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 Ichitenbun Gekkou

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PostSubject: Ichitenbun Gekkou   Tue 09 Mar 2010, 9:03 pm

Name: Ichitenbun Gekkou

Nickname: Ichi, Gecko, Ethereal Executioner

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Rank: ((Up to the Mizukage))

Former Rank:

Village: Kirigakure no Sato


Elements: Suiton/Doton

Kekke Genkai:
The Ichitenbun's kekkei genkai was nicknamed the Keireime, or Executioner's Eye. The Eye is said to be a mutation of the sharingan that holds the complete counter of the illustrious kekkei genkai. The clan of Ichitenbun, though originally found in the Leaf, switched its loyalties to the Mist only sixty years after the development of their ability. They felt it was their destiny to wipe Uchiha off of the face of the planet for life. Naturally, they were disappointed when the Uchiha known as Itachi slaughtered his clan. Their eye held the key to combating one of the most powerful doujutsu in history. The eye grants the user one of several abilities. New abilities are unlocked with each 'hue' or level. The first ability is to cast anyone who comes into eye contact with them into a spell that speeds up what they see tenfold. It is a form of genjutsu that can rarely be broken. The second ability is that the eye allows the user to recognize the opponent's genjutsu and counter them. This ability comes in the second 'hue'. The third and final ability is the ability to put a victim under a genjutsu much like Tsukiyomi. However, instead of being almost mentally lethal, this genjutsu simply causes the opponent to shut their eyes and never open them again. The genjutsu casts them into a world of darkness, an illusion that the user has gone blind.

The kekkei genkai first activates when a member of the clan goes up against the sharingan for the first time. Much like the sharingan, the Keireime's second hue activates when the user is pushed to a level well beyond their limit, or under an extremely stressful position. The final hue, however, can only be activated if the user makes a 'pact' with another person((players only, no NPC's)). This pact is basically a contract that both sign in their own blood by making the Ichitenbun clan symbol on their body. This contract connects their lifeline, meaning that if the person who signs the contract dies the clan member loses their third hue. Members of the contract can feel when the other is in danger, and contract members often create a summoning jutsu for the other contract member.

The drawbacks to the Keireime are similar to those of the sharingan. The chakra drain is there, but it is so minimal that a user could practically have it permenantly activated. However, after thirteen uses of the third hue the user bleeds from their eyes, usually resulting in death.

Hue 1:

Hue 2:

Hue 3:

Gekkou is a tricky bastard. He uses genjutsu upon genjutsu in multi-layered assaults on his opponent's mind, and allows for little chance of the opponent surviving his attacks. If he doesn't think and attack will be at least minimally effective he won't use it. Gekkou is an intense thinker, but he is by no means slow in coming up with a strategy. He thinks on his feet, spending the first chunk of a battle to completely measure his opponent before deciding the best way to take him down. He is vicious, leaving no opportunity for survival at all. However, he is not cruel, any and all kills he makes are quick and as painless as he can make them. While in combat he disregards both his allies and his opponents, and would sooner run his ally through to get to his enemy than he would take a hit for them. In the heat of battle he shows no mercy for those who get in the way, because it is their fault. He will fight anyone but children, purely because he wants them to grow and become a real threat so that their death will be a greater honor down the road.

Interaction with people:
Gekkou is very personable. He really enjoys chatting with people, and often finds himself disguised in some bar or another so that he can chat without fear of rogue shinobi assaulting him. He is extremely charismatic, but it goes more deeply than that. His blunt honesty and ability to read people allows him to get deep inside people's heads fast. He can figure someone out simply through their mannerisms, physical appearance, reactions, and even what they say. With this he can either break them with a few sentences or get a woman to fall for him easily. This comes in handy often, as it allows him to pull cons and gain trust without all that much in the way of effort. He loves being the one that everyone likes but no one talks to, because he honestly hates attention, but he hates loneliness even more.

Gekkou is outwardly a very confident person. He fronts his confidence to keep people from finding his weak points. When he talks he seems arrogant, confident, and strong-willed. On the inside he lacks all arrogance, confidence, and strength in will. If it weren't for his rank he would most likely break down at the slightest insult, but he forces himself to remain strong and keep acting the way he does because of the rank he holds in his village. If one of his rank were to break down because someone made a jab at his dead mother the entire village would lose respect for them. He truly hates himself, both for what hes done and what he can't do. Mentally he is constantly telling himself that he can't do things and that he sucks at everything he tries, even when its obvious that he doesn't.

