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 Raigen Kumori.

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PostSubject: Raigen Kumori.   Fri 01 Jan 2010, 6:51 pm

Name: Raigen Kumori
Nickname: Dark Lotus
Age: Lady Gaga/ Quentin {around 17- 19}
Gender: Male
Rank: Traveler ninja
Village: Rain

He is very funny, very Laid back most of the time. All the time he barely has any emotions at all. He does what he want when he wants. He can be crazy sometimes. Like sometimes he can Tick. Which could make him go on a killing spree. He doesn't have any friends at all. He doesn't want to stay that way for long but he would never show it or admit it to anyone. He is quiet sometimes as well most of the time when on official business’ can be helpful on allot of things. He while fighting seems to dominate the battle field.


He stands about 6'2 in Height, about 142 in Weight.
He doesn’t' wear a headband protector for some strange reason. His hair is Black and He would wear a shirt that looks like the type of shirt that Pein would wear. And his Pants would be Light so that he can move freely. And his normal Sandles.He does not wear gloves or anything like that. His eyes color, his true eye color is a mystery due to him being able to change the color of his eyes. He has no ear rings his face appearance is much like his father and his body appearents is better then his Father his skin is toned good he doesn't have pale skin.


Raigen Kumori-Fuuma is the son of Nagato Fuuma and Ena Kumori, he was born two years later then Minoru, and they both had different mothers. He was raised by both parents for a short amount of time, his mother leaving Nagato because of his unhealthy habits for peace.Enraged with anger he took Raigen under his wing waiting the moment he would inherit Rinnegan. Unfortunaly his eyes resembled his mothers, yellow with a blue iris. Nagato recognized this on Raigen’s 13 birthday, the usual day when a Kumori receives his Kekkei Genkai. Nagato’s plans for revenge on the world for allowing his wife to leave him back fired. Either way Nagato still trained him and lead him to become a great ninja. Unknowing of his true heritage he its not adapt to his powers of lightning control like other Kumori. Yet he is still able to produce a different type of lightning that was proven not to exist in the Kumori clan. Dark Lightning~ the ability to control lightning by changing your different chakra levels. The increased chakra level blackens the lightning turning it pitch black. A great tool used by Raigen, to kill in the dark with out suspicion.


Gifted in many talents Raigen was top of his class in the Amegakure Academy. With ease he was promoted to genin and was hand picked by the current kage, his father, to be trained under him.But the Elders had to give a price,he had to be experimented on to see if he would be the perfect Ninja in the army incase of war.Nagato did not want him to stay a Academy long so he accepted and watched to make sure that If something happened he was right there to stop it.When it was all done they pretended like nothing happened.But Little did Nagato know,Raigen's boy was not the same.His chakra pool was higher then a Kage.And he had gain alot of ablitys. Placed on a team by himself he was isolated from the others, the only thing on his mind was the become better. The mentality adapted quickly in his mind with a father like Nagato. Months passed as he became more and more like his father, taking skills used with Rinnegan and inputting them into his own kekkei genkai. His skills as a ninja increased with great momentum, and his use of Lightning based ninjutsu astonished his father. Yet he was still no match for the one he called “Father”, while others call him “God.” Several weeks before the Chuunin Exams, the usual training was in process. Yet Nagato sensed a different pattern in the ways he attacks. Performing strategies that he himself hasn’t taught him. Little did Nagato know about his sons eyes, but he knew that his blood ran through Raigen was becoming a perfect example of him. While they rested Nagato interrogated his son, asking him frequent question in till he asked one that would break his spirits. “What do you know about your mother?” The question penetrated his heart, instantly killing his sprits. Dropping the subject they returned to there training. Forceful as ever Raigen battered and bombarded his father with multiple attacks. Reaching the final climax, Nagato feared for his life when his soon began to control the weather making it pour dreadful rain which would end there battle. Not before Raigen’s eyes twisted in a side ways motion sending a beam of dark argued lightning towards Nagato. Nagato deflecting the beam was still surprised. “I guess he did gain a little of my power.” 3 weeks later the Chuunin Exams begun and he dominated the entire Exam. Coming to the conclusion of him fighting another uchiha that opposed him. With the battle dragged out into a blood brawl, they both fainted of loss of blood and where both declared winners. Later he was welcomed back to Amegakure where he was given the position of Jounin excelling to ranks for his hard training of 2 years.


