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 Buffy's weapons of ultimate vampire destruction-- Kidding. She's not the vampire slayer~!

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PostSubject: Buffy's weapons of ultimate vampire destruction-- Kidding. She's not the vampire slayer~!   Mon 25 Jan 2010, 2:27 am

So. IF YE READ MAH CHARACTER... Info... thing... You may be wondered. "HAY?! WHAT ARE THESE STRANGE POWERFUL WEAPON GLOVES SHE HEZ?!" ... Well. I'll show you.

... No literally; i have a picture.

Ain't they pretteh?.. Yeah. Anyways.

SO. Were going to ignore the names on top of each glove, because THEY ARE INCORRECT~!!.... And the original maker of the picture put them there... Inconvenient bastard... YEAH.

So. That sexy glove on the far left there? Well.... That one doesn't have a name~! We'll call it Bob, for now. So, Bob has a very cool power~!... as does every other glove. Soooo... Yeah. Bob, is the WEAPON GLOVE~! ... What is Bob's ability? Well. Bob has metallic synthesis. Bob can make metal weapons~!... which I then use to own ass. Tee-hee~! <3

Now. THE ONE NEXT TO BOB. It doesn't have a name either. We'll name it... Laurie. Because it looks like a female glove. Yeah. SO, LAURIE... Is a healing glove. While wearing thiiiis glove~? I can heal shit~! Yay, medical jutsu~!... Yup. So. MOVING ALONG.

THE GLOVE NEXT TO LAURIE... ON THE RIGHT... WITH THE RANDOM NAKED... Mermaid?... Anyways. That glove is named lust. Lust forms strange pink and purple bubbles, which then have a variety of ways to fuck up opponents~! One; If a single purple bubble hits them in the head, it sends their emotions into.. well, haywire. They could experience a second of fear, then anxiety, then happiness, then anger... And it keeps randomly switching~! Until the person is all "WTFOMGBBQ!" And they spazz on themselves, unable to function. :3
Now, a PINK bubble... When hits the person somewhere near the heart, they develop a horribly deep infatuation for meee~! And when that happens... they simply don't have the heart to attack, now do they? :D
THEN. When attacked with a CLUSTER of both pink and purple bubbles, GENJUTSU OCCURS. Prepare to be mindfucked, bitches.

NEEEXT GLOVE~! This one actually has a name. Because I'm a bitch, I named it grape juice. Seemingly innocent, eh?... NOT. Grape juice manipulates poison, and pwns ass with it. :3 It can maaakes... Poison flames, poison gas, and liquid poison~!... all three forms appear PURPLE... So if you see purple anything? RUN FOR THEEE HILLS~!!

... Second last glove. I call it Warp. Why? Because it can WARP GRAVITY... To a certain degree. It forms a bubble... not much bigger than a person. And anything inside teh bubble~? IS, DE-GRAVITY...FIED! ... Yeah. Aside from that, it can generate gravity forcefields... also not much bigger than a person... and because it's gravity, it can REPEL shit D:

LAAAST GLOVE~!... On the right there, dears. :3 Looks kinda fire-y, eh?... Well that's because it manipulates fire, sillies~! Pretty simple, no?

So. Gloves can only be used one at a time, but they can morph nearly instantaneously. There's no combining gloves. Boo hoo. :C


... That's not all. There's oooone more thing... Buffy's kekkei genkai, of course~!

So. The kekkei genkai is unnamed.... Because I didn't know about it. Until after I killed mah family. SHIT~!... But oh well. So. If you look verrryyy carefully at my avatar? (I'll put a picture here later...)
... You probably notice a strange tail and wings~! Well. That not just an inconvenience in the picture~! NO SIR~!... That would be the feature of the kekkei genkai, i have unlocked so far... :D

Basically, I don't walk around with a tail and wings. That'd be weird. ._.
... YEAH, SO~! I control the activation of that sexy kekkei genkai. I usually activate it for most fights though. And when I feel like creeping the shit out of people. SO. That tail? Yeah. It can extend, and attack with tremendous force~!... And when I randomly need to sit down, I just cross my legs... it can support my weight.

NOW. THE WINGS... Allow me to flyyy... That is all. <3
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Buffy's weapons of ultimate vampire destruction-- Kidding. She's not the vampire slayer~!
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