Gekkou is a lover of foods and flowers, he spends most of his time in the Sand Greenhouse purely because he loves the brilliance of life in an expanse of drought and death. He really likes reading, and is often found walking around with his nose in a book, which usually ends in him hitting a person or a wall. His life is his music, he is always listening to it and finding more music to listen to and enjoy. He does not like pain, or people who talk about what they don't know. He hates being picked on, and seeing others get picked on. Not a fan of violence, Gekkou prefers dispatching of people with words or at least genjutsu to avoid bloodshed. His favorite food is sushi, he could eat it all day. He loves the colors silver and black, though he is often the first to point out that black isn't actually a color. He is afraid of drowning, ironically, and of being left alone. Gekkou wants to see a world where everyone is cared for, no one is forsaken, and even orphans in a rough neighborhood can sleep without fear.

Head & Face:
Gekkou has deep brown eyes, and shaggy brown hair. He keeps it short in the back, and long enough in the front and sides to cover the tops of his ears and fall in front of his face every-so-often. He generally sweeps his bangs over to the left, causing them to rest on his forehead as opposed to sitting in his eyes. Gekkou has a childish face, small and round. His chin is rounded, his lips thin. He has a cute button nose, and large eyes that always seem to be taking in information. Gekkou has no scars on his face, but running from behind his ear to about the middle of his neck is a scar from a fight back in his childhood that never went away. His ears are small and slightly pointed, giving him an all-around elfish appearance. Gekkou is often found wearing some form of fedora or other hat to block out the sun from his face. He loves listening to music, and always has headphones either around his neck on over his ears.

Upper Body:
Gekkou, having trained in taijutsu for nearly 9 years, has a well-built body. However, his muscles are compact and don't show very well. In other words, he has a lot of muscle, but he doesn't look like a body builder. His veins are always bulging on his arms because of the muscles he has, his skin pale which defines these veins even more. His hands are small, and a bit on the thick side. His fingers are longer but they also have a certain thickness to them, his knuckles bulging and bony creating a painful effect in his punches for both him and his opponents. Most of his height is in his legs, so his torso is short, but this only shows when he sits down. He is extremely skinny, his ribs showing slightly when his shirt is off. He has a six pack, but hides it with baggy t-shirts. Gekkou enjoys wearing t-shirts and a dress shirt over it, generally in matching colors. The T-shirts usually have some random, cool graphic on them, sometimes advertising the artists he listens to.

Lower Body:
The majority of Gekkou's height is in his legs. They are long, and powerful. The muscles on his legs, like the rest of his body, are compact but that doesn't mean they aren't there. Like most men he has larger feet, which he keeps protected with hardened leather combat boots. The boots have zippers up the side as opposed to laces, making it much easier for him to slide them on and off. He enjoys wearing jeans, which are usually covered in ink because of the doodles he makes on them when he is sitting down and doesn't want to pay attention to anything. His jeans are generally worn and torn a bit because of the nature of his job. He enjoys wearing random belts, generally studded or otherwise decorated in random dark fashions. His favorite belt to wear, however, is a simple belt with a black and white checkered pattern.

Distinguishing Features/Tattoos/Jewelry/etc.:
Gekkou only has a few distinguishing features. The first is his dress style, as few dress the way he does in his village. The second is the scar on his neck, a unique one that could be used to identify him should he became a criminal once again. He enjoys wearing random wrist bands, generally with a cool graphic or quote on it, sometimes even song lyrics. Gekkou wears a lot of rings, mainly just metal bands and ones with random patterns, they change every day. However, the one that remains the same is the one on his right ring finger. This silver ring bears a celtic knot design wrapping around it in green. Gekkou has no tattoos, or scars other than the one on his neck.

