Flesh Eaters- These Grasshoppers are usually in locust form and feed on flesh of living creatures they only come int he size of normal grass hoppers

Acid Blood - Grasshoppers which have acid for blood, the largest of these are large enough to fly on (Akumaru?), their blood can eat through solid steel in a matter of seconds - Yasuo carries a scroll with a special gas that nullifies its acidic attributes

Smog Grasshoppers - Grasshoppers which can release a powerful gas from their mouths, the gas causes those who inhale it to have slower reflexes and muscle movement. The gas is orderless and has the same color as smoke they range in size from normal to Akumaru size

Battle Hoppers - Grasshoppers as large as Gamabunto, they wear armor and have the ability to create a super sonic boom when they chirp capable of destroying a large building with no problem

Yasuo Also has two summoning seal marks on his hand arms allowing him to summon regular sized grasshoppers with out seals

Yasuo's Main weapon is a Short Katana that he once used in his ANBU days other than that he has standard ninja tools

2 Kunai Grenade -a metal sphere with kunai welded into it and throws it at the enemy. It has a hidden exploding tag that causes it to explode upon contact, sending out flying kunai and shrapnel, causing great damage.

2 retractable hidden blades in one in each of his gloves both poison tipped with a muscle relaxant which slows muscle movement with just a scratch

6 mini scythes in his cloak Soaked in poison that shows no initial effect the poison travels throughout the body within 5 minutes, after such the poison is triggered and attacks major organs through out the body killing the opponent.

2 blades one in each of his boot heels both poison tipped the poison on these blades are different from the ones in his gloves if stabbed or slashed the poison rots away skin and flesh also destroys nerves and muscle tissue around the area injured. in a matter of seconds the area losses feeling and becomes useless unless medical treatment is provided, this poison is lethal in the upper chest/body area, if hit near vital organs it can kill a person

4 Sleeper Bombs - Special Bombs Yasuo Created that have the same smell and and color of smoke that the normal smoke bomb has, but when inhaled makes targets drowsy if enough is inhaled they would fall asleep,(If two posts have past and they are still inhaling it they fall fully asleep

Air Glider - Glider is a weapon and tool used by the Yasuo. It is a staff (in Chinese the word refers to a fighting staff, of which there are three heights) made out of a dark, flexible wood. Yasuo uses the staff in conjunction with his Wind chakra to propel himself and fly in the air. The staff unfolds into a fan-like glider that Yasuo can use to fly with a special ninjutsu it would appear as though it is a bird in the sky making it perfect for Reconnaissance


Normal Jutsu

Lightning Jutsu

Wind Jutsu

Sonic Release Jutsu
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Jounin :: Regular
Jounin :: Regular

Posts : 20
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PostSubject: Re: Yasuo's Jutsu list (DONE)   Mon 10 Oct 2011, 5:19 pm

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Altair Denkou


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PostSubject: Re: Yasuo's Jutsu list (DONE)   Tue 11 Oct 2011, 1:12 am


Altair With Hood

Altair With our Hood
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PostSubject: Re: Yasuo's Jutsu list (DONE)   

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Yasuo's Jutsu list (DONE)
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