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 Tenka Clan

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Traveler Ninja :: S-Ranked
Traveler Ninja :: S-Ranked

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PostSubject: Tenka Clan   Sun 02 Oct 2011, 7:43 pm

Clan Name: Tenka (Blizzard Warriors)

Clan Village: The Village Hidden in the Leaves
Clan Leader: Sato
Clan Symbol:

Clan Weapons: N/A

Requirements: Must have Tenka as last name, must be from the Land of snow/ The village Hidden in the snow, Must always be breathing out cold air in non cold areas, also must have water and Wind Elements

Kekke Genkai: Arctic Body: An ability to Create snow and ice with just a thought or a wave of the hand or touch Meaning the manipulation of existing Ice is not needed. The users of this ability may also use some Ice release jutsu with only one hand and can Manipulate the snow and Ice to their liking creating weapons or other structures. The ability allows users to freeze any substance, thus, Earth, Water, and Wood Release techniques are useless against it. Using Ice ninjutsu, the user can freeze any physical material and even the moisture that is present in the air around them creating weapons, the user cannot freeze either raw energy or chakra as they have no physical mass to freeze, allowing a person with either energy-based jutsu, such Wind, Fire and Lightning Releases, or good chakra control to properly counter it, However fire release may sometimes not be able to defeat it depending on how powerful the ice jutsu is.

The people with this Kekkei Genkai have non changing Body temperature. They Never feel cold even tho their body temperature stays very low, leaving their body cold at all times though they never notice or feel it, in heated climates they breath with cold air coming from their mouth and nose because of the constant cold temperature in their bodies

First level - When first unlocked Arctic Body's core temperature effect kicks in and the user can only create Ice by freezing a water Source and the manipulate it(Genin Level)25+ posts

Second Level - When the Second Level is unlocked the user can create Snow/Ice from the moisture in the air(Chuunin Level)50+ Posts

Third Level - Unlocks the Full ability of the Kekke Genkai Allowing the user to create ice/snow with a thought(Jounin Level)100+ posts

Hiden Techniques:

Kekkei Genkai Jutsus:

The Tenka clan was formed many years before the founding of any ninja villages in the world, it was formed during the times when ninja clans collided and fought each other for pay from the feudal lords and in the land of Snow the Tenka clan was one of the most formidable being one of the dominant clans in the land because of their Kekke Genkai and skills as shinobi, The clan eventually became so dominant and powerful no other rivaled it in the land of snow to the point where they began to fight each other the clan split into Two factions one of which had the support of the land of snow's feudal lord which was called Sleet.

The clan continued its civil war for years and years with the faction that had the Snow's Feudal lord's support emerging the victor, eventually the war grew more and more violent involving other clans in the land as well as innocent civilians, Until a man named Kento Tenka the leader of Sleet faction and one of the most powerful members of the clan ever settled the fighting in a single night as he was the creator of the "Yuki Onna(雪女?, snow woman): Storm" Jutsu as well as the "Shirayuki " genjutsu, he defeated many of the rebelling faction's shinobi forcing them to submit ending the long years of civil war and reuniting the clan, except for a small group who left the land in shame heading to the Land of Water where their descendants are assumed to inhabit.
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Traveler Ninja :: S-Ranked
Traveler Ninja :: S-Ranked

Posts : 16
Join date : 2011-09-27

PostSubject: Re: Tenka Clan   Fri 14 Oct 2011, 7:10 am

BUMP OMG look at the date i made this
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Uchiha Ichiban


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PostSubject: Re: Tenka Clan   Fri 14 Oct 2011, 7:19 am


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PostSubject: Re: Tenka Clan   

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Tenka Clan
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