Bio: Gekkou was born on a cold October day, the day of the Pagan holiday, All-Hallows Eve. His mother died of complications, bringing him into the world and leaving his father in the process. His father grieved, but chose to keep Gekkou and raise him as his own anyway. However, this would prove much too difficult for Gekkou's father, and the roles would end up changing though Gekkou was still extremely young. They lived in a bad part of Konohagakure, just by the southern wall where the only shinobi who patrolled were those who were on wall duty, and they didn't care about what went on below. Gekkou was forced to get tough fast, he taught himself to fight and scare away people even before joining in the Shinobi Academy. Gekkou's father didn't know about Gekkou signing up; he was a carpenter who had a sore spot for shinobi since his late wife had been a kunoichi. So, Gekkou would show up to the first day, filthy and beaten down badly, without a parent. He felt nothing but embarrassment when he saw the condition of all of the other shinobi children, each with one or even two parents holding their hands as they entered the grounds. The teachers caught one look at him, with his long and untidy hair and his torn up clothes that seemed too big for him, and labeled him trouble. They kept a close eye on him, and treated him coldly. All except for one of his teachers. He soon grew close to the teacher, treating him like an uncle or even a second father. This man, who was named Daisuke, showed no prejudice against Gekkou for the place that he lived or the way that he dressed. That was a rare thing, even amongst the students who had outcast him. He was a scumbag, a nobody, a criminal in their eyes, though he had done nothing wrong yet. It was two years into the academy that Gekkou's father died, never telling him of the abilities that Gekkou's blood carried on from his mother's side. Gekkou still lived in the house, alone, trying to make a life for himself. His father's retirement checks had been keeping food on the table and a roof over their head, now Gekkou had to resort to criminal efforts to bring in money. In his side of the village no one cared who did what, so getting away with it was easy, and it brought in just enough to keep him alive. For two years he lived this way, toughening up more and more as he proceeded to develop as a shinobi. It was then that he graduated.

Gekkou graduated in a class of fifteen boys and only seven girls. It was his luck that he would be placed with two women and a female Jounin squad leader. However, he didn't mind. As long as everyone did their job and he stayed out of the drama everything was good. However, he would soon discover that not everything goes according to his plan. The two girls began fighting, becoming catty and seeking for Gekkou to pick a side. Confused, he went to his squad leader. She only laughed, and told him that he should not choose a side, it would only cause trouble. However, Gekkou couldn't do that. He had feelings for the one named Yumi, and wanted nothing more than to take her side. He knew, though, that taking her side would result in breaking the team up. So, he went to Daisuke for advice. Daisuke, ever the romantic, told him to tell Yumi of his feelings. If she felt the same, no amount of teamwork would be able to make up for what she could give him, and if she didn't then life would go on as it was. So, Gekkou went to tell her. Yumi felt the same for Gekkou, and everything seemed fine until their teammate Tetsu found out. Infuriated, she swore that she would never talk to either again unless a mission forced her to. This made training with her difficult, and as a result when they fought on one side their teamwork was off. However, Yumi was far stronger than either of them so she could pick up Tetsu's slack. One day, the power would go to Yumi's head. She wanted to be given a rank she deserved, but the Hokage insisted that she take the Chuunin exam and work for her rank. Infuriated, she left the village. Gekkou was crushed, he had lost his love for power. Determined to show her his own power and join her no matter what it took, he asked his sensei to put them in the Chuunin exam.

Gekkou and Tetsu joined the Chuunin exam together, but after the first two exams they agreed that they were no longer a team. They would not support each other, they would not help each other, and they would not train each other. It ended up being Tetsu's loss, because she would fail the exam. Gekkou was placed against one of the few remaining Uchiha in the world. He had joined the hidden sound village, which had a total of only three squads participating in the Chuunin Exams. While they fought Gekkou was exposed to the Sharingan, and in turn released his own Keireime. This was as much a surprise to him as it was to anyone else, since the Ichitenbun clan had long since moved from the leaf. They fought, and the Uchiha spoke of a girl matching Yumi's description. Gekkou decided that after becoming a chuunin he would leave and seek out the Sound to find Yumi. With his new ability he believed he could match her power. However, the battle wasn't as easy to win as he had expected. Though he was successful in placing the Uchiha under a genjutsu. the Uchiha broke and countered it. It became a battle of genjutsu,one that Gekkou would win. He placed his opponent under a six layer genjutsu composed of six D-C ranked genjutsu. With such a powerful combo, even the Uchiha was overwhelmed. After that it was just a matter of holding a blade to his throat until the referee called it his match. Gekkou would receive his vest within two weeks afterward. The next day he suffocated the guard with that same vest and escaped once he was sure the guard wouldn't follow.

