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 Danzo ~ Root of All Evil

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PostSubject: Danzo ~ Root of All Evil   Sun 31 Jan 2010, 7:25 pm

Name: Danzo

Nickname: The Root of Evil

Age: 72

Gender: M

Rank: Retired Ninja

Village: Konohagakure

Personality: Danzō is a calm and collected individual. Like the Root members that serve under him, he does not allow his emotions to surface. He has been seen losing his composure on only one occasion: when the Fire Daimyo was considering Kakashi Hatake for the position of Sixth Hokage. Danzō believes that Kakashi, like the five previous Hokage, would place morals and peace above Konoha's best interests and lead the village to destruction. For this same reason he does not approve of Tsunade (the granddaughter of the First Hokage and a student of the Third), though he speaks to her politely.

Danzō says that he seeks peace for the ninja world, one he would achieve by uniting all shinobi forces under Konoha's control. Danzo also believes he is the only one capable of achieving this giving him a messiah complex. To that end, he works in the shadows to ensure that this future comes to fruition. He uses Root to eliminate potential threats to Konoha (with or without the consent of the Hokage) and to further him along the path to becoming Hokage, as he believes he is best prepared for the "necessary" transition. Because of the nature of his actions, Danzō cannot allow the details of what he has done become public knowledge, and thusly brands members of Root with cursed seals to prevent them from revealing his secrets.

However, his loyalty is questionable, because while he speaks about make Konoha stronger, he has no qualms in sacrificing significant portions of village in a bid to become Hokage, or providing information to Orochimaru on Konoha's ANBU members for a chance to assassinate Sasuke Uchiha. His motives seem to stem from a god-like complex, strongly believing he is the only one who knows what is best for the world and only he can change the world for the better.

Danzō is not above using his enemies to achieve his goals. He worked with Hanzō in exchange for help with becoming Hokage, allowed Akatsuki to destroy Konoha in its search for Naruto Uzumaki to help facilitate a coup against Tsunade, and has some history with Orochimaru. The Fourth Raikage suspects that Danzō was involved with Otogakure and Sunagakure's plot to invade Konoha, which led to the deaths of the Third Hokage and the Fourth Kazekage. He is, however, prone to breaking such allegiances; although Danzō promises Itachi Uchiha that he will not harm Sasuke, he nevertheless sends Sai to assassinate Sasuke and after his meeting with Madara.

His fellow elders, Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, hold Danzō in high regard, and often take his advice when dealing with the politics of the village. It is unknown how much they know about his actions.


Bio: In the past, Danzō competed with Hiruzen Sarutobi for the position of Third Hokage. When he was not selected for the position, he created the ANBU faction named Root. Although the group was later officially disbanded, it remains active. During the Third Great Shinobi World War, Danzō agreed to help Hanzō of Amegakure in order to receive help in claiming the title of Hokage. He sent some of his forces to deal with the Ame Orphans, but they were all wiped out by Nagato.

After the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked Konoha, Danzō was one of the elders to suspect that the Uchiha clan was involved due to their history of summoning the Nine-Tails, and supported the distancing of them to a secluded area of the village where they could easily be monitored. When word reached Konoha's leadership of a planned coup d'etat by the Uchiha clan, Danzō took advantage of Itachi Uchiha's pacifist tendencies and convinced him to provide him and the other elders with information on the clan's actions. When Hiruzen's attempts to end the coup diplomatically failed, Itachi was ordered to wipe out the Uchiha clan. However, Itachi refused to kill his younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha, and threatened to share everything he knew about Konoha with rival countries if Danzō ever harmed Sasuke. He met with Madara Uchiha around this time for as yet unknown reasons. At some point, after Shisui Uchiha was killed, Danzō implanted Shisui's right Sharingan and arm into his own body. He also worked with Orochimaru to implant Hashirama Senju's DNA into his right arm, in order to gain the Wood Release.

