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 Konoha jounin - Yashamaru Saeki

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Jounin :: Regular

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PostSubject: Konoha jounin - Yashamaru Saeki   Fri 23 Sep 2011, 10:48 am

Name: Yashamaru Saeki

Nickname: Charybdis

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Rank: Jounin

Village: Konoha

Elements: Fuuton
Main: Wind
Subs: N/A

Kekke Genkai: None

Special characteristics:
  • Elementally challenged - Yashamaru prefers chakra-shape-manipulation-only jutsus because his chakra nature manipulation is absolutely horrible. On the extremely rare occasions when he does use a mid~high level elemental jutsu its much weaker than one would expect and it costs Yash a butt load of chakra to cast it.
  • Chakra Shortage - Having less than desirable reserves of chakra, Yash prefers using non and low chakra fueled means of disposing his enemies. Years of following this philosophy has made him quite good at it.
  • Physically unenviable - Yash is not a big strong imposing man, nor does he have a stamina to boast about.
  • Jack of all trades - While certainly not excelling at taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu or as a skilled swordsmen with a katana or other medium~large weapons, Yashamaru proved to be exceptionally dexterous with excellent hand-eye coordination. He showed an innate aptitude for all those little items, gadgets and small arms that other ninja don't really take seriously or use very often, mastering them practically the moment he lays his hands on them, and using them as his main weapon.
  • Multitasking - Yashamaru is so skilled with small arms and miscellaneous items that he doesn't even have to exert conscious effort to wield them. Each hand can perform a completely different action while his mind is in a 3rd place yet he will never drop or fumble anything unless that is exactly what he wanted to do.
  • Brilliant Strategist - What he lacks in brawn, Yashamaru makes up with skill and wit. With a trained eye, cool head, sharp mind and good old deductive reasoning, Yash sees the flow of the battle unveil to his advantage and what it would take to tip it in that direction.
  • Quickdraw McDraw - Yashamaru took the saying "The hand is quicker than the eye" a bit too literally, but when he's wielding small arms and items few would argue the point. Unfortunately, his nimble hands do little to improve his ninjutsu prowess since his bad chakra nature molding is holding him back and most of his chakra shape manipulation jutsus don't require handseals.

Personality: Yashamaru wears a mask (figuratively speaking). When with company he's always bright and cheerful, ALWAYS gives the "diplomatic" answer when asked something, which at first is always perceived as him being careful of hurting other people's feelings, but very soon grows old and annoying. From experience Yashamaru has found that his obsession (or rather his inability to do anything but) to stick with the "golden middle" on literally EVERY subject of importance quickly makes people around him grow hostile which is why he often cracks textbook jokes to prevent the atmosphere from getting serious (especially when he thinks the conversation might shift his way). On missions he is far more dominating and reliable. He comes up with brilliant plans but also listens to everyone else and isn't above getting physical if someone completely disagrees with his plans yet contribute nothing in improving them. He has yet to lower his guard before anyone.

Appearance: 177cm, 78 Kg, blue eyes, washington black shoulder length hair which half he wears in a pigtail (tied with a really old red ribbon) and in the front he lets it drop to the sides. Rarely seen in anything else than a traditional kimono or his ninja outfit.

The last report submitted by the late ANBU Captain:

Saeki Yashamaru. Many believe to be the most likely candidate as the next jounin hanchou. Red tape and all that bureaucratic crap demands that I personally waste my time and give his file a quick once over. As if any spy or whatever could get this far without raising some lights, damn pencil pushers...Or at least that's what I thought at the time.

I began the same procedure I've done a thousand times before, wrapping it up in a few hours like I always do. Unsurprisingly, there was nothing incriminating or suspicious in his file, certainly not enough for an investigation or closer look, yet the occasional odd detail here and there hadn't quite allowed me relax comfortably in my chair. In the days to come things got weirder, but I suppose if this report is to make any sense at all I'll have to start from the beginning.

Saeki Yashamaru was the second and last child born into a lower middle class civilian family, refuges who moved into Konoha and set up business 5 years prior to his birth. His father and older brother (age 12 at the time) worked as a blacksmith and apprentice, his mother a seamstress. Financial records and interviewed neighbors claim that life was tough for them (for everybody at that time) and shouting was often heard, but they made ends meet. 7 years after Yashamaru's birth, he was enlisted into the Ninja Academy. Entries from non ninja families aren't common, but not unheard of ether. It usually happens when by fluke chance a prodigy is born into a normal family or when a wealthy family "buy" their way through the Academy just for the title. Since Yashamaru's case was clearly not the latter, the Academy supervisors thought they might be dealing with the next Pandora Phobia or Osaku Nacht, so they let him take the performance entry exam. Yashamaru failed miserably. What happened next raised more than one eyebrow in suspicion. Though clearly not ninja material the Saeki family still insisted on enlisting Yashamaru, full tuition fee and everything. A secret investigation on the Saeki family was made, but it revealed no previous or present affiliations with known enemy ninja parties, criminal groups or wealthy families. Then it was thought that the Saeki family were affording the Academy fees by making "easy" money on the side and off the books. This also proved a dead end. Figuring that the parents believed their son would grow into the part, or are simply dreamers who have more money than brains, the Academy supervisors accepted the Saeki family's entry petition and took Yashamaru in.

