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 Pandora Phobia (Completely redone)

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Pandora Phobia


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PostSubject: Pandora Phobia (Completely redone)   Fri 16 Sep 2011, 9:42 pm

Name: Pandora Phobia

Nickname: Pan

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Rank: ANBU (Codename: Akuma)

Village: The Hidden Leaf

Affiliations: None

Main: Lightning, Fire, Wind
Subs: N/A

Kekke Genkai: Aoi Kenpai

Personality: Helpful, withdrawn, intelligent, strong, kind, determined, loyal, curious, adventurous.




Pre-ninja Arc

Pandora was born in a small village in the Land of Fire, somewhere apart from the Leaf Village. Her mother was a town villager, but her father was a ninja from the Mist village.

They were never married. Her father only stayed in the town for a few months under the fake alias Kenji Kato; it would turn out later he had a mission to spy on the Leaf Village while hiding in the town. While Kenji only used Pan's mother, Chiharu Kimura, as a cover, Chiharu was deeply in love with him. He certainly didn't mean to get so involved with her, and definitely didn't want a child. Pan was an accident.

However, Kenji's mission ended before he even knew of Pan's existence. He wiped his presence from the town completely, abandoned Chiharu without so much of a 'goodbye'.

Chiharu was heartbroken, but had and kept Pan all the same. She searched for years, trying to find Kenji. When she finally traced him back to the Mist village, she journeyed all the way there to find him. Pandora was four at the time, and went along with her. Upon arrival, she demanded to see 'Kenji Kato'. She was told such a man didn't exist; it was then that she found out he had used a fake alias. She had lost all ways of contacting him.

It was a slow adventure back to the Land of Fire. Chiharu was angry and more depressed than ever. Pan was too young to understand.

One day, while approaching the Fire Country's border, Chiharu and Pan were grabbed and kidnapped by a large man. He used a jutsu to contain them in a cave in the forest; Chiharu recognized him as a ninja and was seized by fear. Pandora, however, was fascinated. Soon after that, the Leaf ANBU arrived, having apparently been tracking the rogue ninja for several days.

The rogue tried to use their lives as bargaining chips, but the ANBU were too fast and strong. They immediately captured the man and set Pandora and Chiharu free. Chiharu came out of the cave, a trembling mess. Pandora had wide eyes and a curious expression; The ANBU were gracious, elegant, and powerful. She immediately decided she wanted to be like them.

Academy Arc

At the ripe old age of seven, Pandora decided to finally ask her mother to move to the Leaf Village where she could learn to be a ninja. Her dream to be an ANBU had never died, but she never discussed it with Chiharu, knowing of her mother's fear of ninja.

Chiharu essentially flipped her shit. Even after several years, she was bitter about Kenji's betrayal, and yelled terrible things at Pandora. Pan, having always been rather apathetic towards most things, wasn't terribly affected by her mother's words. That night, she packed a backpack of her belongings, and set out for the Leaf Village herself.

She was lucky enough to make it there without any encounters with ninja. Upon arrival, she was taken to the Hokage, where she explained her situation. She was given an apartment to live in and immediate entrance to the academy. Chiharu knew where she was; Pan had left a note. However, she never made any attempt to go after her daughter.

Pan immediately excelled in the academy. She was the top of her class, and her instructors all loved her. In a mere year, she passed the exam and was put on a ninja team.

Genin Arc

Pandora was put on a team who had graduated a year previous; however, their third member had already passed on to the ran of chunin and no longer associated with them. Pan was his replacement.

Her sensei was a strict and powerful jounin, who didn't have patience for those without talent. He immediately loved Pan, who had oodles of natural ability, and was rather fond of her other teammate, Daichi. However, the third member, Ren, was a talentless fool, according to their sensei.

Daichi took after their sensei in the sense that he was cold and heartless, strict, and only valued power. Pandora was the only one who held pity for Ren. At night, she'd help him train and improve. They were soon very close friends.

Because of Pan's help, Ren steadily began improving, and as a result, the team pulled together much nicer. Their mission success rate went up, and their sensei entered them in the chunin exams a year after Pan's arrival on the team; they all passed.

