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 Ya I am going there....

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Demon of the mist
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Rouge :: S-Ranked

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Mangekyō (Only Uchiha, Please)
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Kekke Genkai:

PostSubject: Ya I am going there....    Mon 03 Oct 2011, 2:02 am

OK so in response to this thread: RIGHT HERE oprahmad!

Quote :
its been decided that we will no longer follow the naruto storyline and as such Canon characters are no longer allowed. This decision will give users more freedom to RP and make them more creative without being restricted by Canon needs and storyline, basically this is now more of an Alternate naruto universe if anything

This quote is from the site story line. Which clearly states we won't have to deal with cannon restrictions. Yet now with the events you are limiting us. XD Contradiction!

Either way that really isn't the point of this topic. Despite my Rp rage *rages* about not being allowed to have Samehada. The event could be fun and increase activity. But I would only make this suggestion, let us pick if we want to go after that prize. For example my character, (Because I read the site story line and it said it wouldn't restrict me from cannon information) is based around being the Swordsmen of Samehada. My apperance, history and even jutsu all reflect Samehada. Now why am I bringing this up.. I will tell you good people. We should be able to chose if we want to take part in the event. For example.. you wondrous admin decided to make Kisame the first event. (WHICH YOU SHOULD DO!) It shouldn't be randomly throw at some patrol of ninja. You should post up that Kisame location has been shown to the ninja world. Then anyone who wishes to join the event, post they are joining. After that go after him in a common thread. Those who don't simple, don't no reason for their char to fight and rp something they have no interest in. Here is what you are thinking though.. well then won't everyone just join every event? No, because once you join one event you may not join the next event under any circumstances. Meaning if Pein himself comes down with no arms or legs and all you have to do is kick him to have his rinnegan, you can't if you joined the previous event. Meaning that people must chose if going to the first event is worth it or not.

This is just a quick suggestion, I generally don't like this event idea. But at the same time I hate... HATE the idea that you will randomize the events to random people.

Also I think possible voting for which event should be next, would be awesome.


thanks. icameplz
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Demon of the mist
Rouge :: S-Ranked
Rouge :: S-Ranked

Posts : 92
Join date : 2011-10-02

Mangekyō (Only Uchiha, Please)
100/100  (100/100)
Kekke Genkai:

PostSubject: Re: Ya I am going there....    Mon 03 Oct 2011, 5:05 am

I am just going to hijack my own thread here....

You guys should replace the other one.. this one is UGLY, LIKE POOP. Shit Happens :D

But I never give a suggestion without a solution.. if you give me any photo, size and what text you want I can make it. Also do effect... like my the writing like glitter.

Here I just made this as an example.. the current on is ugly. I can take any photo... first one is of custom chars... and the other is with cannon chars I used a crazy effect. idc who or how it changes but the current one I dislike. I might be the only one though. XD

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Agito Shuryu

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PostSubject: Re: Ya I am going there....    Mon 03 Oct 2011, 1:36 pm

To address your Post, we originally were going to let cannon weapons be allowed but it has been decided to make them event weapons instead. We never said you wouldn't be restricted by cannon information, its the characters themselves and their existing story lines which would hamper you. I don't see how you not having the sword can hurt your character other than probably jutsu wise, your history says nothing of the samehada or any of the swords I can't see how it can even hurt your appearance.

Furthermore event characters won't just pop up in someone's posts alone they will mostly appear in the world in their own topic for anyone to choose to go to, event char posts aren't casual RPs so I doubt everyone will go rushing there after all you can't be in two RPs at once and indicating where Event chars are will only make more people want to go there we want it to be a surprise of when they appear, how they appear and where they appear letting people vote kills the surprise.

In closing the only possibly information you actually gave that was useful would be limiting someone from going to all the Events, the thing is some events happen in ninja villages too so ninja from other villages wont be able to just walk into another village just to go to the event taking place, the most we would do is limit someone who goes to an event to being unable to participate in the one after that event then he can go to another if possible.

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PostSubject: Re: Ya I am going there....    

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Ya I am going there....
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