Mystery solved. So why was something still gnawing at the back of my mind? Figuring its just the bad shrimps I had that morning, I shrugged it off.

The files showed nothing worthy of note regarding Yashamaru's days at the Academy, but when just the other day I accidentally ran into this old retired Academy sensei, the itch behind my eyes returned. We began talking about the "good old days" while enjoying a serving of shrimp (I know, I know. I never learn), and as luck would have it, he turned out to be Yashamaru's old sensei. He shared some information that doesn't usually find its way into the files, information that made me think that there might just be something more than meets the eye here. Apparently Yashamaru was picked on, or avoided, alarmingly often by all of the kids from the famous clans (even the ones from other classes and years too). The Saeki family never filed a complaint and when questioned Yashamaru never revealed why he thought he's being picked on, nor did he ask the sensei to do something about it. In fact he was adamant that the sensei not interfere at all. No matter how you look at it, that's just weird.

I reopened the case that same afternoon and, strangely enough, I began making connections that previously eluded me.

It would appear the trend persisted during his genin and early chuunin days as well. Though his mission performance was never criticized as poor, records show that Yashamaru was often transferred from one team to another. He's been in ones with both privileged ninja from famous clans and underprivileged-members-only, yet there is no record as to the reason for the frequent transfers. It was time to do some fieldwork...uh, again I guess. (Did that first time even count?)

I asked around. Ninjas from his academy days, former teammates, neighbors...It was quite illuminating. Apparently, his family was obsessed with money, they signed their "investment" in the Academy so that "it" could marry into a rich clan. Yash had tried to hit everything that moves, man or woman, as long as it was from a rich clan. That and constantly pushing his teammates into reaching new ranks were the source for of his infamy. Somewhere after 30 I lost track of the number of love triangles and feuds. Statements from teammates right after Yashamaru had become a chuunin were the worst, but then suddenly changed into praises (?), soon after which he nets a fiance (a Hyuuga no less!?) and then dumps her (??) and then becomes poster child for the next jounin hanchou (WTF???).

I was so frustrated that I punched a hole in the wall. Why hadn't I taken that near-suicidal undercover mission to Suna? Just when Yash falls into a pattern a curve ball comes flying out of nowhere and smacks me in the face. Thankfully, a quick look at his family situation cleared this mess up. They had died. Double domestic homicide and a suicide.

At this point I had never been more pleased to read those words. Everything was finally falling into place. Family full of domestic violence puts little boy Yash under great stress to bring home the money, insert crappy childhood, love triangles and douchiness shatter ninja teams, Yash becomes chuunin, major cash flow at last, like any poor family that suddenly gets their hands on some real money they go nuts with spending, insert drinking, gambling, drugs, affairs, Yash pushed to become the money goat again, Yash finally gets key into wealthy clan, father comes home drunk catches wife with another man goes into a blind rage, brother comes in stoned and tries to stop him, father kills wife and son then kills himself, Yash finally becomes free, throws away the key to cushy living (which he probably didn't love), insert angry hyuuga ex-girlfriend, Yash changes attitude becomes everyone's BFF.
THE END *sigh of relief*.

I thought I was finally going to put this case to rest when a little detail shattered my whole theory. The time period of the positive statements came BEFORE Yash's family had died. Ok this just doesn't make any sense. Yash's alibi was rock solid. Something's not right here. I'll have to go in deep and report my finding first thing tomorrow morning.
The next report never came, and nether did the ANBU captain. The rest of the ANBU got worried and searched for him. They found his body in his bedroom, medic nins say he had a heart attack the previous night. No signs of foul play. Yashamaru Saeki had a rock solid alibi.

RP Sample: My Bio is my RP sample

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PostSubject: Re: Konoha jounin - Yashamaru Saeki   Fri 23 Sep 2011, 2:53 pm

Well then, here's the customary stamp of approval, but first, I must say I very much enjoyed your bio. No one's ever written one in such a fashion before.

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Konoha jounin - Yashamaru Saeki
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