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 Metsuki Migoto

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Migōtō Metsuki


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PostSubject: Metsuki Migoto   Wed 27 Jan 2010, 4:39 am

Name: Migoto Metsuki
Nickname: Migo
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Elemental Release: Raiton Release.
Rank: B-Ranked Missing Ninja.
Village: Rogue/Missing. Born in Konaha. Raised/Slaved in Otogakure.
KKG: No Bloodline.
Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken, Smoke Bombs, Exploding Tags, Ninja Wire, Exploding Pouch, Soldier Pills, Matches, Oil, Fuuma Shuriken
Personality: Renesmee has a typical friendly and bubbly personality in herself. She is a fun person and is rather up-beat and happy most of the time. She seems to find the good in a situation most of the time and this leads her to being sort of a pacifist. She's excited and energetic almost at all times and laughing and smiling at times. Though she also slightly airheaded and ditzy; not getting logic and typical smart talk.

Though there is the second side to Renesmee; in which her curse mark beholds. This side is basically physically the same Renesmee but mentally an entire different persona that is sealed within the curse. This Nessie has no regard for friendships or anybody and will do anything for a cheap win or to kill somebody. Rather insane included with talking to herself, cutting herself and an authentic evil laugh.

Appearance: Renesmee is 5'4 and weights just around 115lbs. She has what people call "porcelain" skin which is often referred to the color of creme. People then say that she has beautiful eyes. Her eyes take the color of crisp light blue; almost resembling sapphire with their unique coloring. Her hair is unnatural to her eye color but also parts with her. It's red; but not firey red but more or so a light red that is almost light brown with a tint of pink. Hard to explain really, but it's her hair color. She has a thin nose that is in normal position on her face along with thin radiant pink lips. She has a small body frame and doesn't look like much at first and potential glance. On her forehead; towards the left side is the kanji for dark inscribed in dark coloring. It is mainly covered by her hair when she is out.

Bio: "She's beautiful," cooed her mother who went by the name of Hakari Asai. She held her in the arms of the Hospital of Konahagakure. The father of this child was Rusuban Atoyrii. He was a rogue ninja that was harmful to the lands. Hakari had wished to never deal with him, but this child is what she had kept. It was her only remaining memory of what could've been. She named it Renesmee; after her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother was named Esme and her mother was named Ren, creating Renesme, adding an extra e to create Renesmee. This was her first born child.

They mad their way in a hard time during life. Hakari was kicked out at first sign of her pregnancy from her parents, being only 17 at the time, and was practically living at a friends house. After they hinted about the noise of the baby and how they didn't want her to live there any longer. She took this strongly and too heart and she left the village on account of a vacation; but she never did seem to return. She only went to the village of Otogakure in order to try to find Rusuban; the father of the child. She did find him, in the village that went by the name of Shan Guo.

When she found him, it resulted in an empty argument. Rusuban laughed while Hakari threatened to hit him, to attack him, to kill him. While he was laughing, Hakari lashed out at him rather quickly and the two engaged in a heated battle. Hakari ended up scratching the side of Rusuban's face but he had ultimately killed her right in front of Renesmee's eyes. She looked along at this like nothing had happened and the baby was completely clueless at this point. Her father took her and tried to raise her the best that he could; but it was almost impossible at this point.

With that said and done, one day they were attacked. He was a minion for Orochimaru and he had turned up his daughter for science. He honestly hadn't cared towards her and she was only 12 years old at the time. By now things were still coming along and she had tests ran upon her and was a prisoner. She knew death was to come sooner or later and had been there for an entire year of agony before she was used for experimenting. She ended up alive, unlike others. But she was extremely sickly, along with a few others.

But Orochimaru got lazy and left the cell open. They broke out which caused the Mass Breakout that Sasuke Uchiha was called upon, alongside Karin, to help and find the prisoners. Renesmee was amongst the first to escape and had made her way out of the forest quickly and sprinted for a nearby village. After this, she wanted to go into disguise but she had to run and to escape. She took refuge in this village and by now she was already 13, almost going on 14. She made her way along so that she wasn't in one place too long.

For now on, she was a rogue ninja; going wherever the wind was too take her. One day in an alley in the Fuuma District she was cornered in the alley by a man. His intentions were disgusting at this point and he had her trapped and he was rather larger. She was angered and the anger systems within her body had contacted with the cursed seal and had activated it. The mark on her head began to glow and the transformation happened for the first time. Renesmee had experienced the split Renesmee for the first time and killed the guy; using a darkness blast to make a crater in the ground and to turn him into nothing but oblivion.

After this first experience, she hadn't contacted with her curse marked any time from there-on, but she is continued to travel as a rogue here.

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PostSubject: Re: Metsuki Migoto   Wed 27 Jan 2010, 11:33 pm

Approved~! Welcome to the site :D. We'll have to see about your rank though.
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Migōtō Metsuki


Female Posts : 27
Join date : 2010-01-27
Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: Metsuki Migoto   Thu 28 Jan 2010, 1:01 am

Oh ohkay. I'll lower it to C or D if you need to.
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PostSubject: Re: Metsuki Migoto   

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Metsuki Migoto
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