At the age of 15 he was declared a Jounin by the Amegakure Council formed by Nagato. He successfully completed 15 missions as a Jounin and quickly rose in ranks, but his time as a Jounin was full of secrets which filled his life with despair. His father Nagato was starting to act stranger leaving in the middle of the night, working late hours, and never smiling. Always beginning visited by Raigen’s aunt Konan. Raigen had no idea what could be the problem, he noticed it a day after he went on a meeting with the Hokage of Konohagakure. Raigen speculates that it is only a one time thing yet he was at static when he learned the real truth from his own father. During the meeting with the hokage, on his way back Nagato met a weary traveler with a strange power source filled with dark evil miserable chakra. His name was Madara Uchiha, Madara beginning the perfect persuader persuaded Nagato into joining a faction which would help him find his wife. Nagato joined in a heart beat ounce he knew what he would gain. 3 weeks passed and Nagato returns run down and beaten up with messy hair dew. Raigen quickly ask what has happened to him. He answers with a blank stair and then goes into a speech of heart broken anger. By the looks of it Madara’s true plot was the make Nagato his slave by taking his wife hostage and executing her with no remorse. Nagato stunned quickly obliged to any offer madara gave him. The plan was in effect; his heart had turned black with sorrow a never ending lake of despair. The ultimate suffering. These events led to his leaving of Amegakure. Raigen would not allow it, he was determining to help his father, but his father would use death defying attack. Defeating Raigen and almost killing him. With no care or remorse he and Konan left the village, but not before they set up a concealed hide which they would return to, and also let them hold there political office. When He awoke his body ached in pain. Getting permission from the Council to leave the village he left with secret intension to find his father and bring him back to Amegakure not matter what.


Over the next few months Raigen’s abilities over lightning and rain gave him the upper hand as a wanderer. He traveled far and wide stopping in bear by villages to rest and sleep in modern conditions. While he was set in Kumogakure he over heard a near by townsman speak of a massacre that occurred in the Riga District. A fire killed the whole Kumroi Clan with only one surviving. With that one know in Konoha under the hokages supervision. Raigen was shocked and had to see if this news where true. Rushing to the burnt houses he walked in watching the apartment complex to seeing if its stable. He sensed an irregular source if energy coming from beneath him. He raised his chakra levels, opening a concled passage to the basement. Raigen found his answer, enraged and devastated he found documents linking him to this clan. Finding out the name of his eyes and how to use them. “Tenraigan…” he spoke with an amused voice. Soon he left Kumo taking the tablets with him for further studies. Getting back on the trail of his father. 2 weeks later had discovered information linking his father to an organization. His face was posted all around the Konoha borders as Raigen entered the fire country. Encountering a fellow by the name of Jiraya, Raigen discovered the past of his father and also discovered his where a bouts. Engulfed with joy he tried to leave the village heading towards Amegakure. Yet Jiraya insisted that he go first reporting his findings back to the Hokage and Him. Days later a report from a frog told of Jiraya’s death and what he had found. Raigen had to go back to Amegakure yet his father was already coming for him. Ounce his father reached Konoha he rushed towards the battle field. Stopped by ROOT, he was forced to due battle not beginning able to escape in time to talk to his father and save his life. Devastated with the news he would take his father spot as God in the World by first destroying the one who killed him.

New Beginning Arc

Days later before he was to leave the village, he encountered an abandon thought. He remembered what he had heard while he was away in Kumogakure. There was another Kumori clansman that lived in Konoha. This would be his deciding opportunity to find more info. On his clan. Rushing towards the hokages office he was determined to find this unrevealed member. Asking question after question the hokage gave in to his persuasive arguments allowing him to meet, “Ikazuchi Kumori.” Heading towards the training grounds the Hokage pointed out which one was Ikazuchi. His dark blue hair fluttered as he trained hard. Calling out to him Raigan ran towards him filled with joy. Ikazuchi not knowing him was unpleased with the sign of love and stepped out of the way of this intruder. Raigen settling down spoke with Ikazuchi revealing there Tenraigan eyes to each other proving they where Kumori. Yet Ikazuchi noticed a defect in his Tenraigan, leading him to believe he was an outsider. Challenging him to a battle, Raigen accepted. Raigen begging a skilled Taijutsu user and an aggressive ninjutsu user he was more adapt to fighting unlike Ikazuchi, but Ikazuchi had an upper hand he had more experience with tenraigan enabling him to get the upper hand. Both tired and weary the went in for the last strike, rushing towards the point line they crossed each other with a punch. Like before Raigen’s Tenraigan eyes twisted and his arm became white as water dispurst from his arm freezing as it hit the air. Surrounding his left hand the ice gathered and knocked Ikazuchi to the floor when the punch contacted his body. Astonished at the even that occurred he added this to his long line of strange elemental mishaps. Awaking a few minutes later he arose inform of Raigen surprised at his power, now knowing he was a true Kumori. They returned to his apartment in the steady suburbs of the village, washing off and eating dinner they discussed each others life. Ikazuchi explaining to Raigen why he had these different elements, and Raigen explaining why his father turned to the dark side. In conclusion they came to a deciding factor that they would wander across the Ninja World training under each other.
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PostSubject: Re: Raigen Kumori.   Fri 01 Jan 2010, 6:59 pm

... Grammer mistakes and whatnot are forgivable
... Approved ----
*read fully now*
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Raigen Kumori.
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