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 Walter C. Dornez

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Chuunin :: Regular
Chuunin :: Regular

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PostSubject: Walter C. Dornez   Sun 02 Oct 2011, 12:13 am

Name: Walter C. Dornez

Nickname: Walter C Dornez the Shi no Tenshin (Angel of Death), Walter C. Dornez the Puppeteer of Death

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Rank: Chunin

Village: Konohagakure no Sato

Elements: Futon


Primary: Advanced weaponry and Puppetry
Secondary: Fuuinjutsu

Personality: Walter is a rather quiet individual. He is humble before his opponents often bowing and getting their names before he fights them. When he puts his mind to something he will accomplish it without fail. He does as he is told by his superiors never questioning their orders unless it is needed. When he fights he kills his opponents swiftly and as painlessly as possibly saying that is how he shows them mercy.

He never talks unless needed. He is a loner and prefers to be by himself. He seals off his emotions deeming them a weakness. He deems everyone around him uselss and weak unless he seems them fight and deems the worthy. He often calls his own comrades trash, weaklings and useless tools in combat or on missions or even in the village.



  • Agility: Walter from years of training his body and through experiments with different chemicals and serums, Walter's body is incredibly flexible able to bend and twist beyond human limits, his agility his ability to move swiftly has reached new heights allowing him to quickly turn without straining his body as well as dodge in coming attacks as if they were second nature. His high agility was a requirement to be able to use his sharpened monomolecular razor wires without harming his own body shredding it to pieces while he fights.

  • High Speed: Through the use of training his body and experiment with different chemicals and serums his speed has reached beyond the normal limits of shinobi and humans. At the current moment he is able to reach the speed of a high Jounin in a matter of seconds capable of using his speed mixed with his usage of wires and puppetry to effectively crush his opponents.

  • High Endurance: Through rigorous training and experimenting with different chemicals and serums on his body, Walter's body has hardened to the point that his skin has turned into a form of armour itself capable of resisting attacks that are classed as high chunin and below. His body is able to block C level techniques and below without being even scratching him.

  • High Intelligence and Photographic memory: Walter has a high level of intelligence and IQ of exactly two hundred and five. Alongside his high level of intelligence Walter has a photographic memory allowing him to remember anything and everything he had read or seen. Thanks to his high intellect Walter has been able to create technological advancements to be used in combat.

  • High chakra Control: Being a user of puppets Walter has a high level of control over his chakra necessary for controling puppets. Walter's control over his reserves allows him to expand less chakra per technique but still pack the same level of strength.

Skill Mastery

  • Puppet Mastery: Walter has such control over his puppet techniques and his puppets that he is able to control ten puppets with ten puppet strings. By removing his shoes, Walter has mastered the ability to generate chakra strings from his toes to create ten more strings and control ten more puppets with his toes for a total of using twenty puppets at once.

  • Wire mastery: Walter through years of practicing with long razor sharp wires he has come to be able to use twenty long wires each fifteen metres in length in combat two wires per finger. However when the wires unravel they reveal to be ten wires each thirty metres long which he can manipulate to form sharp wire nets or walls of metal wires.

  • Fuuinjutsu: Advanced Level: Walter unlike the other areas is not a mastery of Fuuinjutsu nor is he an expert. Walter is above Novice and has achieved the rank of a Level three Fuuinjutsu user an Advanced user of Fuuinjutsu.

Knowledge Base:

  • Poisons: Walter through his high intelligence and photographic memory has studied up on numerous poisons and the aspects of poisons effects, causes and antidotes learning to create his own poisons and own Antidotes to be used in battle.

  • Metal work: Walter has studied extensively in metal working and shaping learning to use different metals to create strong weaponry and armour for his puppets to be used in combat against different opponents

  • Human Anatomy: Walter has studied the human body in every aspect learning everything possible including pressure points and other parts. He had used his knowledge to forge his puppets to make human like puppets. These puppets are useful for different situations such as pupets designed for seduction as Walter has created a set of puppets that were designed to be similiar to humans thanks to different materials.

  • Herbs and Plants: Walter has studied different herbs and plants to find which are most useful for creating poisons, healing medicines and different chemicals and serums to enhance his body.
  • Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics): Walter has studied the three sciences of Biology, chemistry and Physics to be used to create different serums and chemicals to enhance his body or that of his puppets to be used to defeat his opponents.

  • Black Smithing/Forging: Walter through reading and practice and training with the black smiths of Konohagakure has grown to know which metals are to be forged together to make the best weapons and armours for his puppets and himself allowing him to design powerful puppets.
  • Wood Work: One of Walter's hobbies is Wood Working to be use different woods to craft new items or to craft wooden puppets. Through his Wood Working Walter was able to learn about different tools and to use which ones when working with wood and metals.

  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education: PDHPE helped teach Walter about different aspects of the physical body and health aspects and what he should and shouldn't do with training.

  • Mechicanical Technology

  • Electronics Technologies

  • Timber Products and Furniture Technologies

  • Studied in Medicine

  • Studied Advances in Medical Technology

  • Studied Advances in Technology

  • Automotive Technology

  • Advanced Mathematics

  • Ancient History

  • Modern History

  • Geographical study of the element nations.

  • Advanced Avionics Study

  • Hydraulics Study

  • Military engineering Study

  • Military communications Study

  • Advanced Machinery Study

  • Advanced Weapon Study


  • Taijutsu: Walter since he hasn't trained in Taijutsu makes it his weakest aspect only knowing enough to be ranked on a scale of 1 to 10 to be ranked at level 3 or low Genin terms of strength

  • Genjutsu: Genjutsu is another aspect that Walter is weak in as he has mainly concentrated on his intelligence, Fuuinjutsu, Puppetry, Weaponry and technology. His Genjutsu is ranked Low genin only able to detect and release D level Genjutsu techniques at the current stage.

  • Close Range combat: Walter specialises in mid to Long range combat making close range combat his weakest area as he purely focuses on the use of his puppets, wires and long ranged Ninjutsu

  • Low Strength: Walter lacks in strength he has only around low Genin level of strength unable to match his stronger opponents in hand to hand combat.

Early Life:

Genin years:

chunin arc:

RP Sample:

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Emeli Bell


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PostSubject: Re: Walter C. Dornez   Sun 02 Oct 2011, 11:32 pm

I approve, yeah I've read this when it was first made (:
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Walter C. Dornez
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