Chunin Arc

After becoming Chunin, the team somewhat disbanded, though Pandora remained close with Ren. They trained together regularly. One day, while sparring, Ren managed to maneuver Pandora into a tight situation. She tried to focus on getting away from him, but couldn't come up with anything. Suddenly, her chakra spiked, and a strange blue mist formed among the ground in the area. Another moment, and she was suddenly on the other side of the clearing they were fighting in, shrouded in the strange mist.

She was absolutely bewildered. Her and Ren were both confused, and explored the properties of the blue mist. Ren couldn't do anything with it; only Pan could teleport around on the mist. After further exploration, they concluded she had accidentally accessed the Kekkei Genkai she didn't know she had.

She spent the next four years of her chunin life unlocking new features of her Kekkei Genkai. She decided to call it Aoi Kenpei, literally meaning 'blue power'.

Between training her kekkei genkai, she also expanded her knowledge of elemental jutsu. She mastered the lightning jutsu her sensei had taught her, and began taking up the fire element, thanks to Ren's help. Eventually, despite her rank of a mere chunin, she was recognized as a valuable asset, and chosen to hunt down an A-rank criminal terrorizing a nearby village; the town Pandora had been born in.

She quickly caught up to the criminal, who was using a shady bar as a hideout and base. It was a tough mission, but she successfully captured the man and brought him back to the ANBU for questioning without getting hurt very much.

She was called to the Hokage's office the next day.

Impressed by her skill and abilities, the Hokage offered her the position of Jounin. She accepted happily.

Jounin Arc

Throughout Pandora's year-long jounin career, she was only given individual missions involving hunting down criminals and rouge ninjas due to an ability of Aoi Kenpei allowing for a quick and irreversible death. As a result, she had lots of time to improve her jutsu through training. She mastered more fire jutsu and reconnected with her old teammate Daichi, who had become a member of the ANBU. Daichi was no longer as cold as before and was very open to spending time with her. They became friends and sparring partners.

After a year of refining her techniques, she felt she was an accomplished jounin. But something was missing; her mother. Inspired by her reconciliation with the teammate she never got along with, Pandora decided to visit her mother.

She left for the small town outside of the Leaf Village. While she searched high and low, she couldn't find her mother.

She asked around and eventually found out her mother had committed suicide. Shocked, she returned to her old home, which was now abandoned and dusty, the suicide note still on the small kitchen table.

It was a brief note, talking about how Chiharu was not depressed, but rather too scared to face the future. From what she had heard from the other villagers and what was contained in the note, Pan concluded that her mother had become a paranoid mess after she left, terrified of ninja.

In the end of the note, Chiharu mentioned Pan; how she never looked for her because she didn't want to see what Pandora had become.

Without finishing the note, Pandora dropped the note and returned to the Leaf Village. She renounced the name Kimura, not wanting to be associated with Chiharu's cowardice and weak spirit. Instead, she fashioned herself a new name; Pandora Phobia. Phobia for the unruly fear Chiharu felt for ninja.

Pandora later went to the Hokage to request a spot in the ANBU Black Ops. The Hokage was surprised, but extremely happy to have an excellent agent, and accepted immediately.

And at the age of fourteen and a half, Pandora accomplished the dream she had hosted since she was four years old.


Pandora was warmly welcoming into the ANBU Black Ops. Having served her jounin year as a professional at hunting down criminals, she fit nicely into ANBU. She was put on a squad under the ANBU captain and Daichi. Being the youngest member, the captain immediately took her under his wing. He taught her the art of being stealthy and silence, and even began teaching her some genjutsu, something she had never attempted before.

She became unusually close to the ANBU captain, who was like the big brother she never had. As she got more involved in ANBU, Pan grew more distant from Ren, who was still a chunin.

Over the next year and a half, her code name quickly spread around the Leaf, and she became renowned as a top village ninja. Her Captain had taught her lots of techniques, and had gotten her started on wind element ninjutsu. She was thriving.

On her sixteenth birthday, her squad was assigned a mission to hunt down an S-Rank rogue; he had not only once abandoned the Leaf, but he joined the Akatsuki, then abandoned them as well.

Over the next week, they successfully tracked down the criminal and engaged him in battle.

There was blood.

It was a grueling fight. The criminal was extremely strong and too much for them to handle. Daichi was quickly and gravely injured, leaving Pandora and their captain alone in battle.