It wouldn't have taken him long to find the sound, but instead he chose to seek out his clan and learn of his own powers so that he would have something to offer to the new village. While stopping in the Mist village he looked through their records, sneaking into the building and hoping they would be none-the-wiser. He was knocked out and captured by two shinobi. Waking up in a dark cellar, he was questioned as to why he was looking up the Ichitenbun clan history and powers. Gekkou revealed his second hue under the stress of believing he would die alone. When the interrogator saw the hue activate, he instantly recognized it and had him released. Gekkou had accidentally found his clan. He was trained by them for two years, given their weapons and taught to use them. They taught him clan techniques and genjutsu, and how to fully master the art of the Keireime.

The day he was released back into the real world, after training in the arts of the Ichitenbun clan, he would immediately find his way to the Mizukage's office. It was time he tried to enlist in the Shinobi ranks, and hopefully help his new homeland.

RP Sample:
Just an hour before sunset was the time; the town was the place. What a lovely concept, fate, it brings people apart and tears others from each other. It's so fair and just, and yet some choose to whine and bitch about how it hates them. What a ridiculous thought, fate hating someone, thought the beautiful woman known as Nagare Warui. More specifically, she thought this as she wandered her way into a dark alleyway. Because of the convenient placement of the buildings, the sun shown through into the alleyway, despite its low position in the sky. This sunlight revealed her appearance to anyone who happened to sneak a peak at the figure as she walked into that vacant space between a filthy strip club and a pawn shop. Nagare looked an eighteen year old girl, but if that was the age you would guess you'd be more wrong than a straight man in the fashion industry. She had slightly tanned flesh, unmarred by acne or scars despite her age. Standing at only five feet four inches, she was an average height for a woman. She was nearly twig-thin, with a flat-yet visibly unmuscular- stomach. Her arms didn't appear to carry that much muscle in them, because her muscles are compact and wire-like. This was a result of more acrobatics and such than actual combat training. Nagare had a heart shaped face with sharp, defined features. Set in her eye sockets were matching cyan-colored eyes, like the brilliant sky above her. These eyes were rimmed by black eye liner and eye shadow, bringing out the brilliant hue even further. Nagare's eyebrows were thin and arched, ebony in color just like her hair. Between those cyan eyes was a thin, bony nose, her lips also thin, and a light, rosy pink shade. She had high cheek bones, small round ears, and a regal air about her. Her smile was brilliant, revealing perfectly aligned, achromatic teeth. She wore her ebony hair down around the sides of her head, pushing the bangs to the sides to frame her face, while the back was pulled into a ponytail that spanned down half of her back. Moving on a bit lower, her neck was an average height, her shoulders not very wide. She had an average bust, which she had wrapped in a bikini top. Her favorite bikini top to wear is a white one with black pokadots, and that was exactly the one that she was wearing. Her arms were long and slender, her hands small with longer, bony fingers. Fingernails painted black, both middle fingers containing rings in the form of dragon heads. Even further down, she had wide, shapely hips. This was because of her feminine qualities, brought on by puberty. She was wearing jeans, black as her hair. Because she was so skinny, she had to wear a black studded belt, to keep her pants from falling down. Upon her feet were black converse sneakers, with red laces poking out and brilliant white toes.

The alleyway she had stepped into had about as many things to take in as her, which weren't much. The ground was made of dirt, scattered rocks playing the role of eye catcher, should one walk staring at the ground. The rich brown, almost black, dirt was occasionally broken up by white pebbles and other small, white, rocks; like stars on the inky night sky. On either side of her, just three feet in, were two dumpsters, one for each building that made the alleyway. The walls were made of brick, both, and close enough that even she could reach out and touch both with her fingertips. Dirt scattered as she walked on in, kicking it up as her feet skidded over the ground. Next to the green dumpsters were garbage bags that hadn't fit, though the alleyway didn't really seem to stink all that much. It was only a few more feet in that she would reach a wall that marked the end of the alley. The wall was identical to the two buildings, and in the dimming light became almost invisible to her. A sun sank down the horizon, marking a new night and a new form for the beautiful girl who had entered the alleyway.