Although he normally appears to be a frail old man, Danzō is an extremely powerful ninja. He has been shown using several powerful techniques that are either rare or forbidden. He is a proficient swordsman, being skilled enough to easily kill several would-be-assassins single-handedly. He is also well-versed in sealing techniques, as shown when he placed a binding seal on Sasuke which temporarily paralyzed him, and his placement of binding seals on all Root members which stops them from speaking openly of Danzō and "Root" . In addition, Danzō is capable of dispelling Genjutsu as powerful as Tsukuyomi; an impressive feat, though the technique has yet to be fully perfected by Sasuke.

Elemental Release Techniques
Danzō's using Wood Release.Danzō is proficient with Wind Release techniques. After performing the necessary hand seals, he can exhale from his mouth powerful vacuum-based attacks that can either slash like blades or pierce like bullets. He can also use Wind Release to blow himself to safety while in mid-air. Danzō can also perform the Chakra Flow, enhancing his weapon's offensive power by pouring his wind natured chakra through it.

By having the First Hokage's cells integrated into his right arm, Danzō can use Hashirama's unique Wood Release. The implanted cells also have the additional benefit of boosting Danzō's physical energy, allowing him to sustain eleven Sharingan at once despite being a non-Uchiha. Performing the Wood Release takes a significant toll on his chakra, prompting him to only use it when necessary. It also appears that he can only use the Wood Release from his right, augmented arm, although he can do so without needing hand seals. Due to his possession of the Wood Release, he might also be capable of utilizing the two elements that composes it: earth and water. However, after being drained significantly from his battle against Sasuke Uchiha, Danzō lost control of Hashirama's cells, which began to swallow him whole. To prevent that, he disconnected his right arm, along with the Wood Release technique.

Shisui's Sharingan and Arm
Danzō's Sharingan.Danzō possesses the Sharingan of Shisui Uchiha, which he normally keeps concealed under bandages to conserve chakra as he is not an Uchiha. His Sharingan is apparently damaged as Danzō himself stated that Orochimaru's data could help with his eye. Despite this he is very skilled at using it, detecting multiple shinobi assassins in the forest and massacring them all with his sword. He also has access to a technique exclusive to Shisui, through which he can manipulate other people's thoughts without them being aware of it. This technique does not require direct eye contact, as demonstrated when Danzō manipulated Mifune's thoughts without exposing his Sharingan. Danzō states that he can only use this technique once a day.

The many Sharingan on Danzō's right arm.Danzō's most fearsome trait resides in his right arm, which holds a total of ten Sharingan embedded onto it. He normally keeps the arm hidden under bandages and a bolt mechanism, presumably to conserve chakra. The eyes allow him access to the Izanagi technique, a jutsu forbidden even amongst the Uchiha clan. When the justu is activated, Danzō temporarily gains the power to turn the reality within his personal space into an illusion. With the ability to turn his own body into a genjutsu, Danzō is capable of negating any injury he should receive from an opponent. This allows him to survive otherwise fatal attacks, while still retaining the ability to inflict physical injury to his opponent. However, the side effect of the jutsu is that for every 60 seconds Izanagi remains activated, Danzō must sacrifice the sight of one of his Sharingan. Also, even with Danzō's physical energy augmented by Hashirama's cells, it still takes a substantial amount of chakra to sustain the technique. Danzō can also perform the Izanagi with Shisui's eye, but Madara noted that Danzō might not want to throw the eye's special dōjutsu away.

According to Madara, Danzō's possession of both the Uchiha Clan's and First Hokage's abilities must probably mean that he is after Naruto with the goal of controlling the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

Summoning Technique Danzō has access to a very unique summoning, a giant tapir creature known as a Baku, the "Nightmare-Eater". The creature has the ability to suck in objects and targets within the area in front of it. The Baku's suction can also be used to increase the power of Danzō's wind techniques. However, using the suction can leave the creature vulnerable against fire techniques.
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Danzo ~ Root of All Evil
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