Together, they sustained several wounds and injuries, but managed to grab the criminal. Not wanting to let him get away, Pan's captain gave her strict instructions to make sure she destroyed both bodies with her fire jutsu and get Daichi back to the village. Before she could question this request, he used the forbidden jutsu of his clan, sacrificing his life to take the criminal down with him.

And so, Pandora was abruptly left standing in the rain with two corpses beside her, and a half dead teammate lying on the ground.

Her thought process shocked out of her, she quickly burned both corpses, not noticing the emotion leaking out through her tears. She ran over to Daichi, too shocked to fully process the death of her captain. Daichi's vital signs were fading fast. Biting her lip, for the first time, she wished she was better at healing jutsu.

But she couldn't do anything except pick him up and run as fast as she could back home, hoping he could hang on to life until she crossed those gates.

Sometime along the several hour sprint, Daichi passed away. Pandora arrived at the gates, only to find out she was carrying her dead friend.


She was admitted to the infirmary after reporting the successful disposal of the former Akatsuki member at the cost of her other teammates.

After getting out of the hospital, she went to resign from the ANBU. She was ashamed she was unable to help her team, and torn up over the loss of two of the people she was closest to in the world.

The Hokage refused, and instead promoted her to ANBU captain. He insisted she had all the necessary training and traits to make a good leader. Motivated, Pandora decided to recover from the pit she was sinking in to, and try her best to bring ANBU to new levels.

She worked the next year as ANBU captain, doing independent missions in between working at the infirmary, learning medical jutsu from the doctors there, wanting to avoid another disastrous mission.

For the next year, she continued being ANBU captain, but stayed in the village more than the typical black Op, due to her extending her abilities, and working more closely with the village and Hokage.

And here she is...

RP Sample:

~*Pandora entered the small, dusty apartment, her eyes scanning the room. She carelessly shut the door behind her, the 'thud' echoing throughout the abandoned room. Everything she saw was strangely nostalgic, yet completely alien to her at the same time. She zeroed in on a piece of paper resting on the table in the center of the kitchen. With narrowed eyes, she briskly strode towards it and swept the paper up, quickly skimming it.

Her mother's suicide note.

Quickly accepting what it was, her gaze softened, and she read over it more carefully. There was a brief explanation as to why she'd done it, and a mention of Pan at the end.

'... She never came after me because of her fear of ninja?... Tch, stupid...'

Without finishing the letter, she let it fall to the floor as she disappeared from the small apartment where she had grown up. She didn't hesitate to begin a fast-paced journey back to the Leaf Village, leaving her past behind her without a second glance.*~

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Pandora Phobia


Female Posts : 875
Join date : 2009-08-24

PostSubject: Re: Pandora Phobia (Completely redone)   Sun 18 Sep 2011, 4:23 pm

Agi, come approve this naow!
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Erza Isadora :: Leader
Erza Isadora :: Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Pandora Phobia (Completely redone)   Sun 18 Sep 2011, 4:36 pm

Agi's a stupid head made of poop!
:3 Approval granted unless otherwise stated.

Strawberry Fields Forever
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Jounin : Weaponry Master
Jounin : Weaponry Master

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PostSubject: Re: Pandora Phobia (Completely redone)   Sun 18 Sep 2011, 4:41 pm

Pan, I'm also an admin and your friend but I cannot approve this. To be fair with the rest of the characters in here and with respect towards the application routine you must have at least 4 lines in the Personality option.


"I'm Surrounded by idiots" By: Ryan Dunn
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Pandora Phobia


Female Posts : 875
Join date : 2009-08-24

PostSubject: Re: Pandora Phobia (Completely redone)   Sun 18 Sep 2011, 4:47 pm

Pray tell, where in the world is it a rule to have four lines for personality? The site template everyone follows just asks 'how your character acts'.

So I listed personality traits. Tah-dah.
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Jounin : Weaponry Master
Jounin : Weaponry Master

Male Posts : 209
Join date : 2009-08-28
Age : 29
Location : Take the Never Sidewalk and keep going till you Reach Forever

PostSubject: Re: Pandora Phobia (Completely redone)   Sun 18 Sep 2011, 4:48 pm

...... I could've sworn I read that somewhere . Wow, I must be dumb.


"I'm Surrounded by idiots" By: Ryan Dunn
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PostSubject: Re: Pandora Phobia (Completely redone)   

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Pandora Phobia (Completely redone)
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