Suddenly, her form began to become engulfed in shadows. The shadows swirled around her, lashing out at the alleyway, creating gashes in the walls as if they were the claws of a massive beast. Within seconds the sunset was over, and night came into the scene. The sky turned inky black, pinpricked with white lights, and one massive white circle that was a full moon beginning its feverish run from the wolves that the cruel Norse gods had set after it. Shadows fell from her body like water, hitting the dirt and sinking in like it was being absorbed. The form that was left was an astonishing one. She appeared to age at least four more years, being in her early twenties now. Once lightly tanned skin was now a stone grey, though not unappealing; it was smooth, soft looking, and unmarred just like her human form. A small stretch of yellow flew from her body as the hair-tie snapped, allowing her hair to flow down as it should. Wavy bangs covered one eye, her hair seeming to have grown and gone from straight to a beautiful wavy texture. It fell over her chest, spanning down to about her belly button, the back falling to the same length; her silky hair was still dark as the sky above her. Goat-like horns protruded from her shoulder, spanning on either side of her face and protruding a little bit out. Like a reverse-halo, a small black semi-circle, set with glowing rubies, floated above her head. Floating in front of this semi-circle was a glowing ruby in the form of an arrowhead. Within this semi-circle was yet another ruby. Her visage was emotionless, cold, and beautiful. High cheek bones, regal features matching her human forms. The only difference was that her lips were more full, colorless, and her eyes were crimson in color. Cloth tore itself from her, now five foot seven, body as onyx-like material covered her. It spanned the top half of her rib cage, covering the outside slopes of her breasts, including the nipples, and also formed around her upper arms. The material covering her breasts seemed to span to her back, a pair of massive bat-like wings growing from the armor. The wings were folded due to the lack of space, but one could guess that the wing span was nearly two meters. Like the bikini the jeans were destroyed, in their place was a skimpy piece of cloth that covered her hips, vagina, and butt crack, but not much more. Flowing from the back of this cloth came a small cape-like length of material which whipped around her, the force of her appearance creating a small tunnel of wind which swirled around her. Covering her legs, from halfway up her thigh down to her toes, was that same ebony rock-like material. Though the material looked like rock, and was hard as rock on the outside, it was like she was naked to her, not restricting movement at all. She smiled, a door to the alleyway opening.

A young man stumbled through, obviously drunk. He was fair skinned, with blond hair and green eyes. The suit coat he had been wearing was hanging from his right arm, nearly torn off; presumably by a stripper, his shirt dishevelled and his tie falling off. The drunk man release a load of vomit before looking up at her, as if seeing light for the first time. Drool hung from his pathetic face as he stepped toward her, overpowered by her natural ability to turn any man into a willing sex slave. He neared her, but she wouldn't have it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the throwing daggers which she kept hidden in human form appeared in her hand. She threw the dagger, grazing his neck. Suddenly, he grasped at it, screaming with agony. The blade had barely drawn blood, but its affect would prove more devastating than any laceration. She smiled, throwing another two, which would graze his arms. Two more and his legs would feel the same insane suffering that his neck was experiencing. As he screamed like you wouldn't believe, she collected the knives, causing them to disappear in a puff of smoke-like shadows. Suddenly, her bare, stony-grey hand reached out and grasped him by his neck. She pulled him closer, lifting him into the air. At this point the pain was so unbelievable that he couldn't even cry out. A look of fury crossed her face for a moment, before smoothing back out into its emotionless visage.

"Well, aren't you useless." She growled to the pathetic man, before clenching her fingers around his throat. Blood scattered across the alley walls, and the chest of Albatross. She dropped the corpse, reaching down to her chest where she would wipe off his blood with one finger. Putting that finger in her mouth, she licked her finger clean, taking in the delicious taste of blood once more. "It's been too long." She giggled to herself, before turning to see what other fun she could have.

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PostSubject: Re: Ichitenbun Gekkou   Tue 09 Mar 2010, 9:29 pm

... I just read that entire thing... Good job! Approved... And your rank may beeeee.... Chuunin or Jounin, whichever you prefer. >>
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Yeh, what I said >3
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Ichitenbun